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Top 16 Essential Restaurants in Rice Village Houston Texas 2023

It can be difficult to choose the best restaurants in Rice Village, Houston, Texas, to experience excellent meals with your loved ones on a future trip to Houston. Do you need a reference? Let’s take a look at this post!

You just need to follow the helpful and various eating places listed below to get suitable options from Italian, Mexican, to Mediterranean cuisine. Please do not take your eyes off this article, as you can miss some essential information like locations, phones, or food styles.

Dine Your Best-Loved Food At The High-Quality Restaurant In Rice Village

There are many fabulous Houston eateries in the state of Texas. In the bustle and hustle of Rice Village, it is easy to find compatible restaurants to fill your belly. Please check the following collection to make your selection more accessible.

1. Prego

If you ask me about the excellent dining places serving yummy Italian food in Houston, Prego is always my first answer. This restaurant is famous for impressive pasta, pizzas, risotto, and many other modern and traditional Italian dishes.

Pegro’s menu is never fixed. The options are changed regularly to suit the offerings of farmers, artisans, and local purveyors. Using fresh, natural, and organic ingredients delivers the healthy and finest meal to the diners.

Not only the food, the remarkable customer service, creative cocktails, and wines are things you cannot miss when talking about this restaurant. The treasure of wines is diverse, with more than 150 cautiously selected types of world and Italian wines.

Price range: $$ – $$$

Food styles: Italian, Vegetarian

Location: 2520 Amherst St, Houston, Texas 77005


Phone: (713) 529 2420

Table reservation: For parties with more than 6 people, please contact the restaurant by phone to discuss more.

Order online:

2. Hungry’s – Rice Village

Hungry’s is a great place to gather and organize special events in Rice Village. If you want to gather with your friends, the restaurant has a delicate upstairs with a contemporary design. Here, diners enjoy wood-fired pizza, handcrafted cocktails, and other light bites.

The restaurant’s upstairs is designed with private space, so please come here if you want a cozy and wonderful private event. Your special occasion will be highly memorable and quality with various services, catering, and rental at the restaurant.

The high-quality catering service is the pride of Hungry’s, and it is a good option for hosting special events, like weddings and birthday parties, or everyday meals.

Eye-catching and pleasing dishes and a variety of menus are the characteristics that restaurant managers want diners to remember about Hungry’s.

Also, I am satisfied with the delivery quality of Hungry’s. Thanks to the excellent delivery service, you can enjoy your best-loved food when standing within the Greater Houston area. Customers just need to pay a 7% convenience fee for each order. 

Price range: $$ – $$$

Food styles: American, Breakfast and brunch

Location: 2356 Rice Boulevard fl 2, Houston, Texas 77005


Phone: (713) 523 8652

Table reservation:

Order online:

3. Istanbul Grill & Deli

Istanbul Grill & Deli specializes in Turkish, Mediterranean, and Middle Eastern food. This is the ideal destination to taste the authentic and mouthwatering brick oven bread and rice pudding since they are signatures at this restaurant.

Istanbul Grill & Deli is one of the first Turkish restaurants in Houston, Texas. It has become a part of Rice Village since 1998.

Please contact the restaurant if you have a private event at home or office. You will have a succulent and delectable Mediterranean at home from professional chefs. Even better, this service is free of delivery charge if your location is less than 3 miles from the restaurant.

Price range: $$ – $$$

Food styles: Turkish, Middle Eastern, Mediterranean

Location: 5613 Morningside Dr, Houston, Texas 77005


Phone: (713) 526 2800

Table reservation: Not available

Order online:

4. Torchy’s Tacos – Rice Village

Eat tacos to your heart’s content here! Let’s participate in the Taco Junkies Rewards Club of Torchy’s Tacos to get the surprising rewards. Diners fall in love with its best food, thanks to the use of fresh and highest quality components.

Besides tacos, Torchy’s Tacos is the must-try eating house for Mexican food in Houston. It’s time to immerse yourself in the quintessence of Mexican cuisines like rich queso, chips, insane churros, corn, or refried beans.

Clean, polite, and pleasant are the words I use to describe the restaurant’s atmosphere, staff, and service. In particular, the tables and chairs are always clean and tidy even when the restaurant is busy.

Price range: $$ – $$$

Food styles: Mexican, Southwestern

Location: 2400 Time Blvd, Houston, Texas 77005


Phone: (713) 487 0067

Table reservation: Unavailable

Order online:

5. Helen Greek Food & Wine

It is good to enter Helen Greek Food & Wine to enjoy the fabulous and authentic Greek cuisine. When hosting at this restaurant, you’ll be satisfied with the highest quality of graduation parties, office lunches, birthday parties, or special events.

The lovely interior brings excellent dining experiences to foodies. The restaurant has outdoor tables and chairs for diners who want more open space. This eatery in America even has tasty buffet, box lunch, delivery, and seated dining services for a more accessible selection.

Price range: $$ – $$$

Food styles: Greek, Mediterranean

Location: 2429 Rice Boulevard, Houston, Texas 77005


Phone: (832) 831 7133

Table reservation:

Order online:

6. Cafe Rabelais

You don’t have to board a plane to feel like being in France if you go to Cafe Rabelais. Indeed, there is nothing better than diving into the small but mightily alluring menu in a cozy and rustic space. It will make you forget previous prejudices about French food as expensive and inaccessible.

It is one of the long-standing restaurants in Houston. This eatery originally appeared on Bolsover Street in 2000. Then, the restaurant was moved to Times Boulevard in 2004 and became a hot spot for authentic French food and wines in Rice Village.

Price range: $$ – $$$

Food styles: French, European

Location: 2442 Times Blvd, Houston, Texas 77005


Phone: (713) 520 8841

Table reservation:

Order online:

7. Pasha Turkish Restaurant

Don’t go to Pasha Turkish restaurant on Monday if you do not want to return home with regret as it is closed on this day. This is the incredible restaurant for eating yummy Turkish food in Houston, Texas. It’s time to let yourself be enthralled by Turkish-inspired dishes.

Furthermore, if you want a restaurant for a memorable seafood meal in Houston, this place is the right choice with its specialties. The delectable baked salmon served with shepherd salad will give you a good mouthfeel. Also, shrimp kebab is another irresistible option.

It will be a big mistake not to enjoy the specialties when you come to any restaurant. Therefore, do not forget to give yogurt kebab, Manti (Turkish ravioli), Patlican kebab (eggplant kebab), or Guvec (meat stew) a shot.

This restaurant caters to large or small parties. Also, hosting private parties is the extra service of this restaurant, but the party room is unavailable for up to 35 people. Please contact the restaurant by phone to know more about catering options.

Price range: $$ – $$$

Food styles: Turkish, Mediterranean

Location: 2325 University Blvd, Houston, Texas 77005


Phone: (713) 592 0020

Table reservation: Contact the restaurant by phone for more information

Order online:

8. Brown Bag Deli

Brown Bag Deli is the best heaven for sandwich lovers in the heart of Rice Village. Mixing vegan or vegetarian sandwiches with many deli options gives you a perfect meal. The fresh ingredients ensure the value of your meals.

First customers of the day will have their meals discounted by 10 percent. Nevertheless, this offer is only applicable when customers purchase food directly at the restaurant.

I love its catering menu so much! It is diverse with many options, from bag lunches to yummy desserts. In addition, you can make your meal better with delicate side dishes like egg, potato, tuna, or chicken salads.

Price range: $$ – $$$

Food styles: American, Sandwiches, Fast Food

Location: 2540 Amherst St, Houston, Texas 77005


Phone: (713) 520 6100

Table reservation: Unavailable

Order online:

9. Tiger Noodle House – Rice Village

If you crave Asian and Chinese food on a nice day, please come to Tiger Noodle House for a great quality experience. It is one of the top-notch eating destinations for Chinese food lovers in Houston. Go and try right away!

The atmosphere and space play an essential role in the success of a meal, and this restaurant will not let you down. The spaciousness and coziness make you want to return to the place later.

I’ve been here a few times, and the server always makes me happy. They are friendly and open to customers and always show up when I need them.

One thing that makes me save this restaurant on my list of must-visit places in Houston is that the food comes out quickly when I only have to wait less than 10 minutes.

Price range: $$ – $$$

Food styles: Chinese, Asian, American

Location: 2424 Rice Boulevard A, Houston, Texas 77005


Phone: (281) 974 4083

Table reservation: Contact the restaurant by phone for more information

Order delivery:

Order pickup:

10. Sixty Vines – Rice Village

The Sixty Vines has existed and grown on the famous University Boulevard in Rice Village since 1997. This fabulous restaurant is well-known for fantastic food and wines, which are heavily influenced by the California Wine Country cuisine. Thanks to its many locations, Sixty Vines is also an acclaimed restaurant in Plano (Texas), Winter Park (Florida), etc.

When it comes to the best destination for wine, this destination is an indispensable name. Wine on tap is a notable signature feature of this restaurant. Diners can freely choose from 60 taps. Plus, there are about 50 other options for wine you can order by the glass to enjoy.

Price range: $$ – $$$

Food styles: American, Pizza, Wine bar

Location: 2540 University Blvd, Houston, Texas 77005


Phone: (281) 800 8808

Table reservation:

Order online:

11. Coppa Osteria

It is a pity to miss Coppa Osteria when you come to Rice Village. This is the meeting place for university academics, professionals, and young people. Please come here if you are seeking Italian-inspired food.

Neapolitan-inspired pizzas are popular dishes at restaurants. In addition, you should not ignore Coppa Pepperoni and Carnissima since they are the best-selling products. Regarding signature dishes, Burrata Pomodoro, Spaghetti Carbonara, and Fritto Misto are familiar names.

The vast list of craft cocktails and wines gives diners various options to pair with the dishes at their meals. It is chilly to enjoy delectable Italian food and a few best-loved cocktails or wines at the lively bar scene or large outdoor patio and take in the view around the neighborhood.

Price range: $$ – $$$

Food styles: Pizza, Italian

Location: 5210 Morningside Dr, Houston, Texas 77005


Phone: (731) 522 3535

Table reservation:

Order online:

12. Sweet Paris Crepe & Cafe – Rice Village

Born to bring the crepe closer to the fast dining market at Rice Village, the Sweet Paris Creperie & Cafe has succeeded with its vision. It has become the hot location for crepe lovers when stepping onto Houston.

The diners love this eating place’s Nutella crepes. It is the perfect choice for a lovely meal with a hearty taste. Are you looking for savory treats? This restaurant has the best for you, like smoked salmon or a mix of Turkey, grapes, and brie.

What more can you expect from Sweet Paris Creperie & Cafe? Why don’t you sign up for the Sweet Passport? It will give you some amazing perks like receiving bonuses and free crepes on special occasions like Mother’s Day.

A minus point is that a large number of guests and small space make it difficult to find a seat when coming here during peak hours.

Price range: $$ – $$$

Food styles: French, Cafe, Dessert

Location: 2420 Rice Boulevard, Houston, Texas 77005


Phone: (713) 360 6266

Table reservation: Unavailable

Order online:

13. Black Walnut Cafe

Located in Morningside, Houston, Black Walnut Cafe promises to bring extraordinary and top-notch experiences for your breakfast, brunch, lunch, or dinner. The variety of dining choices and drinks helps it simply win the foodie’s heart.

Let’s start a new day with handcrafted sandwiches, fresh salad, or yolky eggs benedicts here. I guarantee their fresh taste will leave an unforgettable impression in your mind.

Of course, signature entrees and chilled local craft brews are the dishes you will expect to enjoy at this dining place.

The attraction of Black Walnut Cafe also comes from its cuisine and wide range of drinks. Beer, cocktails, or wines are fantastic, so feel free to pick your loved choice.

Price range: $$ – $$$

Food styles: Quick bites, Cafe, American

Location: 5510 Morningside Dr. Suit #150, Houston, Texas 77005


Phone: (713) 526 5551

Table reservation: Unavailable

Order online:

14. Local Foods – Rice Village

Local Food is a source of great food made with fresh and local ingredients from the state of Texas. This approach ensures stable food quality for diners. The restaurant always tries to find seasonal components to meet customers’ needs.

Typically, foodies come to it to satisfy their cravings for sandwiches, soups, salads, and seasonal sides. The cost and effort of diners will be rewarded with scrumptious and enchanting dishes.

It’s great to fill your belly with family and friends in this eating destination’s gorgeous and comfortable space. Besides that, the generous and professional staff makes you feel like you’re enjoying the tasty dishes at your home.

Price range: $$ – $$$

Food styles: American, Deli, Quick bites

Location: 2424 Dunstan Rd # 100, Houston, Texas 77005


Phone: (713) 521 7800

Table reservation: Unavailable

Order online:

15. Island Grill

Island Grill is the iconic eating place in the hustling Rice Village, Houston. Many foodies choose this restaurant for the various healthy foods. Plus, if you would like to discover the quintessence of Mediterranean cuisine, please do not skip this one.

To deliver the best and most flavorful dishes to customers, the restaurant’s managers are always careful in selecting the ingredients of the highest quality ones. Aside from insanely tasty dishes, the juice and smoothie bar is another attractive feature in this hot spot.

Over 20 years in the food and service industry, the Island Grill has tried to elevate its quality. Today, you can enjoy sumptuous meals in a comfortable atmosphere and the friendliness of the staff.

Price range: $$ – $$$

Food styles: Mediterranean, Quick bites

Location: 2365 Rice Boulevard, Houston, Texas 77005


Phone: (713) 527 8070

Table reservation: Unavailable

Order online:

16. Zoes Kitchen – Rice Village

The incredible food of Zoes Kitchen is irresistible. Most dishes on its menu are inspired by Mediterranean and Greek cuisine, meaning patrons can have the chance to enjoy delicious food made from fresh and natural components.

Nowadays, Zoes Kitchen has nearly 100 locations across the United States, with one restaurant right here in Rice Village. Its great staff will bring a memorable and fantastic experience for diners when entering the restaurant.

When talking about the undeniable dishes, I must mention avocado cobb salad, kabob combos, and fire-roasted corn. They are the common choices of many customers at this restaurant.

Price range: $

Food styles: Mediterranean, Greek, Quick bites

Location: 5215 Kelvin Dr, Houston, Texas 77005


Phone: (713) 528 2464

Table reservation: Unavailable

Order online:

Have You Ever Visited These Eating Places In Rice Village, Houston?

Do you love the food, drinks, and services of these restaurants? Please let me know your feelings if you have the chance to come to these places in the comment box. Also, do not forget to share the article so that many people can find this information!

Rice Village is the hot spot for incredible restaurants, so please remember to visit these destinations to enjoy the fantastic dishes. I am sure their quality will impress you immediately. I hope you have great moments and experiences with your family at these places.

Restaurants Rice Village Houston Tx

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