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17 Most Popular Seafood Restaurants in Houston, Texas 2023

Look no further than these best seafood restaurants Houston Tx when your seafood craving hits! Thanks to the proximity to the Gulf, Houston’s restaurants make good use of the nearby bountiful seafood source.

For this reason, Houstonians and expatriates can enjoy a wide range of seafood dishes in the neighborhood, made with the locally caught redfish, snapper, shrimps, and last but not least – the real ocean’s star – oysters.

Are you a long-time Houstonian who wants to add one or two more local seafood destinations to your go-to list? Or a visitor who is eager to explore the neighborhood’s dining scene? Either way, this compilation of the best seafood restaurants has got you covered.

Seafood Loaded
A lavish seafood-loaded tower and a good cocktail would make for a terrific night out!

The Greatest Seafood Restaurants Houston Texas That Locals Highly Recommend

Undoubtedly, restaurant owners in Houston do a good job of capitalizing on the enviable seafood bounty from the Gulf.

From American, Mediterranean, Mexican, or Asian cuisine, seafood restaurants in the area can virtually satisfy any craving. So check out any of these destinations when you’re in town, and I bet you won’t be disappointed.

1. Field & Tides

Field & Tides is among the finest dining spots in Houston’s historic Heights.

The restaurant excellently capitalizes on the fresh, local produce and nearby Gulf seafood. The kitchen is led by co-owner and chef Travis Lenig, who has more than two decades of working in reputable restaurants.

Field & Tides is known for its unexpected twists in Southern cuisine. Look at the wide-ranging menu, and you’ll easily notice various cuisines featured alongside Southern dishes, from French and Italian to Asian.

I highly recommend pan-seared scallops with creamy shrimp and crab risotto for entrees. The silky risotto and succulent mollusk pair perfectly right with each other.

The bar is led by beverage director Monique Hernandez, who was previously at The Palm and Liberty Kitchen. Her crafted cocktails, either the classic or variations, are meant to complement Lenig’s imaginative dishes.

Price Range: $$

Food Styles: American (new), Southern, Seafood

Location: 705 E 11th St, Houston, TX 77008


Phone: 713-861-6143

Order Online: Not available

Table Reservation or contact the restaurant by phone

2. Liberty Kitchen & Oysterette

At Liberty Kitchen & Oysterette in Houston, seafood is the king. This casual dining restaurant boasts one of the best oyster bars in town.

Start your dinner with Creola shrimp and seafood gumbo or grilled coastal board. Then, transition to something heartier like Texas redfish on the half shell, Libertine seafood platters, or crab stuffed shrimp.

Besides fresh coastal feast on offer, Liberty Kitchen & Oysterette also serves modern American dishes, such as Texas beef, and other offerings like sushi or house-made pasta.

Give the home-grown favorite like Mac & Cheese an oceanic twist by adding lobster claws, tail chunks, or colossal lump crab. That’s true to what the menu indicates: “where the land meets the sea”.

With the wide-ranging menu, Liberty Kitchen & Oysterette has a little bit of everything for everyone.

Price Range: $$

Food Styles: Seafood, American (new)

Location (River Oaks): 4224 San Felipe St, Houston, TX 77027

Location (Memorial): 963 Bunker Hill Rd, Houston, TX 77024


Phone (River Oaks): 713-622-1010

Phone (Memorial): 713-468-3745

Order Online: Not available

Table Reservation:

3. Hai Cang Harbor

Hai Cang harbor is among the greatest dining spots in Chinatown, Houston. The broad menu reflects the influence of Vietnamese and Chinese cuisine. It also features tasty seasonal offerings that you should try.

Fresh, live seafood goes from the large tank to your plates and is cooked to order, ensuring the dish’s freshness and best quality. The prices are unbeatable, too, especially when considering the freshness of their foods.

Any dish with lobsters is highly recommended if you don’t know what to order. There are several Asian-inspired dishes worthy of attention, too. Must-try include Kung Pao chicken, Kung Pao squid, Hunan style crispy fish, or house special crab.

Price Range: $$

Food Styles: Seafood, Vietnamese, Chinese

Location: 11768 Bellaire Blvd #2452, Houston, TX 77072


Phone: 281-564-4288

Order Online:

Table Reservation: contact the restaurant by phone

4. La Fisheria

Joining Caracol in the club of Mexican-inspired seafood is La Fisheria, which is also one of the most reputable restaurants in downtown Houston.

La Fisheria’s menu heavily focuses on ceviche and fish dishes. There were no seafood options I’ve tried that were disappointing. The star of the dinner – the trio of de ceviche, is every bit tempting. The yellow-fin tuna tostada is also stunning both for the eyes and taste buds.

Yet, beyond these La Fisheria’s staples, you can venture out to something more exciting, such as the thinly-sliced octopus carpaccio.

La Fisheria also boasts a long list of margaritas, cocktails, wines, and cervezas (beer), making it a perfect spot for downtown workers to hang out during happy hours.

Price Range: $$

Food Styles: Mexican, Seafood

Location: 213 Milam St, Houston, TX 77002


Phone: 713-802-1712

Order Online:

Table Reservation:

5. 1751 Sea And Bar

The number “1751” in this restaurant’s name is a nod to the British Gin Act, which sought to reduce the consumption of alcohol. 1752 Sea And Bar is a shiny little spot serving raw and cooked seafood (plucked from the local Gulf coast and other regions) with plenty of booze.

The bar, run by the beverage director David Maness, boasts an extensive menu of 150 plus gins. It’s also known as the premier gin bar in Houston.

The seafood-centric menu has a lot to offer to complement the drinks. Iced seafood tower, made of king crab, lobster, cocktail shrimp, and oysters, is a must-try.

If that’s too much for your appetite, crispy skin snappers, pozole steamed mussels, and tuna tartine, are also no less phenomenal. If you sit at the raw oyster bar, you can enjoy the showcase of fresh seafood and watch the staff working with the oysters.

Price Range: $$$

Food Styles: Seafood, Bar

Location: 191 Heights Blvd, Houston, TX 77007


Phone: 832-831-9820

Order Online:

Table Reservation:

6. Eugene’s Gulf Coast Cuisine

Eugene’s Gulf Coast Cuisine, which is a revamp of the neighborhood favorite Danton’s Gulf Coast Seafood, still focuses on traditional Southern flavors like its predecessor.

This restaurant is known as the best spot for Cajun-style Gulf coast cuisine, including steak, oyster, and gumbo. Specialty cocktails are quite limited. Yet, you can go wrong with whatever you choose. Bloody Danton is the best seller there.

It’s made of homemade gumbo roux, Sriracha, and vodka in spice-rimmed glasses. Get a taste, and you will never return to your regular Bloody Mary again.

This seafood restaurant does have a dress code, though, which is also applied to the oyster bar area. So, stick to business casual when you stop by.

Price Range: $$

Food Styles: Seafood, American, Cajun/Creole

Location: 1985 Welch St, Houston, TX 77019


Phone: 713-807-8883

Order Pickup:

Order Online: Not available

Table Reservation:

7. Willie G’s Seafood – Houston

This upscale restaurant is a solid choice in town for occasions when you’re willing to splurge. There’re plenty of offerings, from fresh seafood to Gulf oysters, fine steaks, and a renowned wine list. All promises are a feast for the eyes and can satiate any palate.

Kick off your night with Gulf or East oysters, which are best served freshly shucked. Then, truly indulge in a nautical feast with fully-loaded seafood towers of shrimp, oysters, king crab, and mussels. West African salt prawns or crawfish etouffee are also all trustworthy options.

Hot rock dishes are also worth some attention. Miso tenderloin over hot rocks, which comes along with roasted shishito, miso mustard, and wasabi, is incredibly good.

Did I mention fine steaks? Try their surf and turf, which combines steak filet and broiled lobster tails, and offers the best of both worlds for steak and seafood lovers.

Price Range: $$$

Food Styles: Seafood

Location: 1640 W Loop S, Houston, TX 77027, United States


Phone: 713-840-7190

Order Online:

Table Reservation:

8. State Of Grace

State Of Grace is a fine dining restaurant located at Westheimer’s revamped Lamar-River Oaks Shopping Center. The restaurant boasts an elegant and welcoming space as well as delectable comfort food.

While State Of Grace has a lot of entrees to offer, all the spotlight goes to their fresh oyster bar. Inside this cozy interior, the marble-top bar is the focal point. Take a seat and watch the mollusks being shucked freshly.

The best way to start your meal is, of course, some oysters and hushpuppies. The must-try El Felix enchilada (chili gravy and white onions) lends a touch of uniqueness to the restaurant’s menu.

Great cocktails help flatter those seafood-centric dishes. In addition to their signature cocktails, the reasonably priced wine list is another appeal of the bar. La Parilla is the spotlight there, with serrano-infused reposado tequila, grilled lime, and mezcal float.

A business casual dress code is also required at this restaurant.

Price Range: $$$

Food Styles: American (new), Southern, Seafood

Location: 3258 Westheimer Rd, Houston, TX 77098


Phone: 832-942-5080

Order Online:

Table Reservation or contact the restaurant by phone

9. Ouzo Bay

Ouzo Bay is an oasis with a Mediterranean touch within the Houston neighborhood. The space is graced with an oceanic blue palette, grapevines, and lush greenery.

This River Oak restaurant uses fresh catch daily from many parts of the world, from the Aegean Bronzino or Royal Dorade from Medertartian, Norwegian-born langoustines (lobsters), to Holland Dover sole.

They also use prime dry-aged meats and grass-fed lamb for their dishes. The menu is all about Mediterranean cuisine with a Greek flare.

Ouzo Bay also hosts live DJ performances from Wednesdays to Sundays. Come and kick back with a good handcraft cocktail and good music. The extensive drinking list, with Greek wines being the spotlight, helps complete your Mediterranean meal.

Good food, drinks, and music are all factors that make Ouzo among the finest River Oak’s restaurants in Houston.

Price Range: $$$

Food Styles: Mediterranean, Greek, Seafood

Location: 4444 Westheimer Rd Suite G130, Houston, TX 77027


Phone: 832-430-6610

Order Online: Not available

Table Reservation:

10. Goode Company Seafood

Goode Company Seafood celebrates the bounty of Gulf seafood with its classic coastal dishes and Texas signatures. The menu spans from Marinated redfish bites, garlic-buttered Po’boys, crabmeat fettuccine, to Shrimp étouffée.

Goode has two locations in the neighborhood. One is adjacent to the Memorial, while the other (also the original) is a half-railroad car on Westpark Drive. The railroad setting offers a charming, one-of-a-kind dining experience that you should try at least once in your life.

The restaurants manage to include different cuisines in their food. Try not to miss the mesquite-grilled salmon (served over seafood rice) when dining there.

Of course, the best gift from the Gulf – oysters, are incredibly lip-smacking, whether served raw or mesquite-grilled.

Price Range: $$$

Food Styles: Seafood, American, Cajun & Creole

Location (Memorial): 10201 Katy Freeway Suite 400, Houston, TX 77024

Location (Westpark): 2621 Westpark Drive, Houston, Tx 77098


Phone (Memorial): 713.464.7933

Phone (Westpark): 713.523.7154

Order Online:

Table Reservation:

11. Lotus Seafood

Lotus Seafood started humbly as a “You Buy, We Fry” spot in the 90s but has grown to a neighborhood’s favorite with several locations in Houston and more to come. For example, it is a popular restaurant among the residents of Pearland, Texas.

This no-frill seafood restaurant offers a wide range of seafood dishes, from oysters and fries to tilapia filets. There are also their signature combo specials, including Loud Pack and Hot Box.

They also include non-seafood options, like wings, noodles, and rice, to better accommodate diners’ needs. While the menu offers several options for sauces, their savory Crack sauce is always a crowd favorite.

Eat like a local by ordering a side of Louisiana fried rice to complement the seafood. It pairs wonderfully with the shrimp (and shrimp juice) if you ask me.

Price Range: $$

Food Styles: Cajun/Creole, Seafood

Location (Kirkwood): 2825 S. Kirkwood Rd. Suite 300, Houston, TX 77082

Location (Veterans): 10092 Veterans Memorial Drive Houston, TX 77038

Location (Bissonet at 59): 9531 Southwest Freeway, Houston, TX 77074


Phone (Kirkwood): 281-741-7091

Phone (Veterans): 281-447-8881

Phone (Bissonet at 59): 713-270-7987

Order Online:

Table Reservation: Not available

12. Truluck’s Ocean’s Finest Seafood & Crab

Truluck’s is a nice eatery in Texas’ Uptown Dallas, just outside the Loop and within walking distance from The Galleria to area hotels. FYI, it is also a hot spot for seafood lovers in Washington, D.C. So if you have a chance to travel to this city, don’t miss it!

The team has their own crabbers to sustainably source fresh seafood and Florida Stone Crab, the latter of which is what the restaurant is famous for. They also strive to use locally-sourced produce whenever possible.

Come and dine in the captivating ambiance and order some of their signatures. Juicy and sweet fresh crab claws are a must-try. They are served fresh, pre-cracked, and match amazingly with the in-house mustard sauce.

But don’t stop there, as The Rolls Royce of lobster – South African cold water lobster tail, also phenomenal, too. The steamed lobster tails are infused with white wine and bathed in lemon garlic butter, offering a decadent gift from the sea.

Don’t forget to treat yourself to a moist carrot cake to finish the night. For the best dining experience, Truluck’s Houston also offers live performances.

Price Range: $$$

Food Styles: American, seafood

Location: 5350 Westheimer Rd, Houston, TX 77056


Phone: 713-783-7270

Order Online:

Table Reservation:

13. Brennan’s Of Houston

For more than 40 years, Brennan’s of Houston has been a well-loved restaurant for the Midtown locals. It’s not a mere dining spot but also one of the icons of Houston’s dining landscape.

Their famous snapping turtle soup, shrimp remoulade, chicken, and andouille gumbo Ya Ya are highly recommended to start the meal. Besides, Gulf fish Pontchartrain with shrimp, oyster, and jumbo lump crab deserves a spot on your table.

Brenna’s Banana Fosters, or Creole bread pudding, created in 1951 at the original Brennan’s (New Orleans), still stands the test of time. These items are the most popular way to end your lunch, brunch, and dinner.

Price Range: $$$

Food Styles: Cajun/Creole, Southern, Seafood

Location: 3300 Smith St, Houston, TX 77006


Phone: 713-522-9711

Order Online:

Table Reservation:

14. Captain Tom’s Seafood & Oysters

Captain Tom’s Seafood & Oysters sticks with the nautical theme, and that isn’t just about its name and foods.

All of their restaurants are also built in a boat shape and have nautical decor. Freshly shucked Gulf oysters, deep-fried shrimps, and stuffed crab are reasonably priced and come with large portions at this dining spot.

Captain Tom’s Seafood & Oysters are among the best spots in the neighborhood for lunch. Arrive early and sit at the bar to enjoy oysters freshly shucked in front of your eyes if you’re lucky enough. This indicates their freshness and deliciousness that soon reach your plate.

Their limited yet focused menu mainly has seafood options. But you can never go wrong with their fresh oysters, delicious gumbo, and crab. In addition, try their micheladas, which come in a huge mug to round the meal.

Anyway, remember that this casual restaurant is always loud and crowded with patrons.

Price Range: $$-$$$

Food Styles: American, seafood

Location (Farm to market 1960): 10501 FM 1960, Houston, TX 77070

Location (East Freeway): 13955 East Fwy, Houston, TX 77015

Location (Katy Freeway): 20525 Katy Fwy, Katy, TX 77450

Website: Not available

Phone (Farm to market 1960): 281-890-8334

Phone (East Freeway): 713-451-3700

Phone (Katy Freeway): 281-829-6407

Order Online:

Table Reservation: Not available

15. The Oceanaire Seafood Room

An array of seafood dishes, from simple to complex, awaits to serve in the Oceanaire Seafood Room. Try the “simply prepared” no-fuss Mauritius redfish or jumbo scallops, which come brushed with lemon butter to let all the oceanic tastes speak for themselves.

Or go for something more meticulously cooked, chicken fried lobster and premium red king crab. The chicken fried lobster is my favorite and has me hankering for my next visit.

The dish is so fabulous that even a lobster purist can’t complain about it. The lobster meat is packed in a savory and crispy coating without losing its flavors, and when served with truffle honey and cheesy grits – it’s mind-blowing.

For a feast of oysters without putting a dent in your wallet, come for half-priced chef’s select freshly shucked oysters every Sunday (applied for dine-in at the bar only).

Price Range: $$$

Food Styles: American, Seafood

Location: 5061 Westheimer Rd, Houston, TX 77056


Phone: 832-487-8862

Order Pickup:

Order Delivery:

Table Reservation:

16. Caracol

Located just north of the Gallerian neighborhood, Caracol is an upscale restaurant with bright, modern decor and open space.

Caracol is founded and led by Hugo Ortega, who is also the co-owner of two other popular restaurants in Houston: Xochi and Hugo’s. This restaurant, unlike its two brothers, boasts a seafood-focused menu with coastal Mexican flavors.

Their Ostiones Asados (wood-roasted Gulf oysters in Chipotle butter) always get their guests talking, as does the red snapper (ceviche De Coco) with habanero and roasted pineapple.

Order the fire-roasted lobster served with beans and Mexican rice – Langosta Puerto Nuevo- for something heartier. Or perhaps the pan-seared scallops in lemon Chipotle cream.

If you’re a brunch enthusiast, stop by every Saturday for a hearty and satisfying meal before heading shopping in the nearby Gallerian.

Price Range: $$$

Food Styles: Mexican, seafood

Location: 2200 Post Oak Blvd #160, Houston, TX 77056


Phone: 713-622-9996

Order Pickup:

Order Delivery:

Table Reservation:

17. Kata Robata

Regarding sushi, Kata Robata is always the top restaurant in Upper Kirby (Houston). The best sushi starts with top-quality fish, and Kata Robata knows it well!

For this reason, the restaurant always uses fresh dishes transported from Japan for their food. On top of that, the kitchen is led by chef Manabu Horiuchi (chef Hori), who graciously and skilfully executes the best cut of sushi.

There are many delectable dishes for shellfish enthusiasts, too. Lobster and crab ramen or miso lobster mac with cheese are all solid choices. Kata Robata also has an extensive list of Japanese whisky and sake to pair perfectly with whatever you choose on the menu.

Price Range: $$$

Food Styles: Sushi Bars, Japanese, Asian Fusion

Location: 3600 Kirby Drive Suite H, Houston, TX 77098


Phone: 713-526-8858

Order Online:

Table Reservation:

Check These Seafood Restaurants Out!

Whether you’re searching for lavish seafood towers, luxurious lobsters, freshly shucked oysters, or simply grilled filets, you should check out these spots in Houston. They promise the tastiest seafood dishes in the neighborhood.

Tell me if there is any top-notch destination in the town that I miss out on. I hope this compilation can accommodate you on your next visit to Houston and satisfy your seafood craving. Lastly, please introduce this list to anyone planning to explore Houston like you!

Seafood Restaurants Houston Tx

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