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16 Most Popular Mexican Restaurants in Dallas, Texas, To Visit 2023

The best Mexican restaurants in Dallas are no longer challenging to seek if you read through this list. I have come up with some of the best places to eat in Dallas regarding qualities, ingredients, flavors, and service.

Dallas is a bustling city in Texas with many fun things to do. One of those most exciting activities during your trips here has to be going on a food adventure. And what better way to start your culinary adventure in this border state than by going for some Mexican food?

Mexican Holiday Cuisine
Get a sneak peek of Dallas by dropping by some of the best Mexican restaurants for a wonderful meal.

Some of The Best Places To Get Mexican Food in Dallas

You can find many Mexican restaurants across Dallas. For instance, if you do not know where to eat in Trinity Groves, Dallas, there are several choices to satisfy your Mexican food craving.

Below are a few extraordinary restaurants in Dallas in general. Some places offer authentic Mexican food, whereas others focus on the Tex-Mex version. Nevertheless, I’m sure you will enjoy these places.

1. Gabriela & Sofia’s Tex Mex – Dallas

You can visit Gabriela & Sofia’s Tex Mex for a casual meal of Mexican food cooked the Texas way. This place offers a comfortable setting with decent food and service. One of the best things that makes this place worth visiting is its house-made guacamole.

This diner is one of those places with a cozy and familiar setting that’s suitable for family meals. Its atmosphere is very welcoming and friendly with many seats from the bars to booth seatings.

What’s great about the food here is the waiters will make fresh guacamole right at your table to ensure that it is always fresh and tasty. It’s also worth noting that their lunch menu has some outstanding dishes. My favorite choices are brisket tacos and fajitas. How about yours?

Price range: $$

Food style: Tex-Mex, Mexican

Location: 10455 N Central Expy #117, Dallas, TX 75231


Phone: +12146471033

Table Reservation: Contact the restaurant for more details

Order Online:

2. Emilio’s Mexican Kitchen

This place is for people in love with real and hearty Mexican dishes. At Emilio’s Mexican Kitchen, you can find some of the best and most authentic-tasting Mexican entrees like tacos, guacamole, and Tex-Mex foods.

Emilio’s has very reasonable pricing for their food, which comes in generous portions. You can find some of the best chimichangas with a very special queso sauce on top. On top of that, they also serve some top-notch margaritas.

What also makes this place awesome is how fast they serve you the food. The food comes out quickly in fresh and hot conditions. You will also love the atmosphere and the friendly waiters.

Price range: $$

Food style: Tex-Mex, Mexican

Location: 6243 Retail Rd #400, Dallas, TX 75231


Phone: +19726852108

Table Reservation: Contact the restaurant for more details

Order Online:

3. Meso Maya Comida Y Copas – Dallas

This place is a prominent dining spot in Oak Lawn, Dallas, where you can find great food in cozy and sophisticated surroundings. Winning many awards throughout the years like, “Best Regional Mexican Cuisine” or “Best Chef”, Meso Maya is a place you wouldn’t want to miss.

This is the perfect place for you if you’re looking for some diversity in the menus. Meso Maya offers three different types of menu brunch, lunch, and dinner. Each menu has its special dishes with delectable decorations and appealing flavors.

You will love your experience here at Meso Maya as it comes with excellent food and top-notch service. The waiters here always make sure to serve you with the most welcoming and warming attitude, and the food is out of this world with its quality ingredients and execution.

Besides Dallas, there are other branches of Meso Maya you can look for in Preston Forest, Lakewood, West Plano, and Tanglewood – Fort Worth.

Price range: $$

Food style: Mexican

Location: 1611 McKinney Ave, Dallas, TX 75202


Phone: +12144846555

Table Reservation:

Order Online:

Try out the award-winning Mexican dishes at Meso Maya.

Watch this video: Meso Maya Comida y Copas

4. Mariano’s Hacienda Ranch – Dallas

Mariano’s Hacienda Ranch is famous not only for its savory Mexican dishes but also for many well-known frozen margarita drinks. This place is also one of the founding places of this unique and interesting drink.

When talking about margarita, you may think of an iced cocktail served in a slim glass. However, people at Mariano’s Hacienda Ranch do it differently with their margaritas by serving a frozen, slushy-like version.

Aside from it, you can also find the regular version with many versatile recipes. The food here is also worth dying for; the portion is moderate with a well-seasoned flavor. One of the best dishes to try here is the juicy and flavorful blackened chicken verde.

Mariano’s Hacienda Ranch offers many different settings at their place. You can either sit indoors for a cozy atmosphere or outside on the sheltered patio to enjoy an interesting dinner meal. Either way, they will make sure to accommodate your needs to the best.

Price range: $$

Food style: Mexican, Tex-Mex,

Location: 6300 Skillman St, Dallas, TX 75231


Phone: +12146913888

Table Reservation:

Order Online:

5. Mi Cocina

Mi Cocina is an excellent great restaurant selling some of the best Tex-Mex dishes. What attracts many people, including me, to this place is the charming and contemporary decoration and the tasty food.

This restaurant is a little more upscale compared to the previous spots. You will get extra professional service, along with the best quality of food. Some of the most well-known dishes to order at Mi Cocina are the Sunset chicken fajitas and tacos.

Another factor worth noting is how accommodating the waiters are towards the customers. They always make sure to adjust to any of your requests regarding the food. The lively ambiance and comfortable seating are other plus points of this place.

You will have many options regarding the dining space. You can opt for a common area for a lively and casual atmosphere. On the other hand, if you want something more professional and private, you can ask to dine in the VIP setting upstairs.

Price range: $$

Food Style: Tex-Mex, Mexican


Location 1: 77 Highland Park Village, Dallas, TX 75205

Phone 1: +12145216426

Location 2: 6332 La Vista Dr, Dallas, TX 75214

Phone 2: (214) 8246246

Location 3: 1370 W Campbell Rd, Richardson, TX 75080

Phone 3: (972) 6716426

Location 4: 7215 Skillman St #328, Dallas, TX 75231

Phone 4: (214) 5036426

Location 5: 11661 Preston Rd #138, Dallas, TX 75230

Phone 5: (214)2657704

Location 6: 18352 Dallas Pkwy #100, Dallas, TX 75287

Phone 6: (972) 2506426

Table Reservation: Not available

Order Online:

6. Pepe’s & Mito’s

Looking at Pepe’s & Mito’s space, you will see that this place is only a small and cozy restaurant. However, the quality of the food and beverages, as well as the service here, will both exceed your expectations.

Having been serving Tex-Mex food since 1994, Pepe’s and Mito’s has always been the locals’ favorite spot for a hearty and fulfilling serving of Mexican food. Their famous tacos are something you should not miss out on.

In addition, this place is one of the spots that have delicious complimentary chips and salsa. You can always expect a crispy serving of chips together with the luscious salsa that’s full of flavors once you sit at the table.

Price range: $$

Food style: Tex-Mex, Mexican

Location: 2911 Elm St, Dallas, TX 75226


Phone: +12147411901

Table Reservation: Not available

Order Online:

7. Pappasito’s Cantina

Pappasito’s is another famous eating spot in Houston’s Sugar Land and Dallas for quality foods like luscious fajitas, nacho chips, and house-made salsa. There are also many options of hand-crafted drinks at this place for you to choose from.

When dining at Pappasito’s, you will get food worth what you pay for. The portions here are large, the ingredients are fresh, and the flavor is just excellent. Another thing I love about Pappasito’s is the diverse side dishes you get with your food like rice, beans, chips, etc.

One thing I should mention is that it usually gets crowded on the weekends. However, it shouldn’t be too long until you get seated as long as you make a reservation in advance.

Price range: $$

Food style: Tex-Mex, Mexican

Location: 10433 Lombardy Ln, Dallas, TX 75220


Phone: +12143501970

Table Reservation:

Order Online:

8. Los Molcajetes

Los Molcajetes has everything you look for in a decent restaurant. Here, you can look for friendly service and a cozy atmosphere. Most importantly, the food at Los Molcajetes is delicious.

When talking about Mexican and Salvadoran food at Los Molcajetes, many customers and I adore the homemade flavors of the food here. You will know for sure when taking a bite that the food here is made with care and passion.

Some of the dishes I recommend trying at Los Molcajetes are chilaquiles and pupusas. On top of that, many customers seem to enjoy the chips and salsa as well. These are just some of the best dishes they offer at Los Molcajetes, so make sure you try out as many dishes as possible.

Price range: $$

Food style: Mexican, Salvadoran, Latin American

Location: 2306 Buckner Blvd, Dallas, TX 75227


Phone: +14696978170

Table Reservation:

Order Online:

9. RJ Mexican Cuisine

RJ Mexican Cuisine is a famous place for authentic Mexican cuisines featuring flavors from eight regions of Mexico. This is one of the features that not many Mexican places have. It’s one of the famous restaurants near the Design District area (Dallas) that you should not skip.

Like any typical Mexican restaurant, you will find delicious tacos, enchiladas, fajitas, and other traditional Mexican foods. But it doesn’t stop there: the menu also provides an assortment of steak, seafood, chicken, and ribs menus.

Aside from the wonderful foods, you will fall in love with the lovely patio area. This part of the restaurant is perfect for romantic dinner dates where you can savor your food while enjoying a mesmerizing view of the Dallas skyline.

In addition, you shouldn’t miss out on the drinks menu when visiting RJ Mexican Cuisine. They have great margaritas you can sip on. Pair it with some authentic yet innovative Mexican-Texas dishes, and you have yourself an excellent meal.

Price range: $$

Food style: Mexican

Location: 1701 N Market St, Dallas, TX 75202


Phone: +12147441420

Table Reservation:

Order Online:

10. Mesero

Scattered all across Texas, Mesero is a chain of restaurants famous for their elevated version of Tex-Mex cuisine. When visiting this place, you shouldn’t miss out on the shrimp ceviche and the brisket taco. These two dishes are the signature menu that makes Mesero’s name and fame.

The menu at Mesero offers a wide variety of dishes, ranging from side dishes like queso and guacamole to salads, tacos, and meat-based dishes. There are a few dishes like Ahi tuna tacos where you can see a hint of fusion in the prominent Mexican flavor.

Just when you think the foods are what please your appetite, you will also be greeted with an ample drink menu with many choices of both alcohol-free and alcoholic drinks. Old Fashion or Texas Bourbon cocktails are great to pair with dishes here.

Price range: $$

Food style: Mexican, Tex-Mex


Location 1: 2375 Victory Park Ln Suite 180, Dallas, TX 75219

Phone 1: +12148216426

Location 2: 5330 W Lovers Ln Suite 112b, Dallas, TX 75209

Phone 2: (214) 6540185

Location 3: 7775 Firefall Way Suite 100, Dallas, TX 75230

Phone 3: (214) 7160524

Location 4: 5505 Belt Line Rd, Dallas, TX 75254

Phone 4: (972) 7888180

Table Reservation:

Order Online:

11. Miriam Cocina Latina

Recently opened in 2019, Miriam Cocina Latina has fortunately received countless compliments for the flavor of their foods as well as their service. At this place, you can find numerous traditional Mexican dishes together with some newly inspired menu items.

Offering different dining experiences like brunch, dinner, and catering, Miriam Cocina Latina has many dishes and drinks you can choose from. Besides dishes like tacos or enchiladas, there are also appetizing seafood menus like red snapper, Mahi Mahi tuna, jumbo shrimps, etc.

Miriam is also an ideal brunch spot for its numerous drinks and food with portions perfect for sharing. There are many types of cocktails that you should try. However, a highly recommended drink when visiting Miriam is a mimosa cocktail: you won’t regret tasting its citrusy deliciousness.

Price range: $$

Food style: Mexican, Latin American

Location: 2015 Woodall Rodgers Fwy, Dallas, TX 75201


Phone: +12148555275

Table Reservation:

Order Online:

12. Salsa Limón – Dallas

Initially a food truck, Salsa Limón focuses on providing indulgent Mexican dishes that are cheesy, spicy, and tasty. If you happen to be a Mexican food lover, you will feel right at home walking into Salsa Limón.

At Salsa Limón, the food tastes familiar and just as good as the homemade type. You get many traditional and classic Mexican dishes like tacos, agua fresca, and margaritas.

Although Salsa Limón isn’t all about creating a classy and sophisticated space, their food is something you shouldn’t underestimate.

Aside from the comforting flavor, the pricing is also very reasonable for the big serving you get every time. The place is also paying attention to the little details by keeping the area clean and neat, with the staff always friendly and helpful.

Price range: $$

Food style: Mexican, Breakfast & Brunch

Location: 411 N Akard St, Dallas, TX 75201


Phone: +19728034388

Table Reservation: Not available

Order Online:

13. Revolver Taco Lounge – Dallas

This spot is a classy Mexican restaurant for when you want an extravagant dining experience. Of course, there are standard servings of tacos and other side dishes. However, there is one special feature of this place that greatly enhances your experience.

At Revolver, you can find a special service called “Chef’s tasting menu”. This service includes an 8-course menu with ingredients varying from one season to another. By selecting this service, you will get a better insight into the chef’s techniques as well as the flavors of Mexican foods.

The chef’s tasting menu meal is held in a special room with a cozy atmosphere and by reservation only. You can visit the website for more information about it

Price range: $$

Food style: Mexican

Location: 2701 Main St Suite 120, Dallas, TX 75226


Phone: +12142727163

Table Reservation: Not available

Order Online:

14. Fuzzy’s Taco Shop – Dallas

Taking its inspiration from Baja in Mexico, Fuzzy’s Taco shop offers the most flavorful tacos made from authentic Mexican recipes. You can find branches of this casual Mexican food chain all across America for some lip-smacking Baja-style Mexican specialties.

The first thing you will notice when walking into this taco shop is the bright and colorful decor. The tables, stools, and other furniture all come in bright colors like pink, blue, yellow, etc. This atmosphere provides a dynamic and lively feeling to the place.

Once you sit down, let’s take a moment to appreciate the freshness and deliciousness of the food. I recommend trying out nachos and fajitas, together with some draught beer. This combination makes a refreshing snack for your evening.

Price range: $

Food style: Mexican, Quick bites


Location 1: 2706 Elm St, Dallas, TX 75226

Phone 1: (214) 6538226

Location 2: 4740 W Mockingbird Ln, Dallas, TX 75209

Phone 2: (214) 3528226

Location 3: 6760 Abrams Rd Suite 101, Dallas, TX 75231

Phone 3: (469) 2480601

Location 4: 10910 N US 75-Central Expy 1000 Suite 800, Dallas, TX 75231

Phone 4: (214) 2386778

Location 5: 3501 Towne Crossing Blvd Suite 200, Mesquite, TX 75150

Phone 5: (972) 6134115

Table Reservation: Not available

Order Online:

15. E Bar Tex Mex

E Bar Tex Mex, just like its name, is a small local bar/restaurant selling Mexican food. Even though the name may make you feel this place focuses more on the drinks, the food here is also very tasty.

With an array of cocktails and desserts, you can easily spend a weekend night here and have a good time with your friends. Other than that, there are also different Happy Hour specials where you can get alcoholic drinks for a reasonable price.

To accompany your drinks, you will surely need some food to munch on. The food menu at E Bar Tex Mex has almost every type of food that can cater to your taste and needs. You will find that there are a wide variety of tacos, salad, soup, and grilled menus.

This place also boasts a designated breakfast menu with mouth-watering dishes like Huevos Rancheros, breakfast burritos, chorizo, to name a few. So no matter what time of the day you visit E Bar Tex Mex, there’s always great food to enjoy.

Price range: $$

Food style: Mexican, Tex-Mex, Bars

Location: 1901 N Haskell Ave. #120, Dallas, TX 75204


Phone: +12148243227

Table Reservation: Not available

Order Online:

16. Twisted Trompo – Dallas

Just like the logo suggests, Twisted Trompo is a special taco place that serves delicious meaty dishes. At this place, people marinate the taco meat for 24 hours in advance before cooking, which makes it extra tender and flavorful. 

When visiting the Deep Ellum area in Dallas for a fantastic place to eat, it’s almost compulsory for me to drop by Twisted Tromp for a luscious taco feast. The taco meat here is just so juicy I have to come back for more.

Besides mesmerizing Mexican street food, Twisted Trompo also has drinks that you can enjoy at a bar area indoors. It’s perfect for occasions where you’re looking for a place to have some casual dinner meals with your friends.

To savor the most flavors, I recommend ordering the burritos and quesadillas along with the famous tacos. You won’t be able to miss the rich flavors from the meat’s marinade.

Price range: $$

Food style: Mexican, Breakfast & brunch

Location: 1211 Commerce St, Dallas, TX 75202


Phone: +12147609599

Table Reservation: Not available

Order Online:

Experience Only The Best Bites Of Mexican Food In Dallas

There are countless Mexican restaurants in Dallas that you can visit. However, the places that I have listed above are what I think are the greatest. They will give you a closer look at what Mexican cuisine is like in the city of Dallas.

If you can’t decide where to start, just start from the first spot to the last one on the list. Or, if you are anything like me and like to do things your way, pick the place that sparks the most curiosity in you and start from there.

After trying the restaurants above, please share your opinion with me in the comments and let me know about the hidden gem of Mexican restaurants that you discovered yourself. It would be nice if you could also share this post so that it can reach many more people who might need it.

Thank you for reading this post, and see you next time.

Mexican Restaurants Dallas Tx

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