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21 Best Breakfast Restaurants In Houston, TX 2023

Look no further than this article for the best breakfast restaurants in Houston, TX. There are many eatery choices to satisfy even the pickiest eaters while they’re in Houston. You only have to do a little research to know which place suits you the most.

Make your morning more lively with various high-quality eating places in Houston, Texas, ranging from casual cafe shops to stunning locations. In addition, these Houston restaurants bring a unique experience to tourists with distinct looks and food menus.

Morning In Houston
Start your morning in Houston with a blast by coming to these eateries in the city.

Start Your Morning By Having A Meal At These Sites In Houston

With this compilation of eating places, your morning in Houston will never be boring again. Furthermore, some sites even serve food throughout the day to meet the demand of hungry locals.

1. The Toasted Yolk Cafe

The Toasted Yolk Cafe is one of Houston’s most beloved spots in the Heights area with tasty morning meals. Because of the name, many people mistake this cafe shop for only serving eggs for their dishes.

Although the cafe offers a diverse range of egg-based dishes, you can still order sweet treats like donuts, crepes, or parfait for the morning. Aside from the breakfast menu, the cafe also serves lunch and numerous types of drinks to quench your thirst.

The Toasted Yolk has great churro donuts for people signing up for the cafe’s email service. The establishment is a great place to jump-start your morning with egg-related dishes and stay energetic throughout the day.

Price Range: $$

Food Style: Breakfast, American

Location (North Freeway): 15135 North Freeway, Houston, TX 77090

Phone (North Freeway): (832) 446-6282

Location (The Heights): 4601 Washington Avenue Suite 130, Houston, TX 77007

Phone (The Heights): (832) 804-9443

Location (Fountain View): 2711 Fountain View Drive Suite A, Houston, TX 77057

Phone (Fountain View): (832) 410-4710

Location (Royal Oaks): 12151 Westheimer Road, Houston, TX 77077

Phone (Royal Oaks): (281) 617-7458

Location (Bellaire): 5103 Bellaire Blvd, Suite 160 Bellaire, TX 77401

Phone (Bellaire): (713) 239-0607


Order Online:

Table Reservation: Not available

Explore the authentic testimonial from the owner of the Toasted Yolk Cafe.

Watch this video: Toasted Yolk Testimonial

2. Better Luck Tomorrow

For a one-of-a-kind experience, Better Luck Tomorrow should be your go-to place during the brunch hour. The destination is a strange fusion of a modern, colorful bar with delicious food. The bar is an excellent place to gather with friends and enjoy great liquors.

As for the food, the hangover hash browns, shrimp Louie, and breakfast sandwiches are wanted items of many customers. In addition, the breakfast sandwich is a beloved item with delicious pork sausage and scrambled egg.

Don’t miss the Happy Hour service on weekdays from 12 P.M to 5 P.M, which presents a great chance to get half-priced alcohol. The margarita is the house’s special with a great profile from fresh lime.

Price Range: $$

Food Style: American

Location: 544 Yale St, Houston, TX 77007


Phone: (713) 802-0845

Order Online:

Table Reservation: Not available

3. Kenny & Ziggy’s New York Deli

Kenny & Ziggy’s New York is everyone’s favorite destination for authentic New York breakfast dishes. The restaurant’s interior has a casual ambiance to give you the most comfortable experience in the morning.

Typically, the restaurant operates throughout the week from 8 A.M to 9 P.M, giving you plenty of time to stop by for a meal. Interestingly, the restaurant frequently participates in the Deli Month event in August to contribute a part of its income to the charitable community in Houston.

I can’t get enough of the French toast for the menu items, which boasts an incredible taste when combined with different sweeteners at the restaurant. Even when you don’t live in Houston, Ken & Ziggy will bring their food to your doorstep with their nationwide delivery service.

Price Range: $$

Food Style: American, Delis

Location: 1743 Post Oak Blvd, Houston, TX 77056


Phone: (713) 871-8883

Order Online:

Table Reservation: Not available

Take a look at how Kenny and Ziggy’s New York Deli grows to become a favorite spot for breakfast.

Watch this video: Kenny & Ziggy's Delicatessen brings a taste of New York to Houston

4. Cielito Cafe

Cielito Cafe is a lovely establishment on Dunlavy street with delectable Mexican dishes. The restaurant has a heartwarming and family vibe for people looking for something aside from traditional American cuisine.

The place is usually unavailable on Monday, plus you may need to reserve your seats on weekdays. Furthermore, the restaurant provides the customer with a patio that welcomes your pet to sit back and relax.

The house special is the Cielito sandwiches with soft buns and savory fillings in the middle. The agua fresca (fresh fruit juice) section will please your appetite if you prefer to have a drink in the morning.

Price Range: $$

Food Style: Breakfast & Brunch, Mexican

Location: 1915 Dunlavy Street, Houston, TX 77006


Phone: (832) 409-5253

Order Online: Not available

Table Reservation: Only on weekdays, through their email and phone number

5. Sweet Paris Crêperie & Cafe

Regarding breakfast, don’t forget Sweet Paris! This branch has a great reputation as one of the best eating locations in Rice Village of Houston. Any Sweet Paris location is proud to bring you the tastiest crafted crepe in the city for breakfast.

At Sweet Paris, you can place a private room service that allows you to create memorable and intimate moments with your partner. Plus, the French style in their room decoration adds a classy touch to the restaurant.

One thing to note is each Sweet Paris site has its private business hours, so you should check closely for the spot you’re heading. Aside from the crepe, the menu has lovely additions of hot drinks to elevate your overall enjoyment, like espresso and Nutella-related beverages.

Price Range: $$

Food Style: Cafe, Creperie

Location (City Center): 797 Sorella Ct, Houston, TX 77024

Phone (City Center): (832) 770-9086

Location (Friendswood): 700 Baybrook Mall Suite H-105, Friendswood, TX 77546

Phone (Friendswood): (346) 230-8090

Location (Highland Village): 2701 Drexel Dr, Houston, TX 77027

Phone (Highland Village): (346) 867-1157

Location (Katy at Cinco Ranch): 23501 Cinco Ranch Blvd Suite S120, Katy, TX 77494

Phone (Katy at Cinco Ranch): (281) 394-5995

Location (Rice Village): 2420 Rice Boulevard, Houston, TX 77005

Phone (Rice Village): (713) 360-6266

Location (Sugar Land): 15911 City Walk, Sugar Land, TX 77479

Phone (Sugar Land): (346) 368-2029

Location (The Woodlands): 9595 Six Pines Drive Suite 450, The Woodlands, TX 77380

Phone (The Woodlands): (281) 651-2153


Order Online:

Table Reservation: Not available

Start your morning by exploring the dishes at Sweet Paris.

Watch this video: Sweet Paris on Fox News Houston Live!

6. Lucille’s

Residing in Houston’s Museum District, Lucille is a gem specializing in many Southern specialties. Along with its Southern cuisine, the site strives to create a family-friendly ambiance to keep the customers relaxed and comfortable.

Brunch is usually the main star when it only happens from Friday – Sunday. In addition, you may be lucky enough to get to enjoy live music from street artists when sitting at the outdoor patio. Furthermore, the place has a bar with incredible Happy Hour food and beverages items.

The chicken fried steak is the most wanted item for the brunch menu for its distinct profile. If you want a combination of dishes, you may have it for an extra small fee of $3.

Price Range: $$

Food Style: American, Southern

Location: 5512 La Branch St, Houston, TX 77004


Phone: (713) 568-2505

Order Online:

Table Reservation:

7. Baby Barnaby (Barnaby’s Cafe)

Barnaby is a must-come destination for any dog lover. It’s a cafe shop that welcomes your K9 companion to sit with you on a patio. Baby Barnaby is a part of the Barnaby cafe chain; however, this branch on Fairview street is open for service in the morning.

Interestingly, Barnaby is the name of the owner’s dog, which shows how much love the founder of the cafe chain has for dogs. The restaurant serves customers during lunch and dinner hours along with the breakfast menu.

Although the Baby Barnaby is relatively small in space, it makes up for the menu items with attractive Mexican options to pair with American specialties. One unique creation I suggest trying is their green egg, possessing artichoke, spinach, and cheese in the mixture.

Price Range: $$

Food Style: American

Location: 602 Fairview St, Houston, TX 77006


Phone: (713) 522-4229

Order Online:

Table Reservation: Not available

8. Puebla’s Mexican Kitchen

Puebla’s Mexican Kitchen has been a hidden gem of Houston since 2001 for enjoying a hearty Mexican meal in the morning. The lovely cafe is one of the best Mexican eateries in Houston Texas, with a casual atmosphere for people to sit back and enjoy breakfast.

The location offers many Mexican delights, with traditional dishes like breakfast tacos or chilaquiles (fried corn tortillas with dip and toppings). In addition, Puebla has an intriguing drink section with authentic Mexican soda for a unique flavor experience.

Typically, Puebla offers the customers indoor and outdoor seatings. However, I suggest sitting outdoors so you may enjoy your favorite taco while taking in the refreshing air of Houston in the morning.

Price Range: $$

Food Style: Mexican

Location: 6320 N Main St, Houston, TX 77009

Website: Not available

Phone: (713) 426-9062

Order Online:

Table Reservation: Not available

Come to Puebla’s Mexican Kitchen to taste the authentic flavors of Mexican cuisine in the morning.

Watch this video: Puebla's Mexican Kitchen

9. Pondicheri

Pondicheri should be your top choice for dining locations in Midtown Houston with tasty Indian delicacies. The owner of the eatery is a famous chef who goes by the name of Anita Jaisinghani.

At this well-known Indian eatery in Houston (Texas), the chef has been holding a community breakfast every second Saturday of every month to promote Indian signatures like dosa (flatbread) or uppma. In addition, half of the income on those days will go to supporting children and women.

With a serving schedule from 9 A.M, Pondicheri is ideal for stopping by for a morning meal. I recommend ordering options from the curry section to enjoy the traditional Indian spice. Besides Indian specialties, Pondicheri also has standard American breakfasts to offer.

Price Range: $$

Food Style: Indian

Location: 2800 Kirby Drive B132, Houston, TX 77098


Phone: (713) 522-2022

Order Online:

Table Reservation:

Unravel the amazing Indian cuisine through the dishes at Pondicheri.

Watch this video: Indian cuisine through the dishes at Pondicheri

10. Empire Cafe

Empire Cafe on Westheimer road is a weird fusing of a breakfast spot with a bar. It has a spacious patio for guests to enjoy their meals. The indoor interior of Empire Cafe strives to recreate a casual European ambiance to keep people relaxed.

On Monday, you shouldn’t miss coming to Empire Cafe as they offer a half-price special on delectable cakes. In addition, Empire Cafe also provides a dine-in service for people looking to spend quality time at the coffee shop.

If you’re lucky enough, you may even become the customer of the week when the place chooses one of the random guests to show appreciation. As for the food, my favorite order is the cappuccino coffee with mesmerizing Italian toast or the muffin and espresso duo.

Price Range: $$

Food Style: Breakfast, Beer Bar

Location: 1732 Westheimer Rd, Houston, TX 77098


Phone: (713) 528-5282

Order Online:

Table Reservation: Not available

11. Harry’s Restaurant

Voted as the best breakfast location in Midtown of Houston in 2021, Harry’s Restaurant is a decorated spot with classic American items. Aside from the American cuisine, Harry also introduces many specialties from Southern, European, and Latin cooking.

It had a long history in Houston when Harry debuted in Houston in 1948. Interestingly, Harry’s is only open for breakfast and lunch. The establishment on Tuam has a great dog-friendly patio for people to enjoy food under Houston’s lovely morning sun.

Unlike other eateries, Harry closes reasonably early on the weekdays at 2 P.M, while the weekends get an extra one hour of service. If you’re venturing to the spot with a group, my suggestion is the shareable portion of gyro feta fries to enjoy together.

Price Range: $$

Food Style: American, Southern, European

Location: 318 Tuam St, Houston, TX 77006


Phone: (713) 528-0198

Order Online: Through their website.

Table Reservation: Contact their phone number, press 3 to place a private room

12. House Of Pies

House Of Pies is an Upper Kirby restaurant worth anyone’s visit to satisfy their sweet tooth in the morning with an array of pie options. Established in 1967, it’s one of the favorite spots of Houston residents for pies, cookies, and delicious meals.

Thanks to the restaurant’s extensive working hours (from 7 A.M to midnight), you can pass by any of the branches of the eatery in Houston to grab a slice of pie. Besides the pie option, you may choose a regular breakfast menu with many egg-based items.

With pride in making delicious pies, House Of Pies also takes orders for dessert to bring their quality treats to your special event. All cakes and pies are free from food preservatives to give you safe and delicious treats.

Price Range: $$

Food Style: Breakfast & Brunch, Bakeries

Location (Kirby): 3112 Kirby Dr. Houston, TX 77098

Phone (Kirby): (713) 528-3816

Location (Westheimer): 6142 Westheimer Rd Houston, TX 77057

Phone (Westheimer): (713) 782-1290

Location (Fuqua): 11311 Fuqua St. Houston, TX 77089

Phone (Fuqua): (832) 203-7549


Order Online Kirby:

Order Online Westheimer:

Order Online Fuqua:

Table Reservation: Not available

There’s no better place to have pies for breakfast in Houston better than House of Pies.

Watch this video: The Texas Bucket List - House of Pies

13. La Guadalupana

Any fan of Mexican food will need to stop by La Guadalupana once they are in Houston. The site offers a casual atmosphere to enjoy your authentic Mexican breakfast. Moreover, the extensive menu will surely please anyone looking to try something exotic.

At La Guadalupana, they offer outdoor seatings to make your meal more enjoyable than ever. Another selling point of the area lies in the generous food portion of any dish you order.

After placing your order, visit the restaurant’s bakery with tasty treats awaiting you to try. A little secret drink you must order is the coffee at La Guadalupana, with spices added in the brewing process.

Price Range: $$

Food Style: Mexican, Seafood, Taco

Location: 2109 Dunlavy St, Houston, TX 77006


Phone: (713) 522-2301

Order Online:

Table Reservation: Not available

14. The Buffalo Grille

The Buffalo Grille is a family-friendly restaurant founded in Houston in 1984. The business is a family-owned style passed down to the 7th generation, the McAleer family. Buffalo Grille mainly strives to establish a satisfying relationship with customers beyond meals.

The main location of the Buffalo Grille has a signature taxidermy bison head in the middle of the sign. At night, it illuminates the space around with beautiful neon lights.

As for the food, any branch of Buffalo Grille offers meals from breakfast to dinner. One fascinating quirk of the restaurant is it allows you to customize the omelet by choosing your favorite vegetable, fillings, and side add-ons.

Price Range: $$

Food Style: Breakfast & Brunch, American

Location (Bissonnet): 4080 Bissonnet St, Houston, TX 77005

Phone (Bissonnet): (713) 661-3663

Location (Voss): 1301 S Voss Rd, Houston, TX 77057

Phone (Voss): (713) 784-3663


Order Online:

Table Reservation: Not available

15. Another Broken Egg Cafe

Another Broken Egg Cafe, or ABE, is a popular cafe shop chain with many establishments across the US. For Houston, Texas, ABE has one cafe shop on Vintage Park boulevard. It’s also a super popular eatery in Clearwater, Florida. ABE promises customers to deliver a unique breakfast experience with many Southern delicacies.

Instead of sticking with eggs and bacon menus, ABE offers addicting shrimp combined with grit. Another popular choice is the classic egg benedict; however, I suggest ordering the tweaked version of the dish with smoked salmon instead of bacon.

Furthermore, ABE also boasts a seasonal menu that constantly changes to adapt to the available ingredients. Remember, the cafe possesses a bar to hand-craft any favorite cocktails that you have in mind.

Price Range: $$

Food Style: Breakfast & Brunch, American, Southern

Location: 118A Vintage Park Blvd Bldg G, Houston, TX 77070


Phone: (281) 257-3447

Order Online:

Table Reservation: Not available

Come to Another Broken Egg Cafe to enjoy the best breakfast.

Watch this video: Another Broken Egg

16. Snooze An AM Eatery

Snooze An AM Eatery is a popular restaurant for the residents in the Montrose area of Houston. In Houston, all 4 of the Snooze locations possess an expansive patio. One notable thing at Snooze is that they offer a special menu for people with food allergies.

Don’t forget, becoming a Snooze member gives you $5 off on your next order at the restaurant chain. More to the story, Snooze also holds pancake week, when you can sample many unique pancake creations from Snooze’s members across the country.

The bar is the cherry on top for anyone visiting Snooze with its creative cocktails that will put a smile on anyone’s face. One small note for people traveling in a group of around six is that you need to give them a heads up through their phone number before going to the place.

Price Range: $$

Food Style: Breakfast & Brunch, American, Cocktail Bar

Location (Memorial): 600 W Sam Houston Pkwy N #500, Houston, TX 77024

Phone (Memorial): (713) 470-4586

Location (Heights): 718 W 18th St, Houston, TX 77008

Phone (Heights): (346) 237-9150

Location (Galleria): 5000 Westheimer Rd Suite 120, Houston, TX 77056

Phone (Galleria): (281) 810-6130

Location (Montrose): 3217 Montrose Blvd Suite 100, Houston, TX 77006

Phone (Montrose): (713) 574-6655


Order Online:

Table Reservation: Not available

Check out some menu items at Snooze in Houston.

Watch this video: Snooze An Am Eatery Review

17. Dish Society

Another fine addition to the list of breakfast eateries is the Dish Society chain, which offers an industrial setting with a modern interior. One thing that sets Dish Society apart from other locations is its connection to the local farms for producing meals with local produce.

Moreover, the menu changes seasonally to give customers a new experience every time they visit the restaurant. A nice quirk to the Dish Society is the robust coffee program with many coffee choices alongside the locally crafted beers, cocktails, and a great wine list.

While at any Dish Society location, you shouldn’t miss the Social Hour event on weekdays, where you can get an assortment of items for a reasonable price. To top it off, Dish Society also donates to its community through programs like Spirit Night and Donations by dish.

Price Range: $$

Food Style: Breakfast & Brunch, American

Location (Heights): 1050 Yale St #100, Houston, TX 77008

Phone (Heights): (713) 861-3474

Location (West U): 4191 Bellaire Blvd, Houston, TX 77025

Phone (West U): (713) 966-2737

Location (Galleria Area): 5740 San Felipe St #100, Houston, TX 77057

Phone (Galleria Area): (832) 538-1060

Location (Memorial): 12525 Memorial Dr #145, Houston, TX 77024

Phone (Memorial): (713) 467-3474


Order Online:

Table Reservation: Not available

18. Le Peep

Le Peep is a local Houston, Texas restaurant providing locals with tasty breakfast and lunch. Since Le Peep was established in 1987, the spot has always been the top destination for having a morning meal and lunch.

Looking at Le Peep’s menu may leave you astonished by the number of dishes. Each food section has different twists to keep customers coming back for another meal. I love the health club section of the main menu as it has various protein-packed dishes with healthy ingredients.

Although the place is renowned for its breakfast and lunch menu, you should check out the Le Bar menu, which has some classic cocktail mixes. If you have any special requests for the food’s ingredients, you can also discuss them with a management member to resolve the issue.

Price Range: $$

Food Style: Breakfast & Brunch, American

Location (Galleria Area): 4340 Westheimer Rd, Houston, TX 77027

Phone (Galleria Area): (713) 629-7337

Location (Memorial City): 9807 Katy Fwy, Houston, TX 77024

Phone (Memorial City): (713) 783-7337


Order Online:

Table Reservation: Not available

19. Tiny Boxwood’s

Tiny Boxwoods on West Alabama street is a fancy place to come for breakfast. One interesting fact about the place is its surroundings full of Boxwood trees, making for a fun coincident with the restaurant name.

The patio of Tiny Boxwood is the restaurant’s main selling point as it’s airy and allows the customers to enjoy a relaxing vibe. Any coffee fan will find the espresso bar of Tiny Boxwood an excellent addition to ordering cocktails aside from the coffee.

Of course, the popular chocolate chip cookies are an unskippable item at the establishment. Although you can place a reservation, Tiny Boxwood also welcomes customers that happen to have a chance to stop by without any prior bookings.

Price Range: $$

Food Style: American

Location (Alabama): 3614 W Alabama St Houston, TX 77027

Phone (Alabama): (713) 622-42243

Location (Tiny’s NO. 5): 3636 Rice Blvd Houston, TX 77005

Phone (Tiny’s NO. 5): (713) 664-0141


Order Online (Alabama):

Order Online (Tiny’s NO. 5):

Table Reservation:

20. The Breakfast Klub

The Breakfast Klub is a fantastic restaurant in the Midtown area of Houston, providing customers with homey Southern-style meals. The business was recognized in 2011 as one of the best locations for breakfast in the US.

If you’re wondering why their website uses “k” in many words that begin with “c,” there’s no secret to it because they only want to attract your attention. Furthermore, the Klub supports many surrounding movements and communities with special offers.

After tasting regular breakfast items, my beloved choice is the wings and grits packed full of protein. For the signature dish of the Klub, you may try excellent katfish & grits for a fresh take on my favorite choice above.

Price Range: $$

Food Style: American, Southern, Breakfast & Brunch

Location: 3711 Travis St, Alabama, Houston, TX 77002


Phone: (713) 528-8561

Order Online:

Table Reservation: Not available

Join the Breakfast Klub to explore unique dishes for your breakfast meal.

Watch this video: Soul Food Houston Texas

21. Blacksmith

The final destination to fill your tummy in the morning is the Blacksmith coffee shop, a nice place for breakfast and lunch. The location has a modern setting for customers to enjoy meals with various options.

As a coffee shop, you should expect Blacksmith to have a long list of coffee with different ways of brewing to satisfy your taste buds. Don’t forget; that Blacksmith also has unique seasonal coffee for customers looking for a bit of exotic touch in their drink.

If you find the mugs at Blacksmith fascinating, the site has a shop that sells all sorts of crafted items. Blacksmith is also a great location to hold private events with excellent service.

Price Range: $$

Food Style: Coffee & Tea, Breakfast & Brunch

Location: 1018 Westheimer Rd, Houston, TX 77006


Phone: (832) 360-7470

Order Online:

Table Reservation: Not available

Start Your Morning With A Flavorful Meal In Houston

Breakfast is an important meal; therefore, you should pick the right restaurant to start your day. This compilation of Houston’s most popular breakfast eateries should help you navigate through the city more accessible for a lovely meal.

Houston always welcomes everyone with an open arm, even when you need breakfast to fill your tummy. Let people know which destination is your favorite in Houston. Share the article so other people may visit these fantastic restaurants for a meal in the morning.

Breakfast Restaurants Houston Tx

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