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13 Most Popular Restaurants in Washington Avenue, Houston, Texas 2023

Many diners have no idea about the best restaurants on Washington Avenue, Houston, so I am writing this article to give them some suggestions. If you are one of them, do not miss the list since you can regret it later.

Washington Avenue is a famous street in Houston. It is named after Washington County. It is near Houston Heights and Downtown Houston, so this road attracts many diners. Also, this place is a good destination for the development of many restaurants.

There Are Many Amazing
There are many amazing restaurants on Washington Avenue, Houston.

Let’s Experience These Amazing Below Restaurants On Washington Avenue

There are many fantastic Houston eating places in Texas. But, if you are on Washington Avenue, you can visit the great recommendations below for the best experience.

1. Ninja Ramen

Are you on the way to find an incredible Japanese eating house in Houston? Please move to 4219 Washington Avenue instantly since many tasty and authentic noodles are waiting for you to taste.

Ramen, aburamen (oil noodles), spam musubi (spam sushi), and mazemen (brothless ramen with cream sauce) are signature foods at this dining destination.

Ninja Ramen also focuses on meat quality by keeping their pigs’ life quality as best as possible. As for the rich stock, it comes from three different types of dashi, leading to a more pronounced umami flavor.

Furthermore, the secret of delectable ramen also comes from free-range, curly, and free-hormones noodles.

Price range: $$ – $$$

Food styles: Japanese

Location: 4219 Washington Ave, Houston, Texas 77007


Phone: (281) 888 5873

Table reservation: Unavailable

Order online:

2. Tacodeli

Tacodeli started appearing on the map of well-known restaurants in Houston in 1999. It wins the hearts of foodies, thanks to delectable food made from fresh and excellent components. Tasty and gluten-free tacos are the common options of diners at this eatery.

Suppose you are on fasting days, you can opt for vegan and vegetarian choices for a perfect meal, like freakin’ vegan (refried black beans with avocado), the heather (grilled white cheese with refried black beans), or space cowboy (roasted portobello mushrooms).

What is the unique thing about this dining house? Chile Relleno and short rib Birria recipe is the answer. This recipe is a mix of cheesy, creamy, and meaty flavors on a plate. Furthermore, Tacodeli is famous for its award-winning salsas.

Price range: $

Food styles: Mexican, Southwestern

Location: 1902 Washington Ave D, Houston, Texas 77007


Phone: (713) 357 7770

Table reservation: Unavailable

Order online:

3. B&B Butchers $ Restaurant

To enjoy the delectable steaks in Houston, you don’t have to look far but go to the B&B Butcher & Restaurant. The steaks are made up of the freshest and highest-quality cuts of meat, so they will melt in your mouth instantly.

Are you curious about the origin of these cuts of meat? The restaurant only accepts the meat of Japanese Wagyu, North American Wagyu, and USDA prime. Not only that, professional staff will create perfect cuts and slices.

When you have the chance to come to this outstanding eatery, do not forget to go around its Butcher shop to get authentic and fresh Kobe beef, prime beef, yummy sandwiches, bagels, and deli meat.

Price range: $$$$

Food styles: Steakhouse, American

Location: 1814 Washington Ave, Houston, Texas 77007


Phone: (713) 862 1814

Table reservation:

Order online:

Let’s come to the B&B Butchers & Restaurant to taste the highest-quality food and service.

Watch this video: B&B Butchers & Restaurant Goodtaste

4. Miyako

In Texas, besides the beautiful Japanese-style eateries in Dallas, you can find many similar restaurants in Houston for authentic Japanese food. And Miyako is one of them. Its high-class sushi and Japanese dishes can give you an unforgettable experience.

Miyako’s beautiful, modern Japanese-style ambiance also elevates your appetite. Furthermore, the dine-in space can mesmerize diners immediately with its cozy and comfortable atmosphere.

The yummy food results from the fusion of modern and traditional Japanese cooking methods. This eatery delivers beautiful dishes from the freshest seafood and ingredients.

Price range: $$ – $$$

Food styles: Sushi, Japanese, Asian

Location: 4601 Washington Ave Ste 150, Houston, Texas 77007


Phone: (713) 520 9797

Table reservation: Unavailable

Order online:

5. The Cookshack

If you love yummy chicken dishes, save the Cookshack in your travel book immediately. The intense taste of its chicken can awaken your taste buds on the first try. Other dishes on the menu are also pretty spicy. However, you can adjust the heat according to 5 levels.

Thanks to delicious foods, The Cookshack has become a must-try eatery in Houston. Many customers come here on weekdays and weekends. Luckily, this restaurant has long working hours (from 10 AM to 10 PM), so you don’t have to rush here.

What’s more? Many other yummy options are other features making you want to stay here longer. Fresh shack salad, chicken sandwiches, tender salad, and apple-wood smoked rib will give you a pleasant sensation.

Price range: $$ – $$$

Food styles: American

Location: 4015 Washington Ave Suite F, Houston, Texas 77007


Phone: (713) 534 1746

Table reservation: Unavailable

Order online:

6. Velvet Taco

Finding a fantastic Mexican-style dining house in Houston is a piece of cake. Velvet Taco is a famous destination for traditional tacos lovers worldwide. When you go through its door, you’ll step into the paradise of delicious and unique tacos.

Velvet Taco chefs apply traditional and distinctive methods to prepare various types of tacos with different flavors. The soft buffalo chicken, spicy tikka chicken, Korean fried rice, Kobe bacon burger, or grilled salmon can make you love them in no time.

Moreover, don’t skip backdoor chicken since the flavor of 48-hours marinated chicken can captivate you.

Price range: $

Food styles: Southwestern, Mexican, Quick bites

Location: 4819 Washington Ave, Houston, Texas 77007


Phone: (832) 834 5908

Table reservation: Unavailable

Order online:

Velvet Taco is one of Houston’s best places to enjoy delicious tacos.

Watch this video: Velvet Taco

7. Urban Eats

Urban Eats is an integrated place of bistro, bar, and market. If you want to enjoy creative cocktails and wines, the lounge and bar upstairs will be the right place. The first floor is designed for a market eatery.

It is great to have a romantic date with delicious food in the contemporary, casual atmosphere of the bistro. Or you can enjoy relaxing moments at the bar or rooftop patio with incredible and unique cocktails in hand.

The market eatery contains everything you need for a perfect meal. Pick up a few favorite foods and enjoy a cup of coffee. The free-wifi quality and charging station system will satisfy you if you want to work.

If you love art, don’t miss Urban Eats’ art show once every 3 months. At this event, they’ll hold an opening night to introduce new artists and their works.

Price range: $$ – $$$

Food styles: Bar, American

Location: 3414 Washington Ave, Houston, Texas 77007


Phone: (832) 834 4417

Table reservation: Not available

Order online:

Look at Urban Eats’ excellent space, decoration, design, and food.

Watch this video: Urban Eats

8. Standard

I often stop by the Standard after a tiring day at work to enjoy delicious food, great drinks, catchy music, and chill moments. I am sure you will love this amazing place as much as I do after getting into it.

The standard mule has a cool taste with a mix of ginger beer, mint, lime, and Gray Goose Le Melon vodka. Also, the garden variety martini 11, perfect margarita, and larcenist’s arson are other creations of the restaurant’s bartenders.

Furthermore, this place is a world of beer and cider with various options for diners. Standard burgers, rubbed tuna steak, and veggie tacos are the specialties. Besides the excellent dishes, you can join the live music only available from Thursdays to Saturdays.

Price range: $$ – $$$

Food styles: Bar

Location: 5306 Washington Ave, Houston, Texas 77007


Phone: (713) 864 2127

Table reservation: Unavailable

Order online:

9. Laredo Taqueria

Joe and Roy Soto founded the Laredo Taqueria in the 1980s. This restaurant has more than 40 years of experience preparing and serving Mexican-inspired food to residents of Washington Avenue and Snover street.

If you visit the restaurant on weekdays from 6 AM to 6 PM, you’ll be immersed in the enchanting flavors and aromas of tamales, tacos, tortillas, and other Mexican dishes. The space is always ready to serve your breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

In addition, you can warm your body with some delicious soups and specialties like Caldo de Res (beef soup), Caldo de Pollo (chicken soup), tortas, gorditas, and fried corn chips.

Price range: $

Food styles: Latin, Mexican, Quick bites

Location: 915 Snover St, Houston, Texas 77007


Phone: (713) 861 7279

Table reservation: Not available

Order online:

10. El Tiempo Cantina – Washington

Do you know how to enjoy the excellent Tex-Mex food in Houston? You can get the answer after visiting the El Tiempo Cantina on Washington Avenue. Aside from Tex-Mex cuisine, this eatery specializes in Southwestern and Latin cuisines.

I guarantee you will fall in love with the authentic flavor of Tex-Mex food here on the first try. For the best experience, I highly recommend giving guacamole, chile con queso (melted cheese and chili pepper), crab nachos, and brisket quesadillas a shot.

This famous eatery offers many hearty and notable cocktails to deliver a chill feeling to your meals. Do not forget to let yourself be comfortable with an envy cocktail, rooftop lemonade, ranch water, and ballpark Rita.

Price range: $$ – $$$

Food styles: Mexican, Latin, Southwestern

Location: 5602 Washington Ave, Houston, Texas 77007


Phone: (713) 681 3645

Table reservation: Call the restaurant by phone for more information

Order online:

Listen to the introduction about incredible foods and dominant features of the El Tiempo Cantina.

Watch this video: El Tiempo Cantina

11. Laurenzo’s

If you ask me the restaurant serving the most delicious prime rib in Houston, Laurenzo’s is the first name I can figure out. You’ll love the tenderness and rich flavor of the rib as soon as you bite into it.

The owners actively design menus for each different meal. Guacamole, white chile con queso, coconut shrimp, and fried oysters are options the restaurant offers for your dinner.

Meanwhile, you can fill your belly with a cheeseburger, grilled chicken breast, or Asian chicken wrap at lunch and brunch.

In particular, the menu is changed regularly according to the diners’ demands. It is hard to find a minus point when talking about its service since everything is top-notch. Plus, its design’s sporty and casual vibe can grab your attention immediately.

Price range: $$ – $$$

Food styles: American

Location: 4412 Washington Ave, Houston, Texas 77007


Phone: (713) 880 5111

Table reservation:

Order online:

12. Gus’s World Famous Fried Chicken

Gus’s World Famous Fried Chicken serves the best fried chicken in Houston. The eatery has an extensive network of branches throughout the United States. You can see it in Austin, San Antonio, Los Angeles, or Dallas.

If you have a habit of eating late, take a trip to the dining house on Fridays and Saturdays because it will close later on these days. Meanwhile, it is only open until 10 PM on the rest of the days.

I love its sides and beverage lists. Yummy and fresh salads, fries, baked beans, or fried rice are excellent additions to your gatherings. Moreover, do not hesitate to order lemonade, Fanta orange, iced tea, or coke at meals to refresh your taste buds effectively.

Price range: $$ – $$$

Food styles: American

Location: 1815 Washington Ave, Houston, Texas 77007


Phone: (832) 740 4022

Table reservation: Unavailable

Order online:

Do not miss the wonderful dishes of Gus’s World Famous Fried Chicken when you are in Houston.

Watch this video: Gus’s World Famous Fried Chicken

13. MAX’s Wine Dive

The combination of food and wine will reach perfection at Max’s Wine Dive. This result comes from delicious foods, drinks, and a comfortable and beautiful eatery space. Also, this place features unique beer and mocktails.

Many customers look forward to MAX’s happy hour because of its attractive offers. It happens on weekdays but will be longer on Mondays.

Max’s Master Music is a collection of good songs that fit the eatery’s atmosphere and vibe for diners to listen to during their meal. Each location has its own playlist chosen by the owner.

Price range: $$ – $$$

Food styles: Wine Bar, American

Location: 4720 Washington Ave Ste b, Houston, Texas 77007


Phone: (713) 880 8737

Table reservation:

Order online:

Share Your Thoughts About The Amazing Eateries Right Now

How do you feel about the potential dining houses I have mentioned in this article? Do you get your best-loved choices? If yes, let’s put on the beautiful clothes and come to the eatery with your loved ones and enjoy the unforgettable moments here.

After having a meal at your selected restaurant, please share your feelings and reviews in the comment box. Furthermore, if you love the quality of these eateries, do not forget to introduce them to many people. Thanks a lot, and good luck with your choice!

Restaurants Washington Avenue Houston

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