17 Best Restaurants In Frisco, TX You Should Know 2023

I know you will enjoy these best restaurants in Frisco, TX because many customers love visiting these destinations. Therefore, you should quickly look through this post to figure out which dining location is the fittest to satisfy your tastebuds.

Whether you’re looking for exotic cuisines or simply an eating place in Frisco, I got your back. For an adventurous experience, you may pick a random restaurant to formulate your opinion. Let’s discover the best places for dining in Frisco!

Uncover The Amazing
Uncover the amazing cuisine of Frisco by visiting some of the most popular restaurants on the list.

Explore The Diverse Restaurants In Frisco To Enjoy Your Meal

No matter where you go, food is an essential part of making your day impeccable. So go outside and discover where you should visit for a meal in Frisco. While you’re navigating your way to the destination, it’s also a fantastic time to get to know the city.

1. Heritage Table

Step foot to Frisco city in Texas by visiting the Heritage Table, a dining location a couple of blocks away from Frisco common park. The place is ideal for stopping by for common American foods or freshening yourself up with a chilled glass of cocktail.

This location doesn’t offer kid-size portions, so you may have to improvise if you have kids coming to the restaurant. However, the place is worth the visit because of its historical value, dating back to the Victorian period.

Furthermore, Heritage Table creates all of its dishes from scratch to ensure the top quality of your meal. I suggest trying out the chicken pot pie or the pork chop to experience the best of Frisco’s dining location flavor.

Price Range: $$

Food Style: American, Cocktail Bar

Location: 7110 Main Street, Frisco, TX 75033


Phone: (469) 664-0100

Order Online:

Table Reservation: Or contact the restaurant through their phone number

2. Hutchins BBQ

BBQ is a hearty meal you can’t miss almost anywhere you go. Therefore, you should come to Hutchin BBQ, a lovely establishment that provides terrific Texas seasonings to your cut of grilled meat. Aside from Frisco, Hutchins BBQ also has other branches across America.

Once you step into the BBQ house, it instantly hits you with an addicting smokiness of grilled meat and aromatic spices. Prepare your tummy because the food at Hutchins BBQ usually contains a lot of protein.

Although the drive-through is unavailable, you can come in and make orders for takeouts. The destination is a paradise for meat lovers with many cuts like ribs, pulled pork, and brisket. If you have a small crowd to feed, I suggest ordering their meat pack for a more reasonable price.

Price Range: $$

Food Style: Barbeque, Smokehouse

Location: 9225 Preston Rd, Frisco, TX 75033


Phone: (972) 377-2046

Order Online:

Table Reservation: Not available

Discover the incredible menu items at Hutchins BBQ.

Watch this video: Hutchins Texas BBQ

3. Didi’s Downtown

On the Main street of Frisco city, you will find Didi’s Downtown, a casual destination to enjoy homemade foods. The atmosphere is friendly as it’s one of their priorities aside from serving customers delicious food.

At Didi, lunch usually starts at 11:30 A.M with Didi’s Benny (a unique twist to egg Benedict). In addition, Didi also provides wonderful sweet specialties to satisfy everyone’s sweet tooth.

The restaurant owner is Scott Hoffner, a great chef with 30 years of experience in the business. Don’t forget the restaurant closes on Monday and Tuesday, so you should check carefully for the schedule.

Price Range: $$

Food Style: American, Bar

Location: 7210 West Main Street, Frisco, TX 75033


Phone: (469) 888-4020

Order Online:

Table Reservation: Not available

4. Pizzeria Testa

Pizza is everywhere across America; even Frisco boasts some of the best places for this Italian delicacy. However, I recommend Pizzeria Testa so everyone can enjoy the most authentic Neapolitan pizza flavor.

Many people consider Pizzeria Testa a go-to dining location in Dallas’ Greenville and Frisco to get the best pizza. The menu has an array of choices for you to decide. Aside from the pizza, you may go for antipasti (Italian entrees) to taste various dishes in one go.

The cocktail menu is a plus as it offers a light boozy kick to make your night impeccable. If you don’t like indoor dining, you may take your order to Frisco Square near the restaurant to enjoy the city’s best view.

Price Range: $$

Food Style: Italian, Pizza

Location: 8660 Church St, Frisco, TX 75034


Phone: (469) 200-8015

Order Online:

Table Reservation (For private events only):

5. Platia Greek Kouzina

For an exotic food flavor, you may want to stop by Platia Greek Kouzina for unique delicacies coming from the Middle East. Platia follows a historical style of design to indulge customers in the most authentic Greek atmosphere.

When it comes to specialties, the Dolmades (beef wrapped with grape leaves) will leave you surprised with their distinct lemony flavor. Platia Greek Kouzina comes with a quirk when you don’t need to make any reservation because the owner doesn’t want to slow down service.

Do you want more convenience? You got it because Platia is in the Shafer Plaza, opening up an option to uncover Frisco’s local produce. Come to Platia Greek Kouzina so you may enjoy your meal in a casual ambiance.

Price Range: $$

Food Style: Greek

Location: 2995 Preston Rd #1590, Frisco, TX 75034


Phone: (972) 334-0031

Order Online:

Table Reservation: Not available

6. Eight 11

Here’s another casual dining spot in Frisco; Eight 11 has various options on their menu to satisfy your hunger and an assortment of beverages at their bar. Don’t forget the Happy Hour event, where you get special price offers for a selection of beers, wines, and sometimes foods.

Do you want more entertainment? Eight 11 have you covered with music bands performing on scheduled dates. For more details, you should check their website for specific information. The place also has a patio for people to gather and enjoy the lovely music.

Regarding the foods, you may want to go for refreshing options like salad or soups. However, you should order the shareable portion if you’re heading to the Eight 11 as a group. The location is fantastic for enjoying the night ambiance of Frisco city.

Price Range:

Food Style: American, Bar

Location: 7080 Main Street, Frisco, TX 75034


Phone: (469) 888-4037

Order Online:

Table Reservation: Or contact through their phone number

7. Edoko Sushi & Robata

Switching from American cuisine and bar, I have an ideal place to satisfy your craving for sushi right in the heart of Frisco. Edoko Sushi & Robata has the most delectable sushi dishes for anyone to enjoy.

The word Robata in the restaurant’s name means “around the fireplace,” which refers to the unique cooking method that Edoko brings to Frisco. The idea is to have a cozy meal and bring people closer together by gathering around the fireplace for cooking.

Edoko mainly focuses on creating foods with a certain simplicity to bring the culture of Japanese cooking to your meal. If you’re not into consuming raw fish, Edoko also provides a cooked menu.

The sushi place is located in the Stonebriar Commons on Legacy area, which has a lot of upscale constructions.

Price Range: $$

Food Style: Japanese, Sushi Bar

Location: 5490 SH-121 S, Frisco, TX 75034


Phone: (214) 618-9888

Order Online (or contact through their phone number, only for pickup service)

Table Reservation:

8. EG Steak

It’s always a challenge to say no to a juicy piece of steak. I’d like to take you to EG Steak near the Stonebriar Mall Pond for the most exquisite meat experience. The establishment only serves from 4:30 P.M, except for Sunday and Friday, when customers can enjoy steak at 12 P.M.

Their Brazilian twist on many recipes sets EG Steak apart from other steakhouses. Although it may be pricey, you get the best experience in every cut of meat and top service. In addition, EG Steak provides exceptional all-you-can-eat service, so you may freely explore the dishes.

The establishment also offers a more intimate eating experience by booking their private dining service. If you’re new to the restaurant, I suggest giving the tasting menu a shot to determine your favorite options afterward.

Price Range: $$$

Food Style: Steakhouse, Brazilian, Grilling

Location: 8650 State Highway 121, Frisco, TX 75034


Phone: (214) 618-6150

Order Online:

Table Reservation (For parties of more than seven people, contact their phone number)

Take a look at how EG Steak adapts to changes to bring you the highest quality in service.

Watch this video: EG Steak

9. III Forks (III Forks Steakhouse)

For a fancy dining location, you should stop at III Forks for the best Texas foods. The building decoration provides a luxurious sensation to customers while enjoying superb food.

Furthermore, I’m sure you will find the extensive list of wines at III Forks is excellent at complementing the food and bringing an exotic taste to your table. For the ultimate fine dining experience, you should order a juicy steak with a glass of wine.

Remember, III Forks is also a perfect place for housing a small party with prior reservations. Their working hours are usually around 5 P.M to 11 P.M, except for Sunday.

Price Range: $$$

Food Style: Steakhouse, Seafood, Bar, American

Location: 1303 Legacy Drive, Frisco, TX 75034


Phone: (972) 267-1776

Order Online:

Table Reservation:

10. Burning Rice

Let’s take a look at another incredible destination to order mouth-watering Asian foods. Burning Rice is a restaurant chain that has made its appearance in Frisco, Plano, The Colony, and Richardson in Texas. However, the Frisco location is the main focus of this post.

Burning Rice is one of the must-visit dining establishments in Plano, Texas, because of the branch’s popularity in serving amazing Asian dishes.

The menu at Burning Rice mainly orients around popular Korean delights like Gangjeong (fried Korean chicken bites), mixed rice bowls, and Mandoo (fried dumplings with meat fillings). Surprisingly, you get to customize your bowl for a unique taste and texture.

Price Range: $$

Food Style: Korean, Asian

Location: 3930 Preston Road, Suite100, Frisco, TX 75034


Phone: (214) 601-0464

Order Online:

Table Reservation: Not available

11. Mash’D

Located in the Center at Preston Ridge, Mash’D is where you can enjoy all sorts of cuisines from around the world at a reasonable price. Typically, Mash’D is open for business at around 11 A.M on weekdays, while the weekend is usually earlier by an hour.

Mash’D also houses a patio for people wanting to eat their meal leisurely outside while taking in the city’s scenery. Furthermore, your dog companion is also welcomed at the outdoor patio of Mash’D. Interestingly, the Frisco location is the only branch that offers online ordering.

A friendly reminder, the eatery may get crowded very fast, so it’s wise for you to make a reservation before heading to Mash’D. I’m sure you’re in for a great time at Mash’D in Frisco.

Price Range: $$

Food Style: American, International, Bar

Location: 3401 Preston Rd Ste. 1, Frisco, TX 75034


Phone: (214) 618-9440

Order Online:

Table Reservation: For parties over eight people, contact through their phone number

12. TruFire Kitchen & Bar

If you’re happy with Mash’D food and service, TruFire will not leave you disappointed because the restaurant is under the same ownership of the Rebellious American group. The unique and delicious menu is the main selling point of this kitchen and bar.

For your information, TruFire Kitchen staff prepare the delicacies from scratch to ensure the highest quality product. The atmosphere is fairly cozy with a mix of energetic ambiance for you to enjoy the meal with friends and family.

Like Mash’D, the TruFire in Frisco is the only place receiving online ordering. Don’t miss the tomahawk chop as it’s one of the house specialties with a tender and juicy cut of meat.

Price Range: $$

Food Style: Italian, International

Location: 6959 Lebanon Road, Suite 114, Frisco, TX 75034-6737


Phone: (214) 872-3830

Order Online (only for pickup orders)

Table Reservation (or contact through their phone number):

13. Gloria’s Latin Cuisine

Gloria’s Latin Cuisine has a long history since its foundation in 1986. It first opened in El Salvador

Then, it became a must-come eatery in Dallas’ Bishop Arts District, Frisco, and other areas in Texas. Aside from the terrific decoration and service, Gloria is perfect for a cozy dinner with family or friends.

I recommend ordering the steak Fajita Quesadilla to taste the delicious flavor of Latin American techniques. Besides food, you shouldn’t miss out on the drink section with superb Margaritas to make your meal more fantastic than ever.

On Saturday night, it’s time to suit up and get ready for an energetic time with Gloria when they offer Latin music and live DJs to keep the party going until 2 A.M. Unfortunately, the Frisco branch doesn’t offer the event, but you can visit Houston, San Antonio, or Austin Gloria to enjoy.

Price Range: $$

Food Style: Latin American, Salvadorian

Location: 8600 Gaylord Pkwy, Frisco, TX 75034


Phone: (972) 668-1555

Order Online:

Table Reservation: Not available

14. Dee Lincoln Prime

Dee Lincoln Prime is one of the finest examples of a steakhouse combined with a top-of-the-line sushi bar with 32 different tequilas. Dee Lincoln is situated at the Star, the home of Dallas’s most famous football team, the Dallas Cowboy.

The steak is superb with various choices for doneness, so you may customize the meat texture yourself. Don’t forget the main bar, which gives you the most pleasing view of the steakhouse. Dee Lincoln provides private dining services for couples looking for an intimate atmosphere.

Even when you’re traveling with a crowd, Dee Lincoln has a menu to provide everyone with a load of protein by ordering the Cowboy’s Way. One last point is the house’s personally customized tequila, the Reposado created by Herradura, which makes for a great gift.

Price Range: $$$$

Food Style: Steakhouse, Sushi Bar, American

Location: 6670 Winning Drive, Suite 400, Frisco, TX 75034


Phone: (214) 387-3333

Order Online: Not available

Table Reservation:

Peek at the interior of Dee Lincoln Prime and their chef preparing some of the finest dishes.

Watch this video: Dee Lincoln Prime

15. Norma’s Cafe

Norma’s Cafe is a casual eatery established in 1956 with tasty foods to offer to the good folks across Texas. You can trust their service and welcoming atmosphere as it has been their standard in the five locations in the state.

At the establishment, people mainly love the Southern-style cuisine that the chef cooks up with love. Commonly, the location in Frisco is ready to serve customers from 7 A.M to 8 P.M, with an array of options for breakfast. Furthermore, they even have a special menu for holiday seasons.

My favorite order is a plate of two eggs with customizable meat like bacon, sausage, or ham for a hearty and energy-packed meal in the morning. More to the story, Norma’s Cafe also won some awards for home-style cooking and homey vibe.

Price Range: $$

Food Style: Cafe, American, Southern

Location: 8300 Gaylord Parkway #19, Frisco, TX 75034


Phone: (972) 712-2233

Order Online:

Table Reservation: Not available

16. La Hacienda Ranch

La Hacienda Ranch was established in 1971 and came to Frisco city in 1993. The establishment specializes in creating some of the most authentic flavors from Tex-Mex cuisine. In addition, La Hacienda is perfect for family gatherings or small parties.

For unique room service, you may take a quick look through their website to determine which is your favorite style to hold an event. What makes La Hacienda popular amongst many locations is in their food quality when dishes consistently maintain their original flavors.

Your top order should be the beloved brisket Taco with flavorful meat and juicy texture. Remember to call for a glass of frozen Margarita, which has a terrific reputation as one of the most wanted menu items.

Price Range: $$

Food Style: Mexican, Tex-Mex

Location: 4110 Preston Rd, Frisco, TX 75034


Phone: (972) 335-2232

Order Online:

Table Reservation:

17. 5th Street Cafe

For the final destination, you should check out 5th Street Cafe, a lovely location on 5th Street in Frisco. The Cafe usually serves great local foods for breakfast with a twist of international influence. The place is often in for business throughout the week from 8 A.M to 2:30 P.M.

Although the Cafe doesn’t have alcohol items on its menu, you can bring your bottle to the place to enjoy while waiting for your food order. My recommendation is the patio breakfast portion with eggs, bacon, and toast.

Don’t forget, 5th Street Cafe accepts online ordering to bring their delicious food to your doorstep. As the cherry on top, the Cafe has a lovely patio for customers to sit back and relax with the fresh breeze of Frisco city.

Price Range: $$

Food Style: Cafe, American

Location: 8621 5th St, Frisco, TX 75034


Phone: (972) 377-3483

Order Online:

Table Reservation: Not available

Discover The Wonderful Cuisine Of Frisco

You may travel to Frisco for work or vacation; saving these dining locations to your device is essential to let off some steam while enjoying great food. In addition, you may even discover a reason to keep coming back to Frisco.

If you’re a city resident, share your experience with other readers by leaving a comment. Other people may share their thoughts about restaurants in Frisco. Don’t forget to spread this post to people about to travel to Frisco so they too can enjoy quality food.

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