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13 Best Restaurants Deep Ellum, Dallas, Texas 2023

Are you wondering what the best restaurants in Deep Ellum, Dallas are? Be at ease because that’s no longer a problem. I will give you recommendations on must-try eating and drinking spots in Deep Ellum, Dallas. Are you ready to take a tour (from home) now? Let’s go!

Located right East of Downtown Dallas, Deep Ellum is a center for nightlife and entertainment for many artists nationwide, with plenty of music venues, art galleries, nightlife activities, and, of course, excellent eateries.

Deep Ellum Dallas
You’ll have an unforgettable experience coming to Deep Ellum, Dallas.

Top-Notch Places To Eat And Drink At Deep Ellum Dallas

While you can find a variety of the finest restaurants in Downtown Dallas offering diverse culinary cultures, Deep Ellum is mainly packed with interesting live music bars, relaxed lounges, and steakhouses. They’re bustling spots for all ages to visit on weekends.

1. Postino Deep Ellum

Postino Deep Ellum is where you can connect with more people in a warm and relaxed setting. With roll-away garage-style doors, modern and dark-theme interior design, nooks and crannies for intimate conversations, or an open-air patio, Postino is top-notch.

Various food and wine collections in Postino Deep Ellum will satisfy your taste buds. Whether you come for breakfast, brunch, or dinner, Postino can give you many options to fill up your belly with flavors, from toasts to bruschetta, soups, snacks, and more.

Besides Texas, Postino has other locations throughout America, including Arizona, California, Colorado, etc. There is a wine club called Postino Wine Cult that welcomes all wine lovers in the country. You can visit their website to get detailed information if you are interested.

Price Range: $$

Food Styles: Wine Bars, Italian, Brunch

Location: 2639 Main Street St Suite 130, Dallas, TX 75226


Phone: (972) 210-2102

Table Reservation:

Order Online:

2. Cane Rosso

Cane Rosso is one of the most superb Italian restaurants in Dallas and some neighborhood areas in Texas like Frisco, Arlington, Fort Worth, and Carrollton.

In 2011, Cane Rosso opened the first location in the Deep Ellum district. From 2011-2015, the restaurant was continually honored as the Best Pizza in Dallas by D Magazine. Over ten years of development, Cane Rosso has become a reputable eatery across the country.

Cane Rosso creates a perfect dining experience with the most authentic Neapolitan-inspired food. They serve customers delicious and flavorful pizzas with handmade dough, house-made Italian cheese, and daily fresh ingredients.

Price Range: $$

Food Styles: Pizza, Italian, Breakfast & Brunch

Location: 2612 Commerce Street Dallas, TX 75226


Phone: (214) 741-1188

Table Reservation:

Order Delivery:

Order Pickup:

3. Uncle Uber’s Sammich Shop

It’ll be a regret if you skip this funky sandwich eatery on your trip to Deep Ellum. Uncle Uber’s Sammich Shop serves delectable sandwiches that are bold in flavor and palate-pleasing. Believe me, you will come back here countless times for these yummy quick bites.

As many customers have stated, Uncle Uber’s is exactly a hidden gem that provides good food. The eatery has TVs and a billiard table for the guests to entertain. It brings a friendly and welcoming atmosphere to the customers. 

There is a wide selection of food available at different price points. All burgers and sandwiches are paired with tots, fries, or sweet potato waffle fries.

Price Range: $

Food Styles: Sandwiches, Burgers, Bars, American

Location: 2713 Commerce Street, Dallas, TX 75226


Phone: (214) 653-8237

Table Reservation: Not Available

Order Online:

Uncle Uber’s Sammich Shop provides the most famous sandwiches in Dallas.

Watch this video: Uncle Uber's Sammich Shop

4. Brick & Bones

Brick & Bones is an interesting joint that will live up to your expectations. It’s a chicken restaurant and a chill cocktail bar situated at 2713 Elm Street in the heart of the Deep Ellum district, Dallas.

Instead of giving you a long list of different styles of cuisine, Brick & Bones will conquer your heart with a short and tight menu. Notable chicken dishes are delightful with their incredibly crispy outer crust and meaty, moist, and flavor-filled interior.

It’s so brilliant when they design historic brick walls that really bring out the mood. The bar is on one side, serving wonderful seasonal and crafted cocktails. You’ll have an unforgettable experience at Brick & Bones.

Price Range: $$

Food Styles: Bar, American, Southwestern

Location: 2713 Elm St, Dallas, TX 75226


Phone: (469) 914-6776

Table Reservation: Not Available

Order Online:

5. Armoury DE

Flocked into one of the bustling party centers in Dallas, Armoury DE is still distinct from other spots with an intimate but casual ambiance and traditional Hungarian fare. Aside from that, it has a varied, fabulous selection of wine, beer, and cocktails.

Charred pulpo (charred octopus) at the restaurant is amazing. Being simmered in wine and spices, then basted, charred, and paired with butter sauce, the octopus with thick tentacles intact has a beautifully charred exterior and a smokey, tasty flavor. So yum!

Damn burgers, chicken paprika, and langos (a Hungarian fried bread) are other must-try specialties when you visit this Hungarian establishment. The bar opens its doors until 2:00 A.M every day. Let’s come and enjoy the delicious food, amazing drinks, and live music.

Price Range: $$

Food Styles: Bar, American, Hungarian

Location: 2714 Elm Street, Dallas, TX 75226


Phone: (972) 803-5151

Table Reservation: Not Available

Order Online:

6. Angry Dog

Through 30 years of development, Angry Dog is a long-established tavern for Deep Ellum residents and tourists worldwide. This joint has been a well-loved eatery in East Dallas, Texas, offering plentiful local brews, light beer, decent wine, and bar fare since 1990.

Angry Dog is a bar serving wine and bar food with many TVs available. However, it doesn’t celebrate any live music shows like many others in Deep Ellum. That may sound odd, but it’s the way Angry Dog remains in the same spirit for years.

Even if you’re not a fan of alcoholic drinks, you can stop by and enjoy wholesome food at the establishment. Up until now, Angry Dog has earned abundant awards for their hot dogs, burgers, wings, nachos, etc.

Price Range: $$

Food Styles: Bar, Traditional American

Location: 2726 Commerce Street, Dallas, TX 75226


Phone: (214) 741-4406

Table Reservation: Not Available

Order Online:

7. Twisted Root Burger Co.

Twisted Root Deep Ellum is a flagship store in the Twisted Root Burger Co. chain with more than 10 locations countrywide. Some popular locations of Twisted Root Burger Co. are in Athens, Birmingham, Carrollton, etc.

Rebuilt from the previous Crescent City Beignets, the venue somehow brings a classic ambiance with red brick walls, fun decor, a large space, a cool bar inside, and outdoor seating. You never regret visiting and trying their burgers and service.

Have you ever heard of the Twisted Ink Club? After joining the club, you’ll get a free beer each time you purchase any burger at Twisted Root throughout your entire life. Moreover, anyone in your dining group over 21 years old also gets a free beer.

Note: For more details about the program, you can check out their website at Twisted Ink Club.

Price Range: $$

Food Styles: Burgers, Bars, American (Traditional)

Location: 2615 Commerce St, Dallas, TX 75226


Phone: (214) 741-7668

Table Reservation: Not Available

Order Online:

8. Pecan Lodge

If you’re hanging around Main Street and don’t know where to stop for a meaty lunch, I highly recommend Pecan Lodge. As a BBQ destination, the restaurant offers an extensive menu with smoked meats, sides, and desserts.

Pecan Lodge is famous for its toothsome brisket and pork ribs which always come out with a juicy and perfect texture. Just look at the long waiting line in front of the building, you’ll know how popular and attractive the food is.

Hence, you may have to queue for some time to get to the tables. But the food is worth your effort. Pecan Lodge will satisfy all your demands, from the food made from scratch to the excellent customer service.

Price Range: $$

Food Styles: Barbeque, American

Location: 2702 Main Street, Dallas, TX 75226


Phone: (214) 748-8900

Table Reservation:

Order Online:

Watch this video to know more:

Watch this video: Pecan Lodge is really a gem in Deep Ellum Dallas’s heart

9. The Free Man Cajun Cafe

The Free Man Cajun Cafe is one of a few Cajun restaurants you can find in the district. That’s one of many reasons The Free Man has been an ideal dining and drinking destination for native Dallas and Cajun lovers.

Let’s talk about the special Cajun dishes. The eatery gives the guests a large selection with a three-course menu: appetizers, entrees, and desserts. You will never go wrong with any pick since everything is so hard to resist (even if you’re not a fan of Cajun food).

On top of that, local jazz, swing, and Dixieland bands will perform nightly at The Free Man Cajun Cafe from 7:00 P.M to 10:00 P.M. There is no better experience than eating your favorite fare while listening to uplifting music.

Price Range: $$

Food Styles: Cajun/Creole, Bar

Location: 2626 Commerce St. Dallas, TX 75226


Phone: (214) 377-9893

Table Reservation:

Order Online; or call for delivery order

10. Niwa Japanese BBQ

At Niwa Japanese BBQ, customers can get a wonderful yakiniku experience. That means they can grill their own meals at the tables rather than have them prepared by chefs. In addition, the restaurant equips in-table grills, which are completely smoke-free.

Niwa Japanese BBQ provides a wide selection of high-grade beef cuts such as Japanese Wagyu, ribeye cap, short rib, etc. Besides the food, Japanese sake, draft beer, and hand-crafted cocktails are first-rate.

This venue can be a brilliant choice for your next event. You can inquire about catering easily on the restaurant’s website. Note that you shouldn’t bring your own bottles or outside food to this place. And for groups with six or more people, the service fee will be 20%.

Price Range: $$

Food Styles: Japanese, Barbeque

Location: 2939 Main Street, Dallas, TX 75226


Phone: (214) 741-6492

Table Reservation:

Order Online:


Look for a nice spot with a view in Deep Ellum? You shouldn’t skip STIRR. Settled at 2803 Main Street, it is a hot tourist destination with city views from a rooftop patio. It definitely fits for group parties or celebrations.

STIRR is an American restaurant serving classic brunch, lunch, and dinner dishes. Their menu is diverse, from flatbreads to seafood main dishes. Buffalo chicken egg rolls, breakfast tacos, and volcano rock shrimp are some of my recommendations.

There are many weekly offers you shouldn’t skip at STIRR. The happy hour starts from 3 P.M – 6 P.M Monday to Friday, with some beverages being half off. Or bring a buddy on Tuesday and receive one free power lunch when you buy one.

Price Range: $$

Food Styles: Bar, American (New), Lounge

Location: 2803 Main St #110, Dallas, TX 75226


Phone: (214) 983-1222

Table Reservation:

Order Online:

12. Terry Black’s Barbecue

Not only is Terry Black’s Barbecue one of the top-notch Texas eating places in Austin, but it is also a joint worth visiting in this party center in Deep Ellum, Dallas.

Terry Black’s Barbecue has spacious seating, suitable for celebrations or big events. Additionally, this place owns a parking lot right at the entrance. There will be enough space to park even when you come at peak time.

You won’t have any complaints about the service. Servers are well-trained and attentive. Your food will be plated up quickly without taking too long. When asking Dallas locals about their favorite BBQ restaurant, the answer you hear the most may be Terry Black’s.

Price Range: $$

Food Styles: Barbeque, American

Location: 3025 Main St, Dallas, TX 75226


Phone: (469) 399-0081

Table Reservation: Not Available

Order Online:

Let’s take a tour at Terry Black’s Barbecue in Deep Ellum, Dallas.

Watch this video: Terry Black's Barbecue in Deep Ellum, Dallas

13. Dot’s Hop House & Cocktail Courtyard

With an open-air and charming courtyard, Dot’s Hop House won’t disappoint your expectations. You should come and experience the incredible atmosphere at the bar. The courtyard is big enough for crowd-serving.

The location is a full-service and industrial-style bar that has a collection of 99 taps, including wine, cocktails, and more. Inside the establishment, it has a rustic ambiance. The servers do a great job at keeping everything clean, even the toilet!

The bar will be bustling on weekends, but don’t worry because the service here is superb. They open 7 days a week, but on Saturday and Sunday, the opening hours will be earlier for serving weekend brunch. You can visit their website for specific hours of operation.

Price Range: $$

Food Styles: Bar, American

Location: 2645 Commerce St, Dallas, TX 75226


Phone: (214) 230-3687

Table Reservation: Not Available

Order Online:

Deep Ellum Dallas Is Full Of Excellent Restaurants

Throughout the tour, you may get the same idea as me that Deep Ellum is an interesting venue with plenty of awesome places to drink, eat, and enjoy. Even though there are pubs and bars all over the place, each location has its own unique feature.

I hope this post has assisted you in deciding where to go in Deep Ellum, Dallas. Don’t forget to express your opinions in the comment section. I always love to read that. If you enjoy this list, hit the share button to support more tourists. I appreciate your time and your attention.

Restaurants Deep Ellum Dallas

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