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13 Most Popular Restaurants In Design District, Dallas, Texas You Must Come 2023

Have you ever searched the best restaurants in Design District, Dallas, Texas for a good meal? If you have a problem finding an ideal place, please do not take your eyes off the valuable post. Trust me! You get many values from this article.

Not only the post has amazing recommendations, but it is possible to expand your knowledge with other information. Let’s fasten your seatbelt and start the tour to discover and experience the fantastic quality of the eateries in the Design District.

Doors Eateries
You can regret not getting through the doors of the eateries in the Design District, Dallas.

How to overcome hunger when traveling in the Design District? The simplest way is to get into the incredible eating places I am about to share below. Let’s try now.

1. Ferris Wheelers Backyard And BBQ

Do you need to taste the fantastic smoked food at the fabulous BBQ dining destination in Dallas? Please put your trust into the Ferris Wheelers Backyard And BBQ in the beautiful Design District, Dallas.

This restaurant is ideal for keeping memorable memories with your loved ones due to its incredible customer service and catchy songs. Whether you sit indoors, outdoors, or at a bar, the eatery quickly serves food.

Do not worry about the restrictions of the parking lot since it is convenient, available, and free. Typically, its kitchen starts operating from 11 AM to 10 PM. Nevertheless, you can have a more extended meal sitting in its backyard.

Price range: $$ – $$$

Food styles: Barbecue, American

Location: 1950 Market Center Blvd, Dallas, Texas 75207


Phone: (214) 741 4141

Table reservation:

Order online:

Listen to some diners’ reviews after eating delicacies at the Ferris Wheelers Backyard And BBQ.

Watch this video: BBQuest - Ferris Wheelers Backyard And BBQ

2. Ser Steak And Spirits

Do you plan to organize a romantic and unforgettable gathering with delicious steaks, prime beef, and excellent drinks? Why don’t you step into the Ser Steak And Spirits at 2201 North Stemmons Fwy Floor 27 in Dallas right now?

This destination is not only famous for juicy smoked food but also for the gorgeous and eye-catching view of the Dallas skyline. Moreover, you can hear the soft melody of excellent songs during your meal.

The refreshing taste of fresh and local components makes me fall in love with the restaurant. Also, do not forget to stop at the lounge and bar, as there are various cocktails, wines, and whiskeys. This area is available for up to 21 guests.

Price range: $$$$

Food styles: Steakhouse, American

Location: 2201 N Stemmons Fwy Floor 27, Dallas, Texas 75207


Phone: (214) 761 7479

Table reservation:

Order online:

3. Town Hearth

Town Hearth has a succulent and tender steakhouse. In addition, you can immerse into the oceanic flavor while tasting delectable fish and seafood like BBQ spiced sea scallops, wild run salmon, Dungeness crab bucatini, or tuna steak au poivre.

If you are a big fan of exploring famous and notable wines worldwide, the drinks collection of Town Hearth can satisfy your desire. If you are looking for Italian, French, white, red, or sparkling wines, Town Hearth got you covered with its wide range of liquors.

The restaurant is open every day. You can taste your best-loved food at this eatery at 5 PM on all days. Your meal can be longer on Friday and Saturday. Regarding the service, I don’t need to waste money on valet, and they always bring excellent service.

Price range: $$$$

Food styles: American, Steakhouse

Location: 1617 Market Center Blvd, Dallas, Texas 75207


Phone: (214) 761 1617

Table reservation: Call the restaurant to make a reservation.

Order online:

4. El Bolero Cocina Mexicana

There are many prominent Mexican-style dining places in Dallas, but I still keep a special place in my heart for El Bolero Cocina Mexicana. Until now, I cannot forget the excellent dinner or lunch I have tried at this eatery.

This remarkable place specializes in authentic Mexican dishes, such as queso Blanco, Sopa de tortilla, enchiladas de queso, and Mexican pizzas. Coming here from 4 PM to 6 PM is a wise option since there are many great deals during the happy hours.

What are other specials that the restaurant offers? In case you are a margarita lover, do not skip the margaritas Monday since you can save half the money for each margarita. Plus, you should visit El Bolero on Tuesday for the best and most reasonable tacos.

Price range: $$ – $$$

Food styles: Mexican, Cocktail Bar

Location: 1201 Oak Lawn Ave #160, Dallas, Texas 75207


Phone: (214) 741 1986

Table reservation:

Order online:

5. Pie Tap Pizza Workshop And Bar

Italian cuisine has become familiar to residents in the Design district since the presence of various excellent Italian-style dining houses in Dallas. The Pie Tap Pizza Workshop And Bar is one of the pride of Italian cuisine in the United States.

The establishment was known as the Best Restaurant in Dallas in 2017. The eatery has years of experience delivering yummy pies, pasta, bread, and cocktails.

They also have different branches in Dallas. For example, Pie Tap Pizza is a perfect restaurant in the Knox Henderson area in Dallas that you need to know. 

You can save 2 dollars when enjoying cocktails, beer, and wines on weekdays from 4 PM to 6 PM (Happy hours). Also, I love the meatball Monday event since meatball prices are lower. Furthermore, pie day, pasta night, and bird night are the other hot events of the eatery.

Price range: $$ – $$$

Food styles: American, Italian, Bar

Location: 1212 Oak Lawn Ave #131, Dallas, Texas 75207


Phone: (469) 677 0997

Table reservation:

Order online:

Explore the secrets of making dough to create amazing and tasty pies and food at Pie Tap eatery.

Watch this video: Pie Tap - The Secret Is in the Dough, for Real Dough!

6. Pakpao Thai

Pakpao Thai is an incredible eating place in Dallas’ Oak Lawn. I have to visit once a week to enjoy the authentic and yummy Thai dishes. Aside from Thai specialties, its menu is diverse with Asian food of Japanese or Chinese cuisines.

I am sure the dishes’ flavor will never disappoint you because it is prepared with the passion and enthusiasm of the chefs. They only use the freshest and highest-quality components.

When talking about distinctive and traditional Thai foods, it is impossible not to mention  Pad Thai. Of course, this option is also indispensable on the restaurant’s menu. To eat a Pad Thai plate at 10 dollars, please get into the eatery at the Pad Thai Monday event.

Moreover, wine prices will drop 50 percent on Wine Down Wednesdays. Please do not miss Drunken Thursday for 10 dollars of drunken noodles.

Price range: $$ – $$$

Food styles: Bar, Thai, Asian

Location: 1628 Oak Lawn Ave #120, Dallas, Texas 75207


Phone: (214) 749 7002

Table reservation:

Order online:

7. The Charles

You can feel like you are in Italy when stepping into The Charles, a sibling to another no less famous restaurant in Dallas’ Greenville. Authentic Italian food and traditional design are the reasons. In addition, these fabulous delights are delivered in Texas style.

You’ll experience the wonderful, enchanting flavors of Italian dishes like charred octopus, lemon ricotta gnudi, pork blade chop, or focaccia di Charles. The eye-catching and elegant ambiance of Italian decor grabs your attention right now.

Please do not miss the excellent and memorable cocktails, wines, and yummy snacks in the well-designed and chic space of the bar.

Price range: $$ – $$$

Food styles: Italian, American, Fusion

Location: 1632 Market Center Blvd, Dallas, Texas 75207


Phone: (469) 917 9000

Table reservation:

Order online: Not available

8. Meddlesome Moth

Finding a fantastic destination to chill with your friends or co-worker in Dallas is not complicated, as Meddlesome Moth is the perfect example. An extensive collection of craft beers, exceptional wines, and creative cocktails can take you to heaven.

It is a shortcoming not to order yummy and exceptional food with outstanding drinks at the spot. The category is diverse, with the appearance of vegan, vegetarian, and keto dishes, like guacamole, classic Caesar, grilled cheese and soup, or avocado toasts.

On the weekends, you should come to Meddlesome Moth to enjoy a relaxed and excellent brunch from 10 AM to 3 PM. What are the events you can hold at this restaurant? Reunions, birthday, or office parties are suitable for the space and atmosphere of this eatery.

Price range: $$ – $$$

Food styles: Bar, American, Vegetarian

Location: 1621 Oak Lawn Ave, Dallas, Texas 75207


Phone: (214) 628 7900

Table reservation:

Order online: Please contact the eatery via phone for order pickup

9. Ascension Coffee – Design District

Let’s kick off your new day with a cup of authentic, highest-quality coffee. I can say the coffee at this eatery is the best. I can feel the caffeine kick in each cup when sipping on it. The fantastic coffee comes from the use of trusted and excellent sources.

Furthermore, the coffee roasting technique is an essential factor in improving the quality of coffee cups. One of the specialties of Ascension Coffee is the daily coffee and wine option for customers to enjoy while at the place.

Besides the fragrant cups of americano, espresso, cappuccino, or latte, there is a list of delectable food for your hungry stomach. I often pick veggie sammie, wagyu beef Reuben, smoked turkey club, or brunch burgers when I come here, and you can try them too.

Price range: $$

Food styles: American, Coffee

Location: 1621 Oak Lawn Ave, Dallas, Texas 75207


Phone: (214) 741 3211

Table reservation:

Order online:

Listen to some reviews after tasting a cup of coffee at Ascension Coffee.

Watch this video: Ascension Coffee Review by Winn Fuqua - David Keller

10. Rodeo Goat

When I crave yummy burgers and beer, I’ll stop by Rodeo Goat. Aside from Design District, it has become a well-loved dining place in Downtown Houston and other areas because of tasty food and reasonable prices. You can enjoy them outdoors or in the beer garden.

It is hard to find a reason to criticize the restaurant’s service because it is impeccable. The eatery is available throughout the week except for Friday and Saturday.

Suppose you want cheaper beer and wine, please come here from 4 PM to 7 PM on weekdays since these are the happy hours. Also, do not miss the Moontang Monday or Worthy Wednesday events to get great deals.

Price range: $$

Food styles: American, Bar

Location: 1926 Market Center Blvd, Dallas, Texas 75207


Phone: (214) 741 4628

Table reservation: Not available

Order online:

11. The Mexican

The craft Mexican food and drinks are diverse at the Mexican eatery in the Design District, Dallas. Therefore, utilize this chance to visit the Mexican to satisfy your craving right now with options made from the freshest components.

The chef and staff put all their heart, passion, and love into the restaurant’s food and service. Therefore, whether in the kitchen, bar, on the table, or on the floor, care is taken to ensure that it is always spotless.

The eatery’s beautiful and pleasant space gives you comfortable, relaxing moments with your loved ones. Furthermore, you need to comply with the dress code when coming to the eatery; there is no place for those who wear sports, hats, sports caps, athletic sports, and flip flops.

Its bar is a great area to give you chill moments. It operates from Monday to Saturday from 4 PM to 11 PM (Monday to Wednesday) and 4 PM to 12 AM (on other days).

Price range: $$ – $$$

Food styles: Mexican

Location: 1401 Turtle Creek Blvd, Dallas, Texas 75207


Phone: (214) 210 5700

Table reservation:

Order online: Not available

12. Mama’s Daughter’s Diner

With more than 60 years of experience, Mama’s Daughter’s Diner is confident in providing top-notch Old-Fashion delicacies to diners. French toast, fried egg sandwiches, sausage egg biscuits, or omelets are the best-selling dishes at this eatery.

Not only that, the restaurant offers separate menus for each day of the week. Apart from the branch in the Design District, you can come to Irving, West Plano, Lewisville, or Forney to experience the yummy dishes of Mama’s Daughter’s Diner.

Price range: $

Food styles: American, Breakfast & Brunch

Location: 2014 Irving Blvd, Dallas, Texas 75207


Phone: (214) 742 8646

Table reservation:

Order online:

13. Slow Bone BBQ (The Slow Bone)

Slow Bone is a good barbecue restaurant that was founded in 2013. Gradually, it has become the familiar choice of foodies to fill their hungry bellies with incredible smoked prime briskets, beef, pork, or sausage.

The dining house gives you many additional options like potato salad, beans, pickles, and unique sauces to elevate the taste of barbecue dishes. There are four traditional sauces to pair with the meats, including sriracha, Uncle Ross, Sweet Jake, and cilantro chimichurri.

You can currently approach the restaurant’s incredible delicacies simply at your home or office desks via online ordering. If you want to eat in the dining room, please ensure to beat the restaurant from 11 AM to 3 PM.

Price range: $$

Food styles: American, Barbecue

Location: 2234 Irving Blvd, Dallas, Texas 75207


Phone: (214) 377 7727

Table reservation: Unavailable

Order online:

What Do You Think About The Amazing Restaurants In The Design District?

I often rely on your feedback and contribution ideas to improve the article quality, so feel free to leave your suggestions in the comment area. Please spread the valuable collection to others around you by sharing the article with them.

Nowadays, the requirement for a good restaurant is high, so the owners always try to elevate the food and service quality to attract more customers. Don’t forget to check out these eateries while having a great time in the Dallas Design District. Thanks a lot!

Restaurants Design District Dallas

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