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Top 15 Best Restaurants For Vegetarians In San Antonio, TX, 2023

Have you ever considered visiting one of the best vegetarian restaurants in San Antonio, TX? Don’t think plant-based diets are bland and flavorless. Even if you are a meat lover, these spots can still meet all your demands.

Moreover, besides American classics, you’ll meet multiple cuisines in this list, from Indian to European and Mexican, so your meals won’t feel boring. Some choices are full-fledged vegan/vegetarian restaurants, while others have a separate menu for these diets.

15 San Antonio Restaurants Loved By All Vegetarians

If you still hesitate to try vegetarian diets, let’s go and try these restaurants’ dishes. Then, you’ll realize how awesome they are.

1. Green Vegetarian Cuisine

Right from its name, you know it’s a perfect choice for fans of plant-based foods. Its “meaty” dishes, including the self-acclaimed best grilled cheese in San Antonio, can satisfy vegans, vegetarians, and even meat lovers.

Why you should come to this restaurant:

Not only is it a vegetarian spot, but Green Vegetarian Cuisine is also an excellent dining option for gluten-sensitive people in San Antonio, as its menu contains multiple gluten-free eats.

Some can even be made vegan by changing eggs and cheese to tofu or daiya cheese.

What to eat:

While Green caters to all needs, its most famous dish is a dessert, cupcakes. Their flavors rotate daily, so there’s always something new for regular visitors.

For savory dishes, the kale salad and kalelupas (corn tortillas with kale salad) receive the most love. If you want something meatier, try its chicken fried steak or chicken parmesan with plant-based meat.

Location: 255 E Basse Rd, San Antonio, TX 78209


Phone: (210) 320 5865

2. Viva Vegeria

Along with Green, Vivi Vegeria strives to be a trusted name in bringing Tex-Mex food to San Antonio’s citizens, especially vegans and gluten-allergic people. Since 2011, it has always brought forth delicious dishes following the farm-to-table approach.

Why you should come to this restaurant:

Although Viva Vegeria is a pretty young face, it has received multiple recognitions for its quality, such as being one of the 10 best vegan restaurants in the USA Today magazine. The Veg News even declared it the best casual vegan dining spot in 2013.

What to eat:

No matter how often you come here, the chef’s specialties can still grab your attention with their flavors. 2 outstanding choices are mini Nopales tacos with pickled jalapeno cabbage and spinach huitlacoche enchiladas.

The flauta section is also worth trying. If you want a dish with different flavor layers, go for flautas de camote (deep-fried taquito rolls) to enjoy sweetness, spiciness, and savoriness at the same time.

Location: 1422 Nogalitos St, San Antonio, TX 78204


Phone: (210) 465 9233

3. The Cove

Who could have thought a small sandwich and ice cream shop at a carwash and coin laundry could become this big? The Cove proves no dream is impossible, especially when you have delicious and healthy food.

Why you should come to this restaurant:

Coming to The Cove, you can sit inside its cool dining room or on the partially covered patio. But I strongly recommend the latter since it often holds live music performances every Friday night. Not to mention, the pet-friendly patio is ideal for people with pets.

What to eat:

Among all starters, pick the well-loved vegan or super vegan nachos. Then, remember to try The Cove’s signature vegan bacon cheeseburger with brown rice patty, crispy tofu bacon, and cashew cheese. They also offer gluten-free buns here.

Your meal will be complete with the best side dish here: sweet potato fries. Make sure to tell the servers to leave out the sirachu mayonnaise.

Location: 606 W Cypress St, San Antonio, TX 78212


Phone: (210) 227 2683

4. Earth Burger

Being a vegetarian doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy burgers anymore. As the younger brother of the Green Vegetarian Cuisine restaurant above, Earth Burger follows the same goal: Provide healthy and delicious food to the locals.

Why you should come to this restaurant:

Since Earth Burger starts as a drive-through, it’s smaller than most choices on this list. However, the staff tries to make the most of the indoor space by lining tables close to each other. The walls are painted with different colors to create a fun vibe for the customers.

What to eat:

People just starting their vegetarian diets can try the quinoa burger, chik-n® sandwich, or fish-less sandwich to satisfy their meat cravings. You won’t realize the differences between these and the usual burgers.

For the side dishes, many choose kale salad and edamame instead of fries for a healthier meal. Then, end your meal on a sweet note with the well-liked soft serve.


Location 1 (Park North): Park North Shopping Center, NW Loop 410, Bldg. L-7, 818 I- 410 Access Rd, San Antonio, TX 78216

Phone: (210) 524 1086

Location 2 (Nacogdoches): 2501 Nacogdoches Rd, San Antonio, TX 78217

Phone: (210) 476 5010

5. Tarka Indian Kitchen

For those looking for some flavorful cheap eats in San Antonio, put Tarka on your list immediately! It started in 2009, with its first location in Austin. And it has now progressed into a chain restaurant, owning 9 branches throughout Texas.

Why you should come to this restaurant:

While it’s an Indian restaurant, Tarka’s interior design is quite friendly to the Texas locals. You can still reflect on this place’s history through several wall pictures. It even prepares a drinking stand area so the customers can serve themselves whenever they like.

What to eat:

Tarka dedicates a whole vegetarian section on both the regular and party platter menus. So the newcomers can immediately know what to order. Here, you can even find some gluten-free and vegan choices, such as chana masala (garbanzo bean curry).

Other sections also have vegetarian/vegan dishes. Just look for the correct symbol on the left of each name. Among the main dishes, you can choose curries with coconut or daal (yellow and red lentils) for an authentic Indian meal.

Location: 427 TX-1604 Loop Ste 101, San Antonio, TX 78232


Phone: (210) 499 0982

6. Vegan Avenue

With Vegan Avenue, you don’t need to worry whether there is non-vegetarian in your dish, as all foods here are plant-based. This place closes pretty late (9-10 PM), so you can spend a leisurely dinner here.

Why you should come to this restaurant:

Vegan Avenue tries to bring its guests as close to nature as possible, with natural paintings on the outer walls of the patio. The inside dining room is quite contrastingly chic, using a sharp and modern design for the bar.

What to eat:

If you go in groups, share plates will be the best choice. Carne asada fries are the locals’ favorite with various bites: house fries, grilled asada, etc.

The main dish section is obviously a must-try. It mostly contains tacos, with al pastor tacos being the top option. Apart from that, I suggest trying birria quesadillas to see how jackfruit goes with mushrooms and melted cheese.

Location: 2512 N Main Ave, San Antonio, TX 78212, United States


Phone: (210) 850 7348

7. Revolución Coffee + Juice

Opened in 2012, Revolucion is one of the first shops introducing cold-pressed juice to San Antonio. Yet, it is more than just a coffee and juice shop. There are various vegetarian options made freshly for your breakfast, lunch, brunch, and dinner.

Why you should come to this restaurant:

Revolucion is an elegant eatery with white as its main color and other pastel shades. A small shelf showcases different souvenirs, like jams, towels, or T-shirts. The patio is my favorite, with lovely cane chairs, a unique sight from other places.

What to eat:

Many have come to Revolucion for its acai bowls. The Green Acai with spinach and cashew milk is the best choice for a healthy meal. But for those searching for quirky dishes, go for Matcha Energy using organic ceremonial-grade matcha.

And you can’t go to Revolucion without trying its drinks. The surefire bets are cold-pressed juices and drip coffee. The former has countless combinations to try, from simple celery to activated charcoal mixed with ginger and agave.


Location 1 (Alamo Heights): 7959 Broadway #500, San Antonio, TX 78209

Phone: (210) 701 0725

Location 2 (Downtown San Antonio): 300 E Houston St, Suite 105, San Antonio, TX 78205

Phone: (210) 607 181

Location 3 (The RIM): 5846 Worth Pkwy Suite 109, San Antonio, TX 78257

Phone: (210) 533 7100

8. Mellow Mushroom

Many vegetarians and vegans refrain from eating pizza since it usually has several meal components as toppings. Let Mellow Mushroom solve your worry with its vegetarian- and vegan-friendly pizzas.

Why you should come to this restaurant:

Mellow Mushroom’s interior is quite fun to look at, with numerous bizarre decorations and wall paintings. You can spend time looking at them and wondering what they are while waiting for your food,

What to eat:

Stone-baked pizzas are the highlight of Mellow Mushroom’s menu. Besides the regular choices for meat lovers, vegetarians have several options, such as the Veg Out, with all toppings being vegetables.

These pizzas will be tastier with these vegan sides: enlightened spinach salad with cherries and apples, Greek salad using lettuce with carrots and red cabbage, and pretzels.

Location: 115 N Loop 1604 E #2100, San Antonio, TX 78232


Phone: (210) 370 9219

9. India Taj Palace

Tarka isn’t the only place offering Indian cuisine to vegetarians. If you love trying various dishes at once, Taj Palace should be your priority due to its lunch and dinner buffet. That and its exquisite North Indian food are why many keep returning to this place.

Why you should come to this restaurant:

Unlike Tarka, Taj Palace has a higher-class vibe with chandeliers, red window curtains, and red tablecloths. The buffet lines are near the walls and scattered across the dining room, so customers can easily fill their dishes.

What to eat:

Taj Palace has 2 separate menus for vegetarians and vegans since several vegetarian dishes here can use cheese. On the former menu, saag paneer (spinach with farmers cheese) receives the most praise, thus one of the must-try.

As for vegans, try the vegan curry using mushroom and green peas as the main ingredients. Then, end your meal with the lovely semolina cake garnished with coconut sprinkles.

Location: 20323 Huebner Rd, San Antonio, TX 78258


Phone: (210) 497 4800

10. Yard House

Since its opening in 1996, Yard House has been highly proud of its extensive beer selection. All beers are hand-picked and kept at 36-38°F to retain their quality. Go with the beer are innovative dishes with fresh ingredients.

Why you should come to this restaurant:

Both Yard House locations in San Antonio follow its high-end style. However, the Riverwalk branch offers a one-of-a-kind experience: Dining over the river. Not to mention, the mile-long beer taps inside are a charming attraction for first-time visitors.

What to eat:

Yard House has an exclusive menu for vegetarians and vegans called “Gardein®”, with non-animal meat and food products. That’s why you can enjoy all the savory dishes here, including orange chicken, BBQ chicken pizza, etc., without worrying about your diet.

There are also other naturally vegetarian dishes in other categories to try. For example, the appetizers have avocado toast, the main course has margherita pizza, and you can choose carrot cake or chocolate fudge cake for desserts.


Location 1 (Riverwalk): 849 E Commerce St #409, San Antonio, TX 78205

Phone: (210) 354 3844

Location 2 (La Cantera): 15900 La Cantera Pkwy, San Antonio, TX 78256

Phone: (210) 691 0033

11. Crepeccino Café & Crêperie

Crepes have been a familiar dish in the US. But eating them at Crepeccino will be a different experience since this store serves European-style crepes. Aside from them, it also has other dishes for breakfast and lunch.

Why you should come to this restaurant:

Crepeccino is packed with European vibes. It even has a whole wall with the Eiffel tower paintings. The open kitchen island makes it easier for you to watch the cooking process. There is even a small bakery display to showcase several daily made sweet treats.

What to eat:

Most sweet crepes in Crepeccino are vegan. Try the iconic Belgian crepe with strawberries, bananas, and Belgian chocolate. Many people also love crepes with Nutella spread, bananas, or strawberries.

The savory crepes are no less tasty. You can ask the chefs to leave the meat out and make your crepes completely vegetarian. Or try other vegan options for lunch, such as ratatouille, fajitas with grilled chipotle, and chickpeas cooked with kale.

Location: 5500 Babcock Rd #104, San Antonio, TX 78240


Phone: (210) 600 3362

12. Velvet Taco

Velvet Taco is born with one single goal: Elevate the too-familiar taco! To do that, it creates multiple recipes inspired by different cuisines. Combined with fresh ingredients, the tacos here are unlike anything you’ve tried before.

Why you should come to this restaurant:

While Velvet follows the usual fast-food style, it still blends some funky characteristics into the design: the way it lines up the light tubs or some colorful touches in the furniture. And the biggest attraction belongs to the wall with massive graffiti art.

What to eat:

Of course, you must try tacos in this eatery. And it has a whole taco category only for vegetarians, with options like Nashville hot tofu, fried paneer, falafel, or the most famous beer-battered cauliflower.

Make sure to order some vegetarian sides, such as queso blanco or flote & chips, to complete your meal. Then, the locals’ favorite vegetarian red velvet is a flawless ending for your dinner.


Location 1 (The RIM): 5515 N Loop 1604 W #105, San Antonio, TX 78249

Phone: (830) 253 4545

Location 2 (The Pearl): 103 W Grayson St, San Antonio, TX 78212

Phone: (210) 960 5650

13. Hash Vegan Eats

The Sanchez brothers create Hash Vegan as a healing space by providing vegan comfort foods and non-alcoholic beverages. Here, instead of commercial drinks, you’ll get to enjoy its organic tea made from local ingredients.

Why you should come to this restaurant:

Compared to other choices on this list, Hash Vegan is slightly small. Yet, its decoration, especially the green walls, makes everyone feel at ease. Several unique arts on the walls create an artful ambiance for this place.

What to eat:

Tacos are the most-loved dishes in Hash Vegan, with different choices like BBQ or buffalo chik-n®, bean & cheese, or carne nada. Apart from them are hash, rice bowls, sandwiches, and other options for you to discover.

As for the drink, Hash Vegan is always proud of its tea. CBD is its signature, using flower powder to help you brighten up. It even has non-alcoholic beer and lemonade with different flavors, like berry, chai, or CBD.

Location: 5007 S Flores St, San Antonio, TX 78214


Phone: (210) 332 9244

14. Binge Kitchen

Binge is where vegetarians, vegans, and gluten-sensitive people can comfortably order some dishes without worrying about the components. Most of the foods here don’t use any meat or gluten-containing ingredients.

Why you should come to this restaurant:

Since Binge follows the down-home cooking style, its interior also has a homey vibe. The colorful painting on the main window and leather sofas help customers feel more relaxed and comfortable.

What to eat:

The most sought-after section of Binge is its side dishes. Some recommended options are mac & cheese, okra, candied yams, and baked beans. And the best way to enjoy them is to order an entree to get 3 sides.

You can choose among multiple chik-n® dishes, such as Southern fried chik-n®, coconut crusted chik-n®, or BBQ chik-n®. Besides these main courses, Binge’s sliders are also well-loved with different flavors, from BBQ to buffalo and honey BBQ.

Location: 449 McCarty Rd, San Antonio, TX 78216


Phone: (210) 442 8126

15. Sweet Yams

Starting in 2012, Sweet Yams follows its motto, “Don’t cheat yourself, treat yourself!” to offer various healthy, organic treats to people on diets, as none of its dishes exceed 550 calories. This store even provides a food program menu for those in need.

Why you should come to this restaurant:

While Sweet Yams doesn’t have an indoor dining room, its spacious patio totally compensates for that. It’s partially shaded and covered with curtains to protect the customers from sunlight. The mister fans also make it so much cooler.

What to eat:

Any vegetarian customers will love Sweet Yams’ menu. I suggest ordering the organic mushroom burger or veggie love sandwich for the main dish to enjoy the fresh vegetables here.

And, of course, these entrees can’t lack some accompanying sides and salads. Vegan chili receives the most attention among all vegan sides, with 3 types of beans: black, black eyes, and garbanzo.

Location: 218 N Cherry St, San Antonio, TX 78202


Phone: (210) 229 9267

With These Restaurants, You’ll Love Vegetables As Much As Meat

Many people still consider vegetables inferior to meat in terms of flavor. However, these dining spots in this article will prove otherwise, as their dishes are no less delicious. Not to mention, vegetables have so many health benefits.

So, let’s introduce this article to your vegetarian friends for the next dining out. And remember to share your experience in the comment section to other readers and me. Also, feel free to recommend other vegetarian restaurants you like in San Antonio.

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