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Top 15 Restaurants For Gluten-Free Diets In San Antonio, TX, 2023

Are you seeking some of the best gluten-free restaurants in San Antonio, TX? This diet has multiple constrictions preventing you from eating various dishes. But, these spots will lift the bars for you, with countless dishes not containing gluten ingredients.

I have included several places from different worldwide cuisines, such as Mexican and Indian. There are even bakeries for those with sweet teeth. Now, let’s satisfy your hungry stomach with these choices!

15 Top-Notch Gluten-Free Restaurants In San Antonio

Don’t let your diet stop you from eating delicious food! With this list, you’ll experience various food styles, from savory dishes to sweets or cheese fondue.

1. The Cove

Starting as a simple shop selling sandwiches and ice cream, The Cove now becomes the symbol of organic and local foods in Texas. It’s also famous for one of the most significant beer collections in San Antonio.

Why you should come to this restaurant:

The Cove identifies itself as an eatery for fresh and healthy food with locally sourced ingredients. Thus, it’s understandable why it has many gluten-free and vegan foods on the menu.

If you don’t like eating indoors, The Coves has a covered patio beside the children’s playground. This area is dog-friendly, so you can bring your pets with you.

What to eat:

Many come to this place for its tacos and burgers. Since all tacos are gluten-free, and you can ask for a burger with gluten-free buns, people with allergies can enjoy them just fine.

Some dishes are even vegan, such as vegan bacon cheeseburger with brown rice patty, tofu bacon, and cashew cheese.

Location: 606 W Cypress St, San Antonio, TX 78212


Phone: (210) 227 2683

2. Paloma Blanca Mexican Cuisine

Mexican food is a regular choice for people following gluten-free diets. That’s why Paloma Blanca, a high-class Mexican restaurant, appears on this list.

Why you should come to this restaurant:

Paloma Blanca provides you with more than just food. Come here, and you can indulge in the luxurious vibe from its dining rooms and bars with leather sofas and fireplaces. The massive windows offer a beautiful garden view.

What to eat:

Paloma Blanca is my favorite gluten-free option because it dedicates a whole menu for this diet. This menu has all the usual courses, from the appetizer to salad, soup, and main dish.

And if you are confused about the dish’s number, look at the Especialidades de La Casa section first to try this restaurant’s specialties. You have various choices, from chicken breast to ribeye steak, pork, shrimp, or Tilapia.

Location: 5800 Broadway #300, San Antonio, TX 78209


Phone: (210) 822 6151

3. Viva Vegeria

Besides a well-loved San Antonio eating spot for vegetarians and vegans, Viva Vegeria is also a top choice for people allergic to gluten. It even ranks as one of the best vegan restaurants nationwide in the USA Today magazine.

Why you should come to this restaurant:

Viva Vegeria attracts customers with its Tex-Mex foods following the farm-to-table concept. Both the patio and indoor dining rooms have various colorful Mexican fiesta flags to suit the cooking theme. Even the walls are painted with different colors, creating a fun and lively vibe.

What to eat:

Since Viva Vegeria is a vegan and gluten-free restaurant, people following these two diets can freely choose any dish on the menu without worrying.

The dish catching my eye is the Un Poco de Amor (A Little Love), as it doesn’t have a fixed price. The customer can eat it for free or pay a certain amount to help those who can’t pay.

Location: 1422 Nogalitos St, San Antonio, TX 78204


Phone: (210) 465 9233

4. Mellow Mushroom

Who says gluten-free followers can’t enjoy pizzas? Mellow Mushroom will bring you numerous flavorful pizzas without any gluten. So, go find this place in the LA Arcata shopping mall to enjoy its dishes.

Why you should come to this restaurant:

Mellow Mushroom is highly proud of its classic Southern pizzas. The cooks hand-toss these pizzas and bake them in a stone oven. Not to mention, it has a separate station exclusive for gluten-free pizzas to ensure no cross-contamination.

What to eat:

I recommend trying the gluten-free Ultimate Mellow, this house’s specialty. On the gluten-free crust are the iconic Mellow red sauce, mozzarella, and different kinds of meat and veggies: sausage, ground beef, mushrooms, tomatoes, etc.

Then, there is the Veg Out friendly with both diets: gluten-free and vegan. Its topping is full of spinach, green peppers, mushrooms, and other vegetables. Or creative customers can build their own pizza from the list of safe ingredients.

Location: 115 N Loop 1604 E #2100, San Antonio, TX 78232


Phone: (210) 370 9219

5. Tarka Indian Kitchen

From the first store in Austin in 2009, Tarka now has branches in multiple cities: San Antonio, Houston, etc. It aims to provide fast, affordable, yet healthy Indian food to the locals.

Why you should come to this restaurant:

Despite being a casual restaurant, Tarka has a nice, comforting dining room. The massive windows and light system help this place always look bright and high-class. Customers can also sit on the patio outside for fresh air.

What to eat:

While it doesn’t have a specialized menu for gluten-free diets, many dishes on Tarka’s menu fit this requirement. For example, all kabobs, biryanis, and curries don’t contain any gluten trace.

Among them, of course, curries are a must-try. There are 4 different spiciness levels, from mild to extra hot, to cater to everyone. You’ll choose the curry sauce first, then comes the protein. All go with a portion of fluffy basmati rice.

Location: 427 TX-1604 Loop Ste 101, San Antonio, TX 78232


Phone: (210) 499 0982

6. Vegan Avenue

With the plant-based approach, Vegan Avenue is another establishment for gluten-free followers and health-concerned people. It’ll show all gourmands that just plants can create delicious foods.

Why you should come to this restaurant:

Unlike other vegan restaurants going for a natural look, Vegan Avenue’s dining space is quite chic and modern, with colored lights and Elon series chairs. There is a small patio on the side with umbrellas to protect the customers from rain and wind.

What to eat:

Among all the main courses, carne asada tacos with soy steak receive the most attention. If you want to try different dishes at once, choose the specialty tacos for 1 baja (beer-battered tofu), 1 al pastor (soy-based pork), and 1 carne asada.

To end your meal on a sweet note, choose the Original Stack (pancakes with 3 types of milk). Customers can pick 2 of these options to accompany it: chocolate chips, seasonal fruits, blueberries, and granola.

Location: 2512 N Main Ave, San Antonio, TX 78212


Phone: (210) 850 7348

7. The Melting Pot

Let The Melting Pot introduce you to the world of fondue. When it began, it only had three items: beef fondue, Swiss cheese fondue, and chocolate fondue. But nowadays, its menu has widened more than you thought.

Why you should come to this restaurant:

All Melting Pot locations, including San Antonio, have a certification about gluten-free food from the GIG (Gluten Intolerance Group). So you and your gluten-allergic friends can eat here comfortably.

What to eat:

The ordering in The Melting Pot follows this line-up: First, choose cheese for your fondue. Then, pick the salad or entree to accompany. Lastly, select your favorite cooking style.

So, newcomers should pick the signature item in each step to discover this restaurant’s flavor. Remember to ask the server to put all your orders as gluten-free to eliminate all dangerous components.

Location: 14855 Blanco Rd #110, San Antonio, TX 78216


Phone: (210) 479 6358

8. Yard House

Yard House is a modern eatery for food lovers to gather and enjoy great food and rock music. Since its opening in 1996, this place has continuously developed its draft beer system to become the largest in the world.

Why you should come to this restaurant:

Although in the same city, both Yard House locations have a distinct vibe, using different original artworks and song selections. Remember to visit its keg room and explore 3000 beer gallons in there.

What to eat:

Like other choices, Yard House has a menu dedicated to gluten-sensitive eaters. It has all the necessary courses for a satisfying meal: appetizers, main dishes, and sides. Even burgers, sandwiches, and tacos are made without any gluten-containing ingredients.

Among them, the most popular is the Kurobuta pork burger using Berkshire pork and homemade blueberry ketchup. Or go for the regular main dishes, like filet mignon or cilantro lime chicken.


Location (Riverwalk): 849 E Commerce St #409, San Antonio, TX 78205

Phone: (210) 354 3844

Location (La Cantera): 15900 La Cantera Pkwy, San Antonio, TX 78256

Phone: (210) 691 0033

9. Whiskey Cake Kitchen & Bar

Whiskey Cake is a friendly eatery focusing on farm-to-table foods in San Antonio. Opening in 2014, its goal is always to innovate American classics, like burgers and steaks, to another height.

Why you should come to this restaurant:

The bar in Whiskey Cake is such a delight to the eyes. with countless wine bottles placed neatly on the shelves. Multiple plant pots and animal heads are on the walls, creating a unique natural vibe.

What to eat:

Multiple dishes in Whiskey Cake are gluten-free in nature, meaning they don’t use any gluten-containing components. The cooks even prepare buns without gluten for their burgers, so feel free to eat here without worrying.

Aside from regular main dishes like grilled salmon or pork chop, try Whiskey Cake’s cauliflower rice bowl with different garden vegetables, such as okra, peppers, chickpeas, etc.

Location: 15900 La Cantera Pkwy Suite 21200, San Antonio, TX 78256


Phone: (210) 236 8095

10. Acenar

Riverwalk is where you can find numerous spectacular eating spots in San Antonio, and Acenar is one of them. In fact, it’s one of the most prominent restaurants about contemporary Mexican cuisine in both the Riverwalk and Downtown area.

Why you should come to this restaurant:

Of course, the river view is one of Acenar’s highlighted points. Besides the partially covered patio right beside the river, customers can enjoy the street vibe in the outdoor seating on the upstairs balcony.

What to eat:

Besides regular tacos and enchiladas, Acenar will bring you other authentic Mexican treats like chalupas. Gluten-sensitive people can enjoy this dish with Tinga chicken.

You’ll also have multiple choices in the locals’ favorite list: chipotle chicken, vegetarian relleno, roasted pork, etc. And don’t forget to end your meal with the house-made chocolate mousse.

Location: 146 E Houston St, San Antonio, TX 78205


Phone: (210) 222 2362

11. P.F. Chang’s

Chinese food can be challenging for gluten-allergic people, as it has countless gluten-containing dishes. However, let P.F. Chang eliminate this trouble for you with its gluten-free choices.

Why you should come to this restaurant:

With 300+ locations worldwide, P.F. Chang intends to bring customers closer to Chinese culture. While it looks like any fine-dining spot in San Antonio, its interior will blow your mind away with paper lanterns and Chinese wall paintings.

What to eat:

While the gluten-free options in P.F Chang are more limited than in other places, they still offer a wonderful Chinese eating experience. Start your meal with the signature lettuce wraps and move to the main course with these iconic dishes: spicy chicken, Mongolian beef, etc.

There are even several suitable noodles and rice choices for you, such as chicken pad Thai or fried rice. Finally, end your meal with the chocolate souffle with vanilla ice cream and raspberry sauce.


Location (Basse Road): 255 E Basse Rd Ste 1200, San Antonio, TX 78209

Phone: (210) 507 1000

Location (La Cantera): 15900 La Cantera Pkwy Bldg. #1, Ste 1100, San Antonio, TX 78256

Phone: (210) 507 6500

12. Pappadeaux Seafood Kitchen

Pappadeaux Seafood Kitchen is a part of the Pappas chain restaurants, focusing on serving seafood made with fresh catches daily. From the first location in 1980, it now has over 100 branches across the countries, focusing on Texas state.

Why you should come to this restaurant:

Come to Pappadeaux Seafood, and you’ll get to enjoy Gulf Coast-style seafood in a family-friendly vibe. It even has a patio in the backyard garden equipped with fans to make customers as comfortable as possible.

What to eat:

Pappadeaux has a separate menu and cooking section for gluten-free dishes. You can find signature options in this menu, so you won’t miss anything. 3 main fish alternatives here are Atlantic salmon, Tilapia, and Texas redfish.

You can order them naked to enjoy the signature sauces (lemon or brown butter). But the restaurant can char-grill, sear, or blacken the fish for you.


Location (La Cantera): 15715 I-10, San Antonio, TX 78257

Phone: (210) 641 1171

Location (Northeast Loop 410): 76 NE Interstate 410 Loop, San Antonio, TX 78216

Phone: (210) 340 7143

13. BIRD Bakery

Elizabeth, the owner, opened BIRD Bakery in 2012 to honor her mother and grandmother’s dessert recipes, especially their cupcakes. Nowadays, it even has several savory options for people looking for brunch or quick midday bites.

Why you should come to this restaurant:

All sweet treats in BIRD Bakery are baked every day. And the old products will be given to local philanthropies, so visitors will always get the freshest batches each time coming here.

What to eat:

The cupcakes take the biggest spotlight in BIRD Bakery. And for gluten-allergic people, there are separate baker’s options with 1 or 3 different flavors. Or you can try the gluten-free brownie bars here.

Moreover, this place dedicates a whole section for gluten-free protein plates, from traditional turkey to the famous tarragon chicken salad choice.

Location: 5912 Broadway, San Antonio, TX 78209


Phone: (210) 804 2473

14. Mash’D

Mash’D is where upscale blends with a homey vibe. It has always been a perfect place to relax and engage with other people in an energetic atmosphere since 2013. Besides San Antonio, it’s also a well-loved dining spot in Fort Worth and Frisco.

Why you should come to this restaurant:

As mentioned above, Mash’D encourages visitors to interact with each other, as it places tables close to each other. Huge TV screens are scattered in the dining room so you can watch your favorite games or movies when eating.

Moreover, Mash’D is one of the rare places providing moonshine, a kind of homemade liquor. Not only does it turn this drink into flavorsome cocktails, some of the dishes also contain moonshine, like moonshine sauce.

What to eat:

Both lunch and dinner menus in Mash’D offer multiple gluten-free options. The most diverse section of this diet is the burger. Order The Rebel or The Outlaw for a luxurious experience with Kobe beef.

Or it also offers other main dishes suitable for this diet, such as bootleg ribs. This plate goes with the signature tartors, house slaw, etc.

Location: 17623 La Cantera Pkwy #107, San Antonio, TX 78257


Phone: (210) 538 5833

15. Asia Kitchen

If just Chinese foods in P.F. Chang is not enough for you, go to Asia Kitchen for several dishes from Thai and other Asian countries. The head chef, Sally, has also added some Oriental notes to make them more attractive.

Why you should come to this restaurant:

Asia Kitchen is a small eatery with blue as its main color. Combined with wooden tables and white walls, it creates a relaxing and oceanic vibe for dining customers. The ceiling fans help the place not become too stuffy when crowded.

What to eat:

While it has numerous Asian dishes, the chef’s signature is pad Thai. This dish is gluten-free, so feel free to order it as the entree of your meal. Other recommendations are house-special fried rice and pad woonsen (stir-fried glass noodles).

Don’t forget other fried rice and Thai curries here. Try the green and yellow versions to see their other differences besides colors. You can even choose their main protein, from beef, chicken, and pork to shrimp or tofu.

Location: 1739 SW Loop 410 #201-204, San Antonio, TX 78227


Phone: (210) 673 0662

Gluten-Free Diets Aren’t Flavorless And Boring!

Regarding food flavors, cooking methods may be the most crucial aspect. Talented chefs can easily make delicious dishes despite any diet requirement. These restaurants above are concrete examples.

Have you picked your favorite ones among them? If you have tried any of these places, state your feeling and experience in the comment section. Then, remember to introduce this list on social media, so more people learn about them.

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