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13 Most Popular Restaurants To Visit In Uptown Houston 2023

You can find the best restaurants in Uptown Houston since it is a premium district. There are many great tastes for you to discover in the hustle and bustle district. As they say, Uptown doesn’t only “feed the body”, but also “nourish the soul”.

This business district is to the west of Downtown, right in the heart of Houston, and centered along Post Oak Boulevard and Westheimer Road. The diners in this place can easily be a beautiful backdrop for many unforgettable experiences to come.

Whether it’s to explore, live, work, or dine, anything you find will be the cream of the crop. Let’s scroll down to discover the best places that offer the finest delicacies you can find in this city. What are you waiting for?

Bustling Houston
The dining scene in Uptown is just as vibrant as the bustling Houston.

Just like how there are many great restaurants in Downtown Houston, the Uptown counterpart has no shortage of the finest options. Every chef in every diner works hard to redefine flavor every day here.

Uptown Houston, or the Galleria, is known for premier shopping centers, high-class hotels, and an active nightlife. Being the 17th largest business district in the nation, I believe you will have a great time dining in the detailed architecture and pristine landscaping.

1. JOEY Uptown

Boasting more than 10,000 square feet of modern dining, including a temperature-controlled patio, this can be the perfect place to host your private events. Being a reputable chain, they have branches all over Canada and the US, with Joey Uptown being the only one in Texas.

The space has a refined modern industrial aesthetic, but it is still relaxing and quiet enough for the customers to hold a conversation. The hospitality and customer service are world-class. The people who work in this place care about your needs.

The price is on the higher side, but you get what you pay for. With open kitchens and sushi counters, you can see where the magic is. Led by Executive Chef Chris Mills, the in-house team will bring you one of the best culinary experiences in Uptown.

Price range: $$$

Food styles: American

Location: 5045 Westheimer Rd Suite X-01, Houston, TX 77056


Phone: (346) 646-5639

Table reservation:

Order online:

Explore the JOEY Uptown through a foodie’s lens and learn about their opinions here.

Watch this video: New Restaurant in Houston Joey Uptown

2. Dish Society – Galleria Branch

Gastronomes, I have another place to fulfill your love of casual farm-to-table restaurants. The ingredients are of high quality and locally sourced from reputable suppliers. Diners can enjoy juices and drinks in a warm, kid-friendly, and welcoming environment.

You can enjoy their tasty menu at any time of the day, be it lunch, brunch, dinner, and more. If you have no idea what you are in the mood for, I recommend trying the breakfast skillet, shrimp and grits, or brisket and eggs.

They have many branches across Texas. All of them provide consistent quality and service. So it’s safe to say that you will get the best of Dish Society whenever you eat at their Houston or Katy diners.

The place has a parking garage, which is free for guests. Therefore, parking is hassle-free, and you can focus on enjoying the food and drinks in indoor or outdoor seating. You may not be a fan of restaurant chains, but Dish Society will change your mind.

Price range: $$

Food styles: American, Southern

Location: 5740 San Felipe St Ste 100 Houston, TX 77057


Phone: (832) 538-1060

Table reservation:

Order online:

3. Postino Uptown Park

Postino has been making a name for itself all over the US, from Arizona, Colorado, etc. It also has many restaurants in Texas, one of which is among the must-try restaurants in Houston Heights. The Postino Uptown Park is another branch that you don’t want to miss once you are in the Uptown district.

You will be drawn by the flavorful Italian dishes and charming ambiance. The place is easy to locate as it’s situated at a prime location with decent parking. The decor consisting of suitcases is cool and gives off a unique vibe.

My personal favorites on the menu are Bruschetta boards, Tuscan tuna, and Caesar salad. If you are still unsure about what to get, consult the servers. They are very knowledgeable and would make great recommendations.

Price range: $$

Food styles: Italian

Location: 1151 Uptown Park Blvd Ste 12 Houston, TX 77056


Phone: (713) 965-7929

Table reservation:

Order online:

4. Caracol

Caracol is one of the greatest Mexican-inspired diners in Houson you can’t miss, especially when you want to taste Mexico’s seafood and the like. Caracol is strongly a 10/10 all around with their dedication to Mexican coast cuisine and sourcing.

You will have a journey unlike any with Torre De Mariscos – seafood tower, Antojitos – small bites, Platos Fuertes – showcase moles, and more. But there’s more: the desserts are a hit with many people, especially the chocolate/coconut balls.

The upscale Mexican-inspired food is elevated thanks to the beach town-like decor. It’s a way to showcase the owner’s love for seafood, fishing, and the ocean. The menu, the decor, and even down to the staff’s uniform will remind you of a Mexico tropical paradise.

Price range: $$$

Food styles: Mexican, Seafood

Location: 2200 Post Oak Blvd Ste 160 Houston, TX 77056


Phone: (713) 622-9996

Table reservation:

Order online:

5. MAD Houston

MAD Houston is one of the premier places to eat in the River Oaks district. Coming to this place, you will experience the perfect blend of Spanish and Madrid’s souls. It’s truly the best of both worlds.

You could almost feel the nostalgia instilled by the sophisticated ambiance, which is reminiscent of the Spanish owner who immigrated to Houston in the 90s. You can easily spend hours at this diner exploring all the decadent dishes like Jamon Iberico (cured ham) or wooded fire-cooked eggs.

The vibe is anything but plain. Words can’t describe how eccentric and loud the decor of this place is. You must come and see the place for yourself to experience the uniqueness of this restaurant. If you want some fresh air, there’s a dining garden for that.

Everything about this place makes you understand the true meaning of “De Madrid al cielo” – from Madrid to the heavens! There’s nothing quite like MAD Houston, and maybe heaven is the only better place.

Price range: $$$

Food styles: Spanish, Tapas/Small Plates

Location: 4444 Westheimer Rd Ste C-180 Houston, TX 77027


Phone: (281) 888-2770

Table reservation:

Order online:

Let’s see what’s all the fuss about MAD Houston now.

Watch this video: MAD Houston Restaurant Review

6. Adair Kitchen

Sometimes the Houstonians just need something simple. That’s when they come to Adair Kitchen. The people behind it have been serving the Houston area for decades, so they are more than qualified to know best what the locals need.

The place has a reasonable price despite it being in Randall’s shopping center. Many people prefer Adair Kitchen as their go-to lunch, dinner, and brunch spot due to the many surprises on the menu. Try the eggs, hash browns, toast, and orange juice, and will have a blast.

Low key is the best way to describe this place. Everyone is friendly, and the atmosphere is casual, nice, and relaxing. What can you ask more for a hidden gem? There are reasons why Adair Kitchen has been a staple in the neighborhood.

Price range: $$

Food styles: American

Location: 5161 San Felipe St Ste 390 Houston, TX 77056


Phone: (713) 623-6100

Table reservation:

Order pickup:

Order delivery:

7. Fig And Olive – Galleria Branch

With multiple branches in New York, DC, Chicago, and Houston, upscale restaurant chain Fig & Olive introduces the best of the French Riviera to every American. What’s more, they also emphasize philanthropy, helping raise funds with many partners and local organizations.

Eating their decadent offerings, you can see the joint’s love for premium-quality olive oil-free cream and sauces, the essence of the Mediterranean Diet. Fig And Olive is an elegant spot for late-night or lunch rendezvous with a backdrop of modern and gorgeous decor.

Price range: $$$

Food styles: Mediterranean, French

Location: 5115 Westheimer Rd Ste C2500 Houston, TX 77056


Phone: (832) 632-6632

Table reservation:

Order online:

8. Sozo Sushi Lounge

When you crave some sushi and seafood, check out Sozo Sushi Lounge. The menu offers a wide range of refreshing, healthy, and authentic Japanese cuisine. The place has a contemporary and elegant style. The dress code is casual, though no pajamas or swimsuits are allowed.

There are large windows that allow guests to look at the city landscape below. There’s nothing like eating Yakisoba noodles or Miso soup with some Chukka salad in intimate lighting while looking at the city skyline. The outdoor seating on the balcony is a nice spot.

The cost is more expensive than your avenger sushi restaurant, but you will leave with a full belly and want to come back a second or a third time. Sozo Sushi Lounge will turn you into their regular before you realize it.

Price range: $$

Food styles: Japanese, Sushi Bars, Asian Fusion

Location: 1700 Post Oak Blvd #250, Houston, TX 77056


Phone: (832) 659-0613

Table reservation:

Order online:

9. Steak 48 Houston

For anyone looking for the finest places that offer seafood in Houston, Steak 48 should be on your radar. The place provides decadent prime steaks and seafood along with delectable side dishes. Anyone will enjoy dining here, especially in the vibrant and intimate setting.

Steak 48 “encourages the guests to get dressed up”, so this is the place to come if you want to dress to impress and have a fancy dinner. This is certainly not a restaurant aiming for fast and cheap, but rather a balance of price, quality, and ambiance.

Price range: $$$$

Food styles: American, Steakhouse, Seafood

Location: 4444 Westheimer Rd, Houston, TX 77027


Phone: (713) 322-7448

Table reservation:

Order online:

Here’s a tour to showcase how awesome Steak 48 Houston is.

Watch this video: Steak 48 Houston

10. Merus Grill

Merus Grill is an ideal spot for eaters who prefer somewhere quiet with American classics like steaks, prime rib of beef, salad, and premium sandwiches. High-quality, chef-driven, and boutique-style are what people talk about when they mention this restaurant.

The staff are very welcoming and accommodating. They will make your great night more enjoyable with their attentiveness and knowledgeableness. Ask any waiter or waitress, and they can make great recommendations and explain how the chef will cook a certain dish on the menu.

Most people notice and praise Merus Grill for its (low) noise level. The place is quiet, thanks to being carpeted. You can comfortably hold a conversation without raising the volume to hear each other. Such a lovely place to spend quality time with your loved ones!

Price range: $$$

Food styles: American, Seafood, Steakhouse

Location: 1180-1 Uptown Park Blvd Houston, TX 77056


Phone: (346) 299-5775

Table reservation:

Order online:

11. North Italia – Galleria Branch

It’s a beautiful day and you feel the urge to dine some Italian dishes at a table on the patio? Whenever you are in such a mood, I can’t recommend North Italia in the Uptown district enough. This place is also perfect for eating some Italian brunch instead of the normal American ones.

The price is very reasonable. The Chef’s Board on Happy Hour menu (From Monday to Friday, between 3 PM and 6 PM) is the best bang for your bucks. If you are in for some pasta, glazed short rib cavatelli is a fine choice.

There are several gluten-free desserts like Salted Caramel Budino, Hazelnut Torta, etc. So rest assured that you have a healthy meal while munching on delicious treats. There’s also a vegetarian-friendly menu which includes dishes like Zucca chips, arancini, etc.

Price range: $$

Food styles: Italian, Pizza

Location: 1700 Post Oak Blvd Ste 190 Houston, TX 77056


Phone: (281) 605-4030

Table reservation:

Order online:

12. Snooze – An A.M. Eatery – Uptown Branch

Snooze specializes in breakfast and lunch foods. The menu is vast and rich with different options. The place is known for its wide selection of pancake flavors and breakfast-friendly drinks. Choose the upside-down pineapple pancake, and you will thank me later.

The place is packed most of the time, especially after mid-morning when the wait time is very long. But there’s an app on the app store for you to join the waitlist, so I highly recommend checking it out. You can also arrive early (about 2 hours prior) and put your names on the list.

In the meantime, you can sip the free coffee this place provides. The staff is more than happy to keep pouring them for you and keep serving pleasantly once you are seated. The foods are prepared and served quickly, which more than makes up for the long waiting time.

Price range: $$

Food styles: Breakfasts and Brunches, American

Location: 5000 Westheimer Rd Suite 120, Houston, TX 77056


Phone: (281) 407-5453

No reservations available (you can join the waitlist via phone app)

Order online:

13. Moxies Houston

Moxies has 50 restaurants spanning Canada and the US. But every one of them is tailor-suited to the neighborhoods they inhabit, from the team to the menu. When the weather is right, the outside seating is nothing short of amazing.

The atmosphere leans more on the casual and fun side, with island/tropical vibes. The food here is the bombs. Wait until you get the chance to try their juicy steaks and other vegetarian delights.

The service is top-notch, but keep in mind that there is an automatic 20% gratuity. I think the professional waiters and waitresses, who wear classy attire, deserve it.

Price range: $$

Food styles: American

Location: 5000 Westheimer Rd Ste 250 Houston, TX 77056


Phone: (346) 571-6164

Table reservation:

Order online:

Blow Your Mind With These Finest Restaurants In Uptown Houston

Are you having a blast going to the restaurants I recommended? If that’s the case, please drop a comment below telling me all about it. I am eager to hear what you have to say about those places. Inform me if I have missed any other hidden gem, too.

If you find this post helpful, remember to press the share button. This simple act can get more people to know about all the best diners in Uptown Houston that they may have missed otherwise. Sharing is caring, right?

Be sure to explore some other premier diners in the other parts of the city, like Chinatown or Downtown, too. In every corner of Houston, hidden gems are waiting to be discovered. There is so much to explore and to do in this city!

Restaurants Uptown Houston

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