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13 Most Popular Greek Restaurants in San Antonio, Texas 2023

For the best Greek restaurants in San Antonio, Texas, you should comb through this article for a couple of pieces of advice. Some of the finest dining locations in San Antonio in this compilation offer many branches, which make it more convenient when you are in the city.

As a place with a diverse culture, San Antonio has many astounding Greeking dining destinations for you to explore. So let’s hop on a journey to discover the best restaurant in San Antonio for you to enjoy Greek cuisine.

Astounding Greek Foods
Explore San Antonio with these incredible locations that offer astounding Greek foods.

Treat Yourself To Greek Flavors With These Following Options

Once you are in San Antonio, there are various cuisines you can explore. But let’s talk about some beautiful locations to enjoy the best Greek taste. Don’t worry if you don’t know how to navigate around since the locals can offer you help with directions.

Aside from discovering the best restaurants in San Antonio riverwalk, you should discover other types of eateries available in the city, such as the beautiful Greek ones.

1. Pasha Mediterranean Grill

To open up this list, Pasha is one of the greatest eating locations in San Antonio’s Stone Oak and other areas to enjoy the ultimate Greek cuisine. There are many Pasha locations in San Antonio, each with a unique setup and a different vibe.

Aside from the Greek menu, the chefs strive to give you some of the most gastronomical delights from Mediterranean cuisine to your table. The best thing is that any Pasha restaurant will always offer free bread and oil dip once you sit at the table.

I advise taking it easy on the bread since it’s highly addicting. With a diverse range of entrees, it’s almost certain you can start your meal with a blast of flavors. Plus, you get a lot of bang for your buck by dining at any location of the Pasha Mediterranean Grill.

Price Range: $$

Food Style: Mediterranean cuisine

Location 1 (Medical Center): 9339 Wurzbach Rd, San Antonio, Texas 78240

Location 2 (1604/Stone Oak): 1207 North Loop 1604 West Acc Rd, San Antonio, Texas 78258

Location 3 (Express): 10650 Culebra Rd Ste 101, San Antonio, Texas 78251


Phone (Medical Center): (210) 561-5858

Phone (1604/Stone Oak): (210) 764-1104

Phone (Express): (210) 592-1666

Order Online:

Table Reservation: Not Available

2. Mina & Dimi’s Greek House

Most of the dishes at Mina & Dimi’s Greek House delicacies are refined from popular Greek tavern-seaside resorts for the best authentic experience. When you dine at the Greek House, it’s an experience that stimulates all five senses at the same time.

Don’t miss out on Tzatziki, an iconic Greek dip full of garlicky flavor to pair with tasty Baklava pastry. Furthermore, the location offers various entertainment forms to help you enjoy your time at the Greek House.

If you’re free on Friday or Saturday, I suggest spending your night at the location to witness Tsifteteli, commonly known as belly dancing. In addition, you can contact the site to customize your appointment for the best enjoyment.

Price Range: $$

Food Style: Greek, Mediterranean

Location: 7159 W US Hwy 90, San Antonio, Texas 78227


Phone: (210) 674-3464 (for receiving orders as well)

Order Online:

Table Reservation: Not Available

Discover the wonderful atmosphere at Mina & Dimi’s through its wonderful dishes!

Watch this video: Baklava cheesecake at Mina and Dimi's Greek House

3. John The Greek Restaurant

Established in 1988, John the Greek is one of the veterans serving Greek delicacies in San Antonio. Like the Greek House mentioned above, this one also provides unique belly dancing performances on Friday and Saturday nights.

The destination is proud to possess one of the most extensive Greek menus for people to choose from. I suggest ordering Gyros (grilled meat stuffed in Pita bread) to taste the authentic Greek flavor. However, you should know that the place doesn’t operate on Sunday.

Since the restaurant is relatively close to a park, you may order take-outs and enjoy your food in a more spacious environment. Overall, John the Greek is an excellent place to enjoy a hearty meal with exceptional services.

Price Range: $$

Food Style: Greek, Mediterranean

Location: 16602 San Pedro Ave, San Antonio, Texas 78232


Phone: (210) 403-0565

Order Online:

Table Reservation: Contact the restaurant for more information.

4. Zorbas Greek Mediterranean Grill

Zorbas Greek Mediterranean Cuisine is a casual establishment for families or a small group of people to enjoy tasty Mediterranean specialties. In addition, the cafe also has outdoor dining in case customers want to breathe the refreshing air of San Antonio.

An interesting fact about the owner is that he’s not Greek but Jordanian. He is passionate about creating authentic Middle Eastern and Middle Eastern foods for people to enjoy. 

The working hours are relatively stable when Zorbas is open for business from 11 A.M to 9 P.M, except for Sunday. One small piece of advice for you: the location may look a little worn out, but the excellent service and friendly staff soon make you forget about it.

They have a long list of choices for you, but I love going for some Mediterranean entrees and a Gyro afterward for a wholesome meal. One drink in particular that you should try is iced tea flavored with rose water, which has an incredible aroma.

Price Range: $$

Food Style: Greek, Mediterranean, Middle Eastern

Location: 2110 NW Military Hwy, San Antonio, Texas 78213


Phone: (210) 541-9936

Order Online:

Table Reservation:

5. Papouli’s Greek Grill – San Antonio Branch

Papouli’s Greek Grill is second to none in terms of historical value, as the restaurant has been in business since 1912. The establishment’s operation is family-owned, which has seen the likes of three generations taking care of the place.

The people at the restaurant take pride in serving the good people of San Antonio with tasty traditional Greek foods and contemporary fare. To pair with the savory Gyro in Papouli, you should order a refreshing portion of Greek salad.

Furthermore, this San Antonio’s BYOB dining location is ideal for a family dining event as the dishes are hearty with plenty of meat and Pita bread for a reasonable price. Papouli also has a delivery and take-out service that works great for people in a hurry to discover San Antonio.

Price Range: $$

Food Style: Greek

Location: 11224 Huebner Rd #201, San Antonio, Texas 78230


Phone: (210) 641-1313

Order Online:

Table Reservation: Not Available

6. Wrigleyville Grill

Wrigleyville Grill is a family-owned business that was founded in 2013 by Jimmy, a certified son of Greece. If you’re not looking for some Greek specialties, the destination also has astounding Chicago street foods for you to give a shot.

For people being in a rush, Wrigleyville Grill also provides an excellent drive-through service to process your orders. In addition, the place is proud of using fresh ingredients daily to create your favorite dips and foods.

Besides the Greek Gyro option, the Chicago dog is one of the specialties that live up to many customers’ hype. In addition, the restaurant’s Italian meatball sandwich is a must-try for any customer. The staff’s attentive attitude will make you feel right at home.

Price Range: $

Food Style: Greek, Chicago specialties

Location: 602 Northwest Loop 410 #146, San Antonio, Texas 78216


Phone: (210) 369-9833

Order Online:

Table Reservation: Not Available

Take a peek at how Wrigleyville Grill laid their foundation in San Antonio with tasty menu items.

Watch this video: Rise Up San Antonio - Wrigleyville Grill

7. Dallah Mediterranean Cuisine

Prepare for an exquisite eating experience when enjoying the high-end service at Dallah Mediterranean Cuisine. Although the destination is relatively new to the town (opened in 2014), people quickly appreciate its high food quality and authentic Greek tastes.

Dallah offers great food portions with a clean and neat environment for people to feel comfortable. Lunchtime is my favorite because of the serving of first-cut Shawarma (cone bread with roasted meat) if you come early enough.

Do you love sweet desserts? Lucky for you, Dallah also runs a service where you get free cheesecake for an order greater than or equal to 30$. Remember that the restaurant doesn’t operate on Monday.

Price Range: $$

Food Style: Mediterranean, Greek, Middle Eastern

Location: 5450 Babcock Rd #112, San Antonio, Texas 78240


Phone: (210) 233-9574

Order Online: Through their website

Table Reservation:

8. Demo’s Greek Food

The Demo’s Greek Food restaurant chain is a family-run operation with three locations in San Antonio. The staff at Demo are proud to prepare Greek delights daily from the freshest ingredients and serve the customers with the warmest hospitality since 1979.

Like many Greek eating establishments, the Demo is popular with its Gyro for having tender lamb to make a perfect duo with the Greek salad. Typically, the foods come out quick, while you may sit back to enjoy the relaxing music and murals on the wall.

As for the pita bread, you also have a wide range of choices in terms of flavors. Don’t be afraid to taste the sampler to figure out your favorite Pita combination. After filling your belly, stop by the dessert section to satisfy your sweet craving.

Price Range: $$

Food Style: Greek, Mediterranean

Location (St. Mary’s Street): 2501 N St Mary’s St, San Antonio, Texas 78212

Location (Blanco): 7115 Blanco Rd #120, San Antonio, Texas 78216

Location (Stone Oak): 1205 N Loop 1604 W Acc Rd, San Antonio, Texas 78258


Phone (St. Mary’s Street): (210) 732-7777

Phone (Blanco): (210) 342-2772

Phone (Stone Oak): (210) 798-3840

Order Online:

Table Reservation: Not Available

9. Kostas Greek Food

Everyone loves a heart-warming dining experience while on their vacation. While in San Antonio, make your stop at Kostas Greek Food, a location only a few blocks away from the Northern Hills Golf club.

Many customers say the drive to the restaurant is worth it as they enjoy the freshest foods with wholesome hospitality. Despite the small space, the food portions are tremendous, with a lot of fragrant rice and meat on one plate.

Kostas’s specialty is unique grilled steak, which you can decide on the doneness of the meat. Follow that order with jumbo shrimps for a protein-packed meal. The food’s reasonable pricing is the cherry on top to make you happy with every visit to Kostas Greek Food.

Price Range: $

Food Style: Greek

Location: 12606 Nacogdoches Rd, San Antonio, Texas 78217

Website: Not Available

Facebook fanpage:

Phone: (210) 590-6969

Order Online:

Table Reservation: Not Available

10. Tripoli’s Mediterranean Grill

The food at Tripoli’s Mediterranean Grill uses an assortment of spices. If you desire dishes with aromatic and rich flavors, this is the right place.

The restaurant opened its door for service in September 2011, offering a place where you can enjoy refreshing beverages and Mediterranean specialties with ease. The place often doesn’t operate on Saturday, but they have a stable schedule from 11 A.M to 8 P.M on weekdays.

The atmosphere and beautiful decoration are nice additions to your experience at the place. Tripoli also offers wonderful delivery that takes little time to reach your door.

Price Range: $$

Food Style: Mediterranean, Desserts, Middle Eastern

Location: 322 Valley Hi Dr #106, San Antonio, Texas 78227


Phone: (210) 645-4450

Order Online:

Table Reservation: Through their website

11. Opah Greek Flavor

Resigning inside the North Star mall in San Antonio, the Opah Greek Flavor is the go-to place to relieve your hunger while venturing on a shopping trip. The place is relatively small and doesn’t offer many seats, so I suggest grabbing take-out orders for convenience.

As for the menu, you may get overwhelmed by the various options, but my choice is the Opah rollups portion with Pita bread wrapping around vegetables and your favorite protein. Another thing to notice is the yogurt sauce which adds a mesmerizing creaminess to any menu item.

In addition, the establishment has various options for a vegetarian diet. The employees are nice enough to give your detailed explanation of every delicacy.

Price Range: $

Food Style: Greek

Location: 7400 San Pedro Ave, San Antonio, Texas 78216


Phone: (210) 349-9501

Order Online:

Table Reservation: Not Available

12. Jerusalem Grill

Discover the Jerusalem Grill, an incredible place to enjoy grilled Mediterranean specialties. Their spices and cooking techniques revolve around Greek, Roman, Arab and Ottoman traditions. Along with a Greek menu, Jerusalem Grill offers Turkish and Persian dishes.

In terms of pricing, they charge their foods relatively high because of the expensive and fresh ingredients for daily serving. Every table in Jerusalem has a clay pot with bread to use as a utensil for scooping foods. The idea of this action is to bring people together while eating.

What’s excellent about Jerusalem Grill is its operating hour: you can enjoy food throughout the week from 11 A.M to 10 P.M. Though the price is high, you are sure to enjoy the best quality of food and service at Jerusalem Grill.

Price Range: $$

Food Style: Greek, Middle Eastern, Mediterranean

Location (North Loop): 203 North Loop 1604 West Acc Rd, San Antonio, Texas 78232


Phone: (210) 481-4210

Order Online:

Table Reservation:

13. Cedar Mediterranean Grill (Cedar By Le Mirage Cafe)

The Cedar Mediterranean Grill is the final destination I’d like to recommend to satisfy your craving for Greek food. The place is often known to the public as Le Mirage Cafe, a beautiful location for passengers to stop by and enjoy various delicacies.

I’m confident you will fill your tummy with goodness with a casual list of dishes like Shawarma, Gyro, and kebab. In addition, many people like the quietness that the place provides while enjoying their favorite meal.

Price Range: $

Food Style: Middle Eastern, Lebanese, Greek, Mediterranean

Location: 8620 Fredericksburg Rd, San Antonio, Texas 78240


Phone: (210) 558-6200

Order Online:

Table Reservation: Not Available

Come And Enjoy The High-Quality Greek Cuisine In San Antonio

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to enjoy the fresh Mediterranean flavors of Greek cuisine while you’re uncovering San Antonio. Thanks to this helpful compilation, your quest for an exquisite Greek dining location is easier than ever.

Don’t hesitate to share this article with people who want to know more about San Antonio’s cuisine; I’m sure people are more than happy to read about it. Finally, you may share your idea on which Greek restaurant is your favorite to enjoy in the comment section.

Greek Restaurants San Antonio Tx

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