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16 Best BYOB Restaurants In Houston, TX, To Enjoy In 2023

Discover these fantastic BYOB restaurants in Houston, TX, for a one-of-a-kind experience in the city. I know there are top-quality eateries in Houston, TX, but when you include the BYOB policy, your dining experience will be even more exciting and refreshing.

If you’re a stranger to BYOB, it’s an acronym for “bring your own bottle/ booze,” which is a form of policy where dining locations allow customers to bring alcohol products to the place.

But restaurants with a BYOB policy may change their rules. Therefore, you need to look into the latest information to know their current situation regarding BYOB. Without further ado, let’s see why these recommended BYOB eateries in Houston are worth a visit.

Byob Eateries in Houston
Nothing feels better than taking a sip of your favorite liquor while enjoying delicious food at these BYOB eateries in Houston.

Bring Your Favorite Spirit/Beer To These Amazing Eateries

Typically, these restaurants come with a small fee should you bring alcohol to the place. Therefore, you should check out the necessary information at these locations before arriving.

1. Pizaro’s Pizza Napoletana

Houston is an energetic city with customers always eager to taste Italian pizza. At Pizaro’s Pizza Napoletana, you experience the best Italian specialties in the city. All the branches of Pizaro in Houston are proud to use the freshest ingredients imported from Naples, Italy.

Although BYOB (bring your own bottle) is a nice feature of any Pizaro location, you should know that it only applies to wine. Aside from the traditional Napoletana pizza, the place also creates the Detroit-style one, which possesses exotic square shapes.

One of the most wanted items of Pizaro is the Calabrese Napoletana Style with sweet and spicy soppressata (Italian salami). No matter where you are in Houston, you will never go hungry because the place offers fantastic delivery service.

Price Range: $$

Food Style: Italian, Pizza

Location (Katy): 11177 Katy Fwy Street, Houston, TX 77079

Phone (Katy): (713) 485-0530

Location (West Gray): 1000 West Gray St, Houston, TX 77019

Phone (West Gray): (832) 742-5200


Order Online:

Table Reservation: Not available

Take a tour through Houston’s best pizza eatery, Pizaro’s Pizza.

Watch this video: Best Pizza in Houston (Pizaro's Pizza)

2. Jenni’s Noodle House

After pizza, you should head out for addictive noodles at Jenni’s Noodle House. The spots serve Asian noodle dishes with an array of options for customers. Both Houston Heights and Shepherd locations provide the guests with a quirky yet intimate ambiance.

Furthermore, Jenni’s Noodle House offers points service to the customer, so they may receive 2$ off on their next purchase when the score reaches 20. Although the location mainly revolves its cuisine around noodles, you should uncover unique Asian beverages on the menu.

Of course, the menu star is usually Pho, but if you’re not up for a broth dish, I suggest ordering a plate of dumplings or spring rolls for starters. In addition, Japanese soba and ramen are worth it for you to give them a shot.

Price Range: $$

Food Style: Vietnamese, Asian

Location (Houston Heights): 602 E 20th St, Houston, TX 77008

Phone (Houston Heights): (713) 862-3344

Location (Shepherd): 3111 S Shepherd Dr, Houston, TX 77098

Phone (Shepherd): (713) 523-7600


Order Online:

Table Reservation:

3. Mala Sichuan Bistro

Next, let’s discover the wondrous world of Chinese cuisine at Mala Sichuan Bistro, a nice Houston dining site in Chinatown that will leave you in awe of its Sichuan cuisine. As a Chinese restaurant chain, any Mala spot strives to bring the most authentic Ma-La spiciness.

Typically, people perceive capsaicin as the main source of heat, which the Chinese refer to as La. The Ma element comes from the numbness sensation of Sichuan peppercorn, which chefs infuse into many Sichuan cuisine dishes.

One Mala Sichuan location is among the most beloved dining locations in the Houston Heights neighborhood because of the unique flavors of Guangdong cooking skills and spices.

Although the spiciness may sound intimidating, people keep returning for the balanced sensation of Ma-La elements. As for the BYOB policy, you can bring any alcohol to the place for a small fee.

Price Range: $$

Food Style: Chinese, Sichuan, Asian

Location (Montrose): 1201 Westheimer Rd, Houston, TX 77006

Phone (Montrose): (832) 767-0911

Location (Chinatown): 9348 Bellaire Blvd, Houston, TX 77036

Phone (Chinatown): (713) 995-1889

Location (Houston Heights): 600 N Shepherd Drive, Suite 453, Houston, TX 77007

Phone (Houston Heights): (832) 767-5402

Location (Katy Asian Town): 23119 Colonial Pkwy Suite C1, Katy, TX 77449

Phone (Katy Asian Town): (281) 665-3300


Order Online:

Table Reservation:

4. Collina’s Italian Cafe

The Collina’s Italian Cafe is a nice BYOB spot with fantastic pizza and possesses a friendly setting for any guests to enjoy their beverages. In 1998, the brand established itself as a small cafe shop, but it has since grown to be a famous name with many branches across Houston.

Typically, Collina is in for business at around 11 A.M and closes at 9 P.M, except for Friday and Saturday. The lasagna at Collina is delicious, with vibrant tomato sauce and tasty fillings.

In addition, any Collina Italian Cafe spot is perfectly friendly for your pets. The sites also provide an outdoor patio for people to stay with their pet companions while waiting for a meal. A small note for the BYOB service is that you need to pay a $2 fee or so per individual.

Price Range: $$$

Food Style: Italian

Location (Richmond): 3835 Richmond Ave., Houston, TX 77027

Phone (Richmond): (713) 365-9497

Location (Katy Freeway): 8800 Katy Freeway Ste. #109 Ste. #109, Houston, TX 77024

Phone (Katy Freeway): (713) 365-9497

Location (19th street): 502 West 19th Street, Houston, TX 77008

Phone (19th street): (713) 869-0492


Order Online:

Table Reservation:

5. Pepper Twins

Let’s continue with the flow of Chinese and other Asian cuisines by visiting Pepper Twins, a popular eating pick in River Oaks, Kirby, and Post Oaks. Pepper Twins is your desired destination with its trendy Sichuan cooking style if you love spicy food.

At any Pepper Twins stop, they carefully pick the ingredients to ensure the best results for the flavors and the consumers’ health. Also, the wonderful eateries in Upper Kirby and Post Oak provide Halal food, giving Islamic followers a chance to experience quality Chinese dishes.

Don’t forget that you can bring your alcohol to the place. However, the wine and beer have different charges for corkage, $5 and $1, respectively. As a side note, the Halal sites don’t use any alcohol during the cooking process.

Price Range: $$

Food Style: Chinese, Sichuan

Location (River Oaks): 1915 West Gray Street, Houston, TX 77019

Phone (River Oaks): (346) 204-5644

Location (Kirby): 3915 Kirby Dr, Houston, TX 77098

Phone (Kirby): (346) 444-6493

Location (Post Oaks): 5161 San Felipe St #300, Houston, TX 77056

Phone (Post Oaks): (832) 831-2163


Order Online:

Table Reservation:

Explore the authentic flavors of Chinese cuisine at Pepper Twins restaurants.

Watch this video: Pepper Twins may be the best Chinese restaurant in Houston

6. Himalaya

Residing on the Southwest Freeway, Himalaya is a lovely place with unique specialties from the Himalayan sub-continent. The business offers a cross-combination of Pakistani and Indian cuisine to create a unique food experience in the heart of Houston.

On the spot, I suggest ordering the famous chicken curry with a wide range of choices in terms of flavors. Another option is the hunter’s beef plate which provides consumers with a juicy bite and a tender texture.

As for the BYOB, the place doesn’t offer any alcohol items, which explains why you get to bring booze to the area yourself. On the bright side, the restaurant doesn’t charge any extra fee for bringing your alcohol.

Price Range: $$

Food Style: Indian, Pakistani

Location: 6652 Southwest Fwy, Houston, TX 77074


Phone: (713) 532-2837

Order Online: (for pickup only)

Table Reservation: Not available

7. Fiori (Italian Restaurant & Floral Boutique)

Fiori ranks among the finest restaurants in Montrose, Houston, under chef Alessio Vitale’s supervision. As an eatery, the site brings the authentic flavor of Italian cooking through its seafood dishes and quality cuts of meat.

In addition to being a restaurant, Fiori is also a flower shop to provide customers in need of beautiful bouquets. Currently, Fiori is offering BYOB as well as complimentary wine glasses.

The location provides customers with a patio to enjoy the refreshing atmosphere while enjoying quality food in Houston. Furthermore, the destination offers spectacular decoration of flower bouquets inside, creating romantic scenery for you and your loved one.

For a starter at Fiori, the Cozze Alla Marinara offers a great clam meat texture infused with fragrant white wine. Another recommendation is the Caprese with creamy mozzarella cheese and fresh tomatoes to awaken your taste buds.

Price Range: $$$

Food Style: Italian

Location: 4315 Montrose Boulevard, Houston, TX 77006


Phone: (832) 729-5544

Order Online: or contact for their phone number for ordering

Table Reservation:

8. Giacomo’s Cibo E Vino

Moving away from the upscale restaurants, I’d like to introduce you to a casual Italian cafe with various antipasti (Italian starters). The site utilizes local ingredients to ensure familiarity with the locals while adding their Italian twist to dishes.

The cafe shop usually operates from Tuesday to Saturday (4 P.M – 9 P.M). However, the location is out of service on Sunday and Monday. In addition, the cafe offers a patio with an intriguing first come first serve policy.

Interestingly, Giacomo supports a part of their income for the rescue pets movement when you order the special seasonal dessert. For the house’s specialty, you should aim for the Pasta d’Agosto with spicy tomato cream pasta sauce and roasted Japanese eggplant.

Price Range: $$

Food Style: Italian

Location: 3215 Westheimer Rd, Houston, TX 77098


Phone: (713) 522-1934

Order Online: Not available

Table Reservation: Contact their phone number for reservations

9. Huynh Restaurant

Located on Saint Emanuel Street, Huynh is a casual eatery with terrific Vietnamese specialties waiting for people to uncover. The site offers a comfortable urban ambiance, making it perfect for a family dine-out.

At Huynh, you get to experience a variety of traditional Vietnamese dishes like spring rolls, stir-fried delicacies, or heartwarming soups. In case you want to have a barbeque at home, you may also order marinated meat at Huynh.

The BYOB policy is a nice touch to Huynh as any alcoholic beverage only faces a fee of around $ 2.5 for the corkage. Remember that the Vietnamese restaurant doesn’t offer service on Sunday.

Price Range: $$

Food Style: Asian, Vietnamese

Location: 912 St Emanuel St, Houston, TX 77003


Phone: (713) 224-8964

Order Online:

Table Reservation: Contact the restaurant by phone for parties of 6 or more

Discover some wine suggestions to bring to Huynh restaurant for pairing with the food.

Watch this video: Huynh restaurant

10. Lucio’s

For a solid BYOB location in Houston, you should visit Lucio’s eatery on Taft street. The place has an intriguing open kitchen that pumps out fabulous American delights to satisfy everyone’s hunger.

The place delivers an upscale dining experience while keeping people close by allowing them to bring in alcoholic beverages. At Lucio’s, they take pride in encouraging customers’ creativity by pairing liquors with their terrific dishes.

This place also offers free corkage on Wednesday to allow more customers to enjoy their favorite alcohol, no matter how many bottles you bring. That is a good place and time to kick back and relax your drinks with delicious New American or American – French fusion food.

Price Range: $$$

Food Style: American, French

Location: 905 Taft St, Houston, TX 77019


Phone: (713) 523-9958

Order Online:

Table Reservation: Or through their website

11. Porta’Vino

Porta’vino is an Italian restaurant with the country’s traditional dishes to pair with quality wine. Interestingly, Porta’vino in Italian means “bring wine,” which is something you can do at the location.

Typically, the corkage price is around $12 for the first wine bottle, $11 for the next one, $10 for the third, and so on until it is basically free. For beer, each bottle costs $1 for the fee. However, you shouldn’t bring hard liquor to Porta’vino as it’s against the house rule.

Although you can bring your liquor to this well-loved restaurant in Washington Avenue, Houston, you shouldn’t miss the wine store on the site with quality wine for a reasonable price.

As for the interior, it mainly utilizes modern decor concepts to provide a comfortable dining setting. Furthermore, the spacious patio is a huge plus for people wanting to experience the refreshing atmosphere of Houston.

Price Range: $$-$$$

Food Style:

Location: 7800 Washington Ave #550, Houston, TX 77007


Phone: (713) 360-7480

Order Online:

Table Reservation:

12. Hidden Omakase

Omakase is a hidden gem of Houston for people searching for an intimate Japanese eatery with top-tier sushi. The place is relatively small and tucked into an office building on West Alabama street. Since the place is rather pricey, the corkage is also high: around $20 per bottle larger than 720ml.

At the sushi location, you should visit the chef’s counter, which can accommodate 18 people, to observe Omakase’s chefs at work. On average, you may need to spend approximately 2 – 2.5 hours at the counter to taste all the dishes on offer.

Since Omakase is a small spot, you should consider prior reservations to save your seats. Omakase is ideal for an intimate night with your partner while enjoying high-quality food and the chef’s performance.

Price Range: $$$$

Food Style: Japanese, Sushi Bar

Location: 5353 West Alabama St #102, Houston, TX 77056


Phone: (713) 496-2633

Order Online: Not available

Table Reservation:

13. District 7 Grill

District 7 Grill is one of the best eateries in Houston for breakfast. The restaurant offers up to three locations for people to stop by for a meal anytime. Typically, the Midtown address of District 7 Grill provides BYOB service for $6.

At District 7 Grill, they cook up some of the most upscale American delights and serve them to customers at a fair price. Don’t forget to check out each location of District 7 Grill for their special Happy Hour offers, which see a price reduction in many beverages and dishes.

The other location is also a famous eating spot at the Midtown site for its soft turkey meatloaf with various layers of taste. One small note for you, aside from the Midtown location, you should ask for the BYOB policy of other sites to ensure you get to enjoy your favorite liquor.

Price Range: $$

Food Style: American

Location (Memorial): 15377 Memorial Dr #122, Houston, TX 77079

Website (Memorial):

Phone (Memorial): (832) 243-6436

Location (Midtown): 501 Pierce St, Houston, TX 77002

Website (Midtown):

Phone (Midtown): (713) 751-0660

Location (Eado): 1508 Hutchins St, Houston, TX 77003

Website (Eado):

Phone (Eado): (713) 225-4950

Order Online:

Table Reservation:

14. Aladdin Mediterranean Restaurant

The Aladdin Mediterranean restaurant chain has proved its talent in serving amazingly delicious Mediterranean specialties since its establishment in 2006. It has become one of the must-try eateries for Houston people on Montrose and Garden Oaks.

A great quirk at both Aladdin spots is the corkage fee when it’s free. However, you will need to place an order at the restaurant to receive such a treatment. One more plus point: Aladdin is Halal certified for its foods.

My must-have dish at Aladdin is the chicken kabob with a distinct taste of Middle Eastern spices and seasonings. Both locations also offer numerous vegetarian menu items to satisfy your plant-based diet.

Price Range: $$

Food Style: Mediterranean, Middle Eastern

Location (Montrose): 912 Westheimer Rd, Houston, TX 77006

Phone (Montrose): (713) 942-2321

Location (Garden Oaks): 1737 West 34th Street, Houston, TX 77018

Phone (Garden Oaks): (713) 681-6257


Order Online:

Table Reservation: Not available

15. Vieng Thai

On Long Point road lies a little restaurant that presents beautiful Thai dishes and has a good BYOB policy. Don’t forget the spot is rather small, so you should keep your eyes peeled while searching for a place to enjoy Southeast Asian cuisine.

Vieng Thai revolves its delicacies around Thai noodles, curries, and traditional meals. These delectable Thai treats offer a wide range of flavors, from mild to spicy. The restaurant is the top-quality Thai dining spot in Houston, regarding food.

Remember, Vieng Thai is in business throughout the week and usually receives orders at noon. Another thing to note is the site will charge an extra fee if you hold a party for more than five people.

Price Range: $$

Food Style: Thai

Location: 6929 Long Point Rd, Houston, TX 77055


Phone: (713) 688-9910

Order Online: or contact the restaurant by phone

Table Reservation: Not available

16. Mein

The final destination resides on Clarewood Drive, a Chinese restaurant serving delicious Cantonese specialties from Guangdong province. The menu has a variety of dishes, including seafood. However, they are not specialized in dim sum.

As for the BYOB, the place charges $10 per person, so you may enjoy your favorite liquor while consuming delicious Cantonese dishes. I’d like to recommend the firecracker chicken, combining ingredients with Chinese and Vietnamese cooking techniques.

Plus, Mein provides various choices for customers to experience the Asian ways of consuming vegetables by infusing them with flavorful condiments. Overall, Mein serves tasty food with a reasonable BYOB policy for a relaxing meal.

Price Range: $$

Food Style: Chinese, Asian

Location: 9630 Clarewood Drive, Suite A13, Houston, TX 77036


Phone: (713) 923-7488

Order Online:

Table Reservation: Contact the restaurant by phone for more information.

Have You Visited Any Of These BYOB Eateries?

In Houston, it’s becoming harder to find a dining location with great food and offers a BYOB policy simultaneously. However, I’m confident you will get the best experience in terms of cuisine while sipping on your favorite liquor.

With this compilation, you should enjoy relaxing dining with friends and family. Let me know your ideas about these BYOB places in the comment section. Share this article with your buddies so you may have a great time in Houston.

Byob Restaurants Houston Tx

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