Top 25 Best Restaurants In College Station, Texas To Indulge 2023

What are the best restaurants in College Station, TX? In this article, I present an all-inclusive guide to the top-notch restaurants in the area that will satisfy your taste buds. Say goodbye to substandard meals as you discover the distinctive cuisines on offer and the ambiance of each restaurant right in this comprehensive guide.

This post will also keep you informed about any exceptional deals or promotions available. Embrace the charming atmosphere of this college town and dive into a gastronomic feast.

The Definitive List of College Station’s Top Dining Spots

This list displays the preeminent culinary locations in the region that are certain to satiate every desire and palate. Give a quick look and find your new favorite spot.

  1. The Republic Steakhouse
  2. Casa do Brasil
  3. Fish Daddy’s Grill House
  4. Napa Flats Wood-Fired Kitchen
  5. Dixie Chicken
  6. Hullabaloo Diner
  7. Mad Taco
  8. MESS Waffles, Etc.
  9. Grub Burger Bar
  10. Christopher’s World Grille
  11. C&J Barbecue
  12. Saltgrass Steak House
  13. Layne’s Chicken Fingers
  14. Fuego Tortilla Grill
  15. Fusion Peru
  17. Razzoo’s Cajun Cafe
  18. Luigi’s Patio Ristorante
  19. Wings ‘N More Restaurant & Bar
  20. Texas Roadhouse
  21. Koppe Bridge
  22. Aji Sushi
  23. Ohana Korean Grill
  24. Urban Table
  25. Stella Southern Cafe

Top-Rated Restaurants To Dine In College Station, Texas

If you’re in College Station, Texas, and you’re searching for an extraordinary dining experience, you’re in luck. Here are the top restaurants in the area, each offering a unique and unforgettable culinary adventure. Are you ready to embark on a gastronomic journey like no other?

1. The Republic Steakhouse

The Republic Steakhouse is an esteemed culinary haven in central Texas, celebrated for its elevated dining experience. Rated AAA Four Diamond, the restaurant’s signature Texas-style steaks and seafood will undoubtedly satisfy you.

The Republic Steakhouse is the perfect destination for those who appreciate house-brewed beers and whiskeys.

Discerning diners can select from the restaurant’s private dining options, which include a bar lounge and multiple rooms. It will be a plus point for those who want an intimate dining ambiance.

As the dress code at The Republic Steakhouse is elegant, guests must dress accordingly to make a good impression. It is highly recommended to make reservations to prevent any unfortunate turn of events.

The Republic Steakhouse is not just about exceptional food; it also provides a lively atmosphere with live music performances. The restaurant has an impressive collection of whiskeys and an award-winning wine list accredited by Wine Spectator.

You should not miss the Mash Madness – The Republic Steakhouse American Whiskey Tournament, a delightful event for whiskey lovers.

Regarding food, The Republic Steakhouse presents a delicious array of dishes. The filet mignon tartare and the steakhouse wedge salad are common starters, while the prime New York strip is a mouthwatering entrée.

The restaurant’s masterful wine list will also complement your meal exquisitely.

Price Range: $$$

Food Styles: American, Steakhouse

Location: 701 University Dr. E, College Station, Tx. 77840


Phone: 979-260-4120

Table Reservation or contact the restaurant phone/ website to book tables

Order Online: Not available

2. Casa do Brasil

Casa do Brasil is a luxurious Brazilian Steakhouse owned by a native Brazilian. Established in 2018, you can find multiple locations in Austin, College Station, and Houston.

Step inside and experience the perfect balance of indoor and outdoor seating, making it the ultimate spot for private dinners or grander events. And don’t miss out on the Bar & Patio’s happy hour, where you can enjoy flavorful cigars and delicious drinks.

At Casa do Brasil, the gaucho chefs are experts in preparing à la carte dishes and are famous for their fire-roasted USDA meat cuts – a meat enthusiast’s dream come true! But if that’s not enough, the tableside skewered meat course is sure to satisfy.

The salad bar features over 50 seasonal items to suit all dietary preferences. And with daily specials and butcher cuts available to take home, you can enjoy their mouth-watering cuisine from the comfort of your own home.

Casa do Brasil also has fee delivery on orders over $65 within six miles of the restaurant – making it the perfect choice for those who can’t make it in.

And don’t forget about the non-alcoholic drink options, like Brazilian lemonade and guarana antarctica, and traditional Brazilian desserts such as Tres Leches cake, crème brûlée, and Homemade Brazilian Flan.

Price Range: $$$

Food Styles: Steakhouses, Brazilian

Location: 1665 Greens Prairie Rd, College Station, TX 77845


Phone: 979-399-7482

Table Reservation:

Order Online

3. Fish Daddy’s Grill House

Fish Daddy’s Grill House is an avant-garde restaurant in Gateway Station that provides a fascinating fine-dining experience for those seeking sophistication.

The establishment’s interior presents elegance and refinement, complemented by a massive fish tank that adds a distinctive touch to the overall atmosphere.

The seasonal menu of Fish Daddy’s Grill House makes each of your visit a novel and exciting culinary journey. Al fresco and indoor seating options also allow patrons to savor their meals in the comfortable interior or the refreshing outdoors.

Regarding the cuisine, Fish Daddy’s Grill House provides an assortment of dishes that will titillate your palate.

Commence your epicurean journey with the Atchafalaya, a Louisiana soup brimming with sausage, chicken, and shrimp, or the crawfish/shrimp creole, a classic spicy Cajun dish.

If you crave pasta, delight in the Cajun penne pasta, a delicious medley of penne, shrimp, and Andouille sausage in a luscious Cajun sauce.

For seafood lovers, the Fish Daddy’s combo is a must-try, an amalgamation of shrimp, catfish, and crawfish that bursts with flavor. And if you long for fresh seafood, partake in the fish market, which showcases an assortment of freshly caught fish cooked to perfection.

Price Range: $$

Food Styles: Seafood

Location: 1611 University Dr E #2643, College Station, TX 77840


Phone: 979-260-1611

Table Reservation

Order Online

4. Napa Flats Wood-Fired Kitchen

Nestled in the heart of College Station, Napa Flats Wood-Fired Kitchen has established itself as a desirable sanctuary for gastronomes who savor a compelling blend of Californian and Italian flavors.

The restaurant’s employment of the wood-fired cooking technique lends a distinctive touch to its appetizing menu. Napa Flats Wood-Fired Kitchen is a must-visit culinary destination for all food enthusiasts with locations in College Station and Tulsa.

The restaurant offers a welcoming ambiance with a refined touch that is perfect for any occasion. Napa Flats Wood-Fired Kitchen prides itself on serving homemade, hand-tossed ingredients and offers a gluten-free menu for those with dietary restrictions.

The in-house bakery offers traditional and gluten-free options, making it an attractive choice for a quick bite or a sweet indulgence.

Napa Flats Wood-Fired Kitchen provides catering services for weddings, corporate events, and Aggie game days. The restaurant’s on-tap beer, California wines, and Napa Valley varietals pair magnificently with its menu.

Moreover, the restaurant’s use of reusable tableware enhances the eco-friendly dimension of your dining experience. Outdoor seating options with heating features and happy hours on the patio are also available for those who wish to relish their food in the refreshing air.

When it comes to cuisine, Napa Flats Wood-Fired Kitchen offers a diverse selection of dishes to choose from. Start with the wood-fired avocado or the sesame-crusted tuna, both of which brim with flavors.

The wood-fired premium Braveheart Angus Beef, served with Argentine-style chimichurri sauce, is a must-try for meat connoisseurs. Another crowd-pleaser is the signature wood-fired pizza, the carnivore pizza.

In essence, Napa Flats Wood-Fired Kitchen is a preeminent culinary destination for those who crave an exquisite fusion of Californian and Italian flavors.

Price Range: $$

Food Styles: Mediterranean, Pizza

Location: 1727 Texas Ave S, College Station, TX 77840


Phone: 979-383-2500

Table Reservation: Not available

Order Online

5. Dixie Chicken

If you find yourself in College Station, Texas, you’ll want to stop at the Dixie Chicken. There are reasons why it has been a true landmark in the college town since 1974.

As the oldest bar in Northgate, the Dixie Chicken has built quite a reputation. It’s become a legend in the area, with a rich history and stories passed down over the years.

The Dixie Chicken has a rustic atmosphere with pool and domino tables and is a beloved destination for locals and students. The restaurant has plenty of space, with large communal tables and a cozy outdoor patio to enjoy your meal.

The saloon-style swinging doors, outlaw country music, and other unique touches add to the restaurant’s charm.

One of Dixie Chicken’s claims to fame is its daily specials, which feature tasty burgers, fried chicken, and more beer per square foot than anywhere else in the area.

The restaurant stays open late, so it’s a popular spot to grab a quick bite after a long day of studying or for a night out with friends.

Regarding the menu, you have to try the delicious Tijuana fries, which are topped with queso and jalapeños. The chicken fried chicken sandwich and cheeseburgers are also popular options.

Price Range: $

Food Styles: American

Location: 307 University Dr, College Station, TX 77840


Phone: 979-846-2322

Table Reservation: Not available

Order Online: Not available

6. Hullabaloo Diner

Located in the Capital Region of New York, the Hullabaloo Diner is a venerable eatery steeped in history. Erected in the late 1930s, this restaurant has a rich heritage and gained national recognition, including features on the Food Network and a music video.

The restaurant’s moniker draws inspiration from its location and the Aggie War Hymn, an element of the fight song. Furthermore, the name honors the train tracks that run parallel to the building.

The Hullabaloo Diner, a farm-to-table restaurant, boasts a comfortable ambiance characterized by a 1940s diner aesthetic and a rustic interior. Diners can also enjoy outdoor seating for a unique dining experience.

The establishment offers a diverse menu that caters to East Coast flavors, Texan classics, and vegetarian options to suit all dietary needs.

Guests can enjoy a mid-week treat with the special menu on Wednesdays and Thursdays. Hullabaloo Diner is the perfect spot for breakfast, brunch, and lunch, with a menu sure to satisfy any appetite.

Regarding the cuisine, the Hullabaloo Diner serves up some great options. The Philly Cheesesteak Sandwiches are a must-try, and the Biscuits and Gravy are divine. Whether craving a savory or sweet breakfast, the diner offers classic dishes and fluffy pancakes.

Price Range: $$

Food Styles: American

Location: 15045 FM 2154 Rd, College Station, TX, United States, Texas


Phone: 979-690-3002

Table Reservation: Not available

Order Online

7. Mad Taco

The Mad Taco is a hole-in-the-wall restaurant that has garnered the monikers of “Bad boy taco shop” and “Ferrari of Tacos” courtesy of its distinct culinary offerings.

This unconventional eatery has a drive-thru, making it a perfect spot for people on the move. The Mad Taco’s in-house tortilla contributes a unique flair to its delicious menu.

The Mad Taco is an economical eatery that offers hearty portions, ideal for those searching for a gratifying meal that doesn’t burn a hole in their pocket. The restaurant prides itself on using locally-sourced and wild produce, ensuring that each dish is brimming with flavor.

The outdoor patio provides a breathtaking sunset view, creating an ideal place to savor your meal. The hanging green card is a remarkable restaurant attribute, enabling patrons to hook their green card on the hanger if they would like another drink or more chips.

Regarding food, the Mad Taco has plenty of options to choose from. The “G-Q,” half guacamole and half queso, is a prevalent choice for those who cannot decide.

The ahi tuna taco is a must-try for seafood enthusiasts. The Mad Taco’s diverse margarita flavors perfectly accompany your meal.

The Mad Taco is the ultimate destination for people seeking a quick and flavorsome meal. You will be thoroughly satisfied with its drive-thru, in-house tortilla, and exclusive aspects such as the hanging green card.

Do not forget the “G-Q,” ahi tuna taco, or the sundry margarita flavors for an exceptional culinary experience.

Price Range: $$

Food Styles: Tacos, Latin American

Location: 1664 Greens Prairie Rd West, College Station, TX 77845


Phone: 979-704-6137

Table Reservation: Not available

Order Online:

8. MESS Waffles, Etc.

MESS Waffles, Etc. is a fast-casual dining establishment that commenced operations as a mobile eatery in 2014 and now has a permanent location in Century Square. Despite the restaurant’s queuing system, the quality of the food is undeniably worth the wait.

The restaurant is typically bustling on weekends, yet the gratuitous parking structure located in Century Square makes parking a breeze. Moreover, the restaurant’s affable patio is amenable to pets, making it a prime venue for dining with furry friends.

MESS Waffles, Etc. accommodates a range of dietary needs with a variety of gluten-free and vegan options, ensuring that everyone can enjoy the delicious food.

The restaurant is especially well-known for its weekend brunch, so it becomes an ultimate setting for a leisurely weekend repast.

For cuisine and libations, MESS Waffles, Etc. has various options. One simply must sample the chicken and waffles, and for those with an inclination for the sweet, the Nutella waffle is an unequivocal crowd-pleaser.

For those desiring a heartier breakfast, the MESS Breakfast, a plate of bacon, eggs, and waffle, is an exceptional choice.

To quench one’s thirst, do not miss the opportunity to partake of the freshly squeezed orange juice, which is both invigorating and nourishing.

Price Range: $

Food Styles: Breakfast & Brunch, American

Location: 170 Century Square Dr #10, College Station, TX 77840


Phone: 979-704-5200

Table Reservation: Contact through the restaurant email to book for events

Order Online or contact through the restaurant’s phone

9. Grub Burger Bar

Grub Burger Bar is a stylish and informal eatery that provides a contemporary spin on deluxe burgers and alternative meat options.

The restaurant expresses a sophisticated ambiance ideal for a pleasant night out with companions or a relaxed lunch with colleagues. It is also a highly-prized location for football enthusiasts, with various branches across Texas, Louisiana, and Florida.

The diversity of the menu options that Grub Burger Bar presents is one of the rationales for electing the establishment.

The restaurant is suitable for a wide range of patrons, with kids and vegetarians having separate menus, making it an optimal site for families and those with dietary constraints.

The establishment’s outdoor dining area is roofed and hospitable to pets, allowing diners to take their furry pals for the repast. The bar at Grub Burger Bar serves artisanal beverages and features a happy hour, so it is ideal for relaxing after work.

Grub Burger Bar is recognized for its “Grub Gives Back” plan, wherein a percentage of the food’s expense is given to nearby organizations.

There are numerous phenomenal choices in terms of food and drink. The Lockhart Legend Burger is a customer favorite, featuring a juicy beef patty, smoked bacon, cheddar cheese, and Dr. Pepper BBQ sauce.

For those who favor a lighter option, guacamole is a delicious vegetarian choice. The “You’re My Boy Blue” burger is a must-try for fans of blue cheese.

Try one of the bar’s artisanal beverages to quench your thirst, or choose a classic soda. Grub Burger Bar is an excellent option for a distinctive and mouth-watering dining experience.

Price Range: $$

Food Styles: Burgers, American

Location: 980 University Dr, College Station, TX 77840


Phone: 979-268-1041

Table Reservation: Not available

Order Online:

10. Christopher’s World Grille

Christopher’s World Grille is an acclaimed high-end dining establishment serving patrons since 1999.

The restaurant is famous for its high-quality seafood and steak dishes that showcase international flavors, a testament to the culinary creativity of its owner and chef, Christopher Lampo.

One reason to visit Christopher’s World Grille is its stunning terrace, a peaceful outdoor heaven that is perfect for a romantic dinner or a casual meal with friends.

The restaurant is located in a century-old Texas ranch-style building with a variety of space options, each of them has a unique color scheme. This includes a spacious 1800 square foot banquet room.

Fireplaces, stained glass windows, an oak floor, and a glass China cabinet further elevate the restaurant’s chic and sophisticated atmosphere.

Christopher’s World Grille meets the needs of a diverse clientele, including children, with a menu designed to satisfy any sweet tooth. The restaurant has been bestowed with the Wine Spectator’s Award of Excellence, making it an optimal location for oenophiles.

The establishment is also available for private events, with a range of space sizes that can accommodate up to 60 individuals. Banquet menus are tailored to suit business meetings and intimate dinners, and a form is available on the website to request further information.

Regarding cuisine and libations, Christopher’s World Grille presents some exceptional options. The South American marinated beef is a must-try, and the bacon-wrapped salmon is unequivocally divine. For fans of steak, Christopher’s house filet is a sought-after preference.

Try one of the restaurant’s award-winning wines to accompany your meal, or decide on a classic cocktail. Christopher’s World Grille offers happy hour specials from Tuesday-Thursday from 4-6 pm, providing a good chance to savor a drink and a bite to eat at a reduced cost.

Christopher’s World Grille is an outstanding choice for anyone searching for a distinctive and upscale dining experience in Texas.

Price Range: $$

Food Styles: Seafood, Steakhouses, American

Location: 5001 Boonville Rd, Bryan, TX 77802


Phone: 979-776-2181

Table Reservation or contact through the restaurant’s website

Order Online: Not available

11. C&J Barbecue

C&J Barbecue is a renowned Texas-based restaurant that was founded in 1981. From modest beginnings as a small gas station, the eatery has expanded to three locations, one in downtown Bryan and two in College Station (Southwest Parkway and Harvey Road).

With 20 consecutive Reader’s Choice Awards for the finest BBQ in the Brazos Valley, C&J Barbecue has become an obligatory destination for barbeque enthusiasts.

One of the principal reasons to dine at C&J Barbecue is its unpretentious ambiance and reasonable prices.

The restaurant specializes in Texas Barbeque, and across its three locations, it prepares 2,200 pounds of meat daily to guarantee that everything is fresh and perfectly cooked.

The establishment has a daily lunch special, kids’ meals, and party packs, making it an optimal location for a speedy and affordable meal.

C&J Barbecue offers a variety of dinner specials, such as the “Senior Special” for individuals aged 65 and over. Additionally, the restaurant serves a selection of delectable sides, including its famous ranch potatoes, which are a must-try for any visitor.

How’s about cuisine and refreshments? The manager’s special is a crowd-pleaser with a blend of meats that will satisfy any appetite. The brisket plate is also a must-try, with tender and juicy meat that dissolves in your mouth.

Try one of the restaurant’s signature drinks or a classic soda to accompany your meal. C&J Barbecue is a fantastic option for anyone searching for a tasty and economical dining experience.

Price Range: $$

Food Styles: Barbeque


Location 1: 4304 Harvey Road, College Station, Texas 77840

Phone: 979-776-8969

Table Reservation: Not available

Order Online:

Location 2: ​105 Southwest Parkway, College Station, Texas 77840

Phone: 979-696-7900

Table Reservation: Not available

Order Online:

12. Saltgrass Steak House

Saltgrass Steak House is a Texas-themed chain with over 90 locations scattered throughout the United States, with sites in states such as Alabama, Arkansas, Colorado, and more.

The restaurant draws its name from the renowned Saltgrass Trail on the Gulf Coast of Texas and showcases an assorted cattle kitsch decor that whisks you to a classic Texas ranch.

The inviting and pleasant atmosphere is one of the top rationales for selecting Saltgrass Steak House.

The restaurant showcases old wooden boards, stonework, comfortable leather seating, cozy wood furnishings, limestone, and artifacts from the Saltgrass Trail. This creates a cozy and classic ambiance for all visitors.

The restaurant is celebrated for its from-scratch dishes prepared daily with fresh ingredients. It specializes in CERTIFIED ANGUS BEEF® brand steaks grilled to perfection and served with Saltgrass-7 Steak Spice.

Furthermore, family meals present a mouth-watering and economical option for groups.

The “No Bull Lounge” is a favored location for beverages and entertainment, providing margaritas, wines by the glass, bottled and tap beers, and TVs.

The establishment also presents Landry’s kitchen for private functions, which makes it a great spot for special events.

Saltgrass Steak House presents some fantastic selections. The BBQ Baby Back Ribs are a favorite, and the Double-Bone Pork Chops accompanied by savory bacon jam are an absolute must-try.

For seafood enthusiasts, the Blackened Redfish is a luscious option, and the Chicken Fried Steak is a classic comfort dish guaranteed to satisfy any appetite.

To conclude your meal, endeavor to savor the homemade pecan pie bread pudding, a rich and indulgent dessert. For a refreshing and tropical beverage, select the Grilled Pineapple Margarita.

Price Range: $$

Food Styles: Steakhouses, American

Location: 4330 Texas 6 Frontage Rd, College Station, TX 77845


Phone: 979-690-0562

Table Reservation

Order Online: (for pickup only)

13. Layne’s Chicken Fingers

Layne’s Chicken Fingers, a renowned eatery that originated in 1994 and is owned by a Texas A&M alumnus, has garnered a loyal following.

The establishment’s distinctiveness lies in its hand-cut, marinated, and breaded chicken fingers complemented by a secret sauce that patrons ardently adore.

The restaurant’s ambiance is cozy and serene so it can be an ideal locale for a quick yet satisfying meal. Furthermore, the prices are incredibly reasonable, and individuals can utilize the Allen Eagle food discount card for even more savings.

Layne’s Chicken Fingers is open daily, making it a suitable spot for a quick lunch or a laid-back dinner. Its unique concept allows patrons to purchase a box of either 20 or 25 chicken fingers (or any amount of 5), so it is convenient to fulfill any appetite.

Concerning food and beverages, the chicken fingers are an absolute must-try, and the Texas toast is a perfect accompaniment. For individuals who desire a more substantial portion size, chicken tender is a must-try.

Price Range: $$

Food Styles: Fast Food


Location 1: 106 Walton Dr College Station, TX 77840

Phone: 979-696-7633

Table Reservation: Not available

Order Online:

Location 2: 1301 Wellborn Rd College Station, TX 77840

Phone: 979-696-6933

Table Reservation: Not available

Order Online:

Location 3: 1780 Greens Prairie Rd College Station, TX 77840

Phone: 979-704-6422

Table Reservation: Not available

Order Online:

14. Fuego Tortilla Grill

Fuego Tortilla Grill is an obligatory stop for anyone who yearns for a delicious variety of Mexican street cuisine. This restaurant has four locations strategically situated in San Marcos, College Station, Waco, and San Antonio, Texas. It’s a well-liked choice for both locals and visitors.

The restaurant sets itself apart from others through its tradition of Mexican street vendors and extensive menu. The diners can choose from a diverse range of dishes and satisfy their cravings, whether they crave for their favorite Mexican cuisine or want to try something new.

The Fuego Bar is a perfect place for creative individuals. The customers can customize their tacos and choose the desired ingredients, which gives them freedom of choice.

Fuego Tortilla Grill is highly regarded for its breakfast options, consisting of various dishes that can satiate any appetite. The portion sizes are substantial and provide a fulfilling meal for the customers.

Moreover, the prices are pocket-friendly and won’t burn a hole in your pocket, so you can freely enjoy food without breaking the bank.

As for the gastronomic options, several exceptional menu items are worth mentioning. The Tacos de Fuego is a must-try, made of tender meat garnished with bursting flavorsome toppings.

If you crave something spicier, the El Presidente taco is a satisfying option that will tickle your taste buds. Moreover, Fuego Tortilla Grill has an exclusive drink called the Dr. Pepper Cowboy, which is refreshing and unique.

Price Range: $

Food Styles: Tex-Mex, Mexican

Location: 108 Poplar St, College Station, TX 77840


Phone: 979-703-1804

Table Reservation: Not available

Order Online:

15. Fusion Peru

Fusion Peru, a captivating restaurant in Park Place Plaza, was established in 2015. The restaurant originated as a food truck and later evolved into a successful physical location.

This restaurant features a fusion of traditional Peruvian food, Mexican delicacies, and a touch of American taste.

With a comfortable and inviting ambiance, you can enjoy delicious street food in a homely atmosphere. And it’s the perfect place to grab a quick and satisfying meal.

Fusion Peru’s prices are reasonable and inexpensive, making it a perfect choice for budget-minded customers. This eatery accommodates pets, giving every customer, including their four-legged companions, an enjoyable dining experience.

The Chupe de Marisco (a rich and flavorsome seafood stew) is a must-try dish. The Tallarin A La Huancaina, a plate of spaghetti in Peruvian cream sauce, is also a favorite of many customers.

For vegetarians, vegetable Inka tacos are a delightful option. To hydrate yourself, try the refreshing tamarind juice or the classic beverage Kola Inglesa in a 2-liter drink.

Price Range: $

Food Styles: Peruvian, Latin American

Location: 2501 S. Texas Avenue C. 111, College Station, TX 77840


Phone: 979-676-2603

Table Reservation

Order Online:


Look no further than PORTERS, located in Century Square, for those searching for a sophisticated dining experience featuring wood-fired meats.

The eatery features a gorgeous patio where diners can enjoy their meals in a beautiful setting and appreciate the stunning surroundings. Moreover, PORTERS features an outdoor space named PORTERS Backyard, an ideal venue for private events and festivities.

The restaurant provides garage and valet parking to alleviate any parking concerns. It’s crucial to note that PORTERS enforces a dress code, so it’s advisable to dress suitably for the occasion.

Additionally, the restaurant permits customers to bring their containers to take home any leftovers.

When it comes to the menu, several notable dishes are a must-try. The signature Caesar salad is a scrumptiously fresh and flavorful starter. For tartare enthusiasts, the Great Steak Tartare is a dish that should not be missed.

For the main course, the whiskey-glazed Berkshire pork chop is a succulent and flavorful choice. And last but not least, cornbread is a delectable side that complements any of the main courses.

Price Range: $$$$

Food Styles: Steakhouses, American

Location: 180 Century Square Drive Suite 120, College Station, TX 77840


Phone: 979-977-0700

Table Reservation:

Order Online: Not available

17. Razzoo’s Cajun Cafe

For over three decades, Razzoo’s Cajun Cafe has been dedicated to sharing the bold and flavorsome Cajun legacy with its patrons. It also has numerous locations throughout North California, Texas, and Oklahoma.

One compelling reason to opt for Razzoo’s is its advantageous location. The restaurant is conveniently situated next to the Residence Inn Hotel on University Drive, making it an excellent dining option for those in the area.

Additionally, Razzoo’s operates around the clock, allowing you to satisfy your Cajun culinary yearnings at any time of the day or night.

The restaurant’s exceptional and striking decor is the masterpiece of designer George Toomer. Razzoo’s is suitable for any occasion, whether it’s a family dinner, a night out with friends, or a business meeting.

They also provide a kid’s menu and a multitude of vegetarian options to suit all dietary preferences. What’s more, with their reasonable prices and generous portion sizes, Razzoo’s offers fantastic value for your money.

There are several menu items that you cannot afford to miss. The stuff’d shrimp is a delectable appetizer that bursts with flavors. For the main course, the Cajun combo skillet is a fantastic way to savor a range of Cajun favorites.

For a particularly special treat, try one of Bubba’s specials, such as the Cajun fried steak or jalapeno chicken.

Price Range: $$

Food Styles: Cajun/Creole, Seafood, American

Location: 820 University Dr E, College Station, TX 77840


Phone: 979-260-4080

Table Reservation: Not available

Order Online:

18. Luigi’s Patio Ristorante

Luigi’s Patio Ristorante is an Italian restaurant that has been serving up classic Italian cuisine since 2007. This restaurant is a family-owned establishment, with every dish prepared from carefully crafted recipes that exemplify the family legacy.

One reason to choose Luigi’s is its welcoming and cozy ambiance. The restaurant flaunts a courtyard-like environment, complete with a picturesque outdoor patio that overlooks a beautiful fountain.

The restaurant’s lighting is perfect for capturing dining moments, ideal for those who enjoy recording their dining experiences.

It’s important to note that Luigi’s is closed from 2 pm to 5 pm from Tuesdays to Fridays, so plan your visit accordingly. However, the restaurant compensates for this by featuring nightly live music that enhances the already delightful ambiance.

There are several dishes that stand out and are worth trying. The chicken parmigiana is a traditional Italian dish that is sure to satiate your palate.

For a lighter option, the spaghetti pesto is an appetizing and flavorsome selection. And if you adore seafood, calamari is a dish that you shouldn’t miss.

Finally, for dessert, it is highly recommended to try tiramisu. This classic Italian dessert is a perfect way to conclude any meal.

Price Range: $$

Food Styles: Italian

Location: 3975 Texas 6 Frontage Rd #100, College Station, TX 77845


Phone: 979-693-2742

Table Reservation:

Order Online:

19. Wings ‘N More Restaurant & Bar

Since its establishment in 1986, Wings ‘N More Restaurant & Bar has become a favorite local dining destination. This restaurant is known for its specialization in Buffalo wings, chicken tenders, and sandwiches.

It boasts two locations in College Station, including one near Gateway Station, which makes it an optimal choice for lunch and dinner.

People love Wings ‘N More because of its reputation as an excellent gathering spot for friends. The restaurant’s laid-back and welcoming atmosphere is perfect for communal meals.

Apart from their famous chicken wings, Wings ‘N More also offers various dishes, including ribs, sandwiches, and seafood, to meet the demand of various palates.

It’s noteworthy that Wings ‘N More has earned The Eagle Reader’s Choice award, which attests to its popularity among locals. Furthermore, the restaurant provides daily specials, presenting a fantastic opportunity for the daring foodie to explore new flavors.

There are several notable menu items, such as the classic Buffalo wings that are renowned for their zesty and spicy taste.

Try the Buffalo Texas tender basket, which features chicken tenders coated in Wings ‘N More’s signature Buffalo sauce for a unique twist.

The honey-glazed baby back ribs are a crowd-pleaser with their sweet and smoky flavor. The steak fingers are a delectable and satisfying option for those who prefer milder flavors.

Price Range: $$

Food Styles: American


Location: 1511 University Dr. East, College Station, Texas 77840

Phone: 979-691-2100

Table Reservation: Not available

Order Online:

Location: 3230 South Texas Ave, College Station, Texas 77845

Phone: 979-694-8966

Table Reservation: Not available

Order Online:

20. Texas Roadhouse

Texas Roadhouse is an American cuisine steakhouse chain with a Southwestern influence and a global presence. The restaurant is conveniently situated in the Gateway Station area, adjacent to Wings ‘N More Restaurant & Bar. That’s why it can attract both residents and travelers.

The Texas-themed decor is a decisive factor to opt for Texas Roadhouse, as it enhances the restaurant’s allure and character. Moreover, Texas Roadhouse has a Halal Certificate, rendering it an exceptional option for those who follow a halal diet.

The establishment takes pride in using freshly-made ingredients, including bread baked every 5 minutes and never-frozen steaks, as well as providing complimentary peanuts and fresh-baked bread that it is famous for.

Each Texas Roadhouse has its in-house butcher, ensuring that the meat served is of the highest quality. The restaurant operates from 3:00 PM to 10:00 PM Monday to Thursday and 11:00 AM to 11:00 PM Friday to Sunday.

As far as gastronomic choices go, the USDA choice sirloin and ribeye are popular among steak enthusiasts. The Texas Roadhouse steak fries and seasoned rice pilaf are both delicious side options that complement any main course.

Price Range: $$

Food Styles: Steakhouses, Barbeque, American

Location: 1601 University Dr E, College Station, TX 77840


Phone: 979-268-0558

Table Reservation: Not available

Order Online or contact through the restaurant website

21. Koppe Bridge

Koppe Bridge has entrenched itself as an Aggie custom since 1992, and it’s evident why.

This landmark eatery serves up the “Best Big Burger in Town,” hand-cut fries, and frigid brews in a laid-back and rustic ambiance, perfect for savoring a sports match or just hanging out with your pals.

If you’re seeking a spot to catch the game, Koppe Bridge’s Wellborn Road locale is the epitome of vibrancy. The original establishment boasts a pool table, special lumber, outdoor verandas, a colossal 3000-square-foot beer garden, and a performance stage for live music.

Conversely, the Harvey Road venue presents an expansive indoor dining area adorned with large TVs, a drive-thru window, and an idyllic terrace affording vistas of nature.

The grill hours at Koppe Bridge present the ideal window to relish their mouthwatering and substantial dishes. Be certain to partake of the half-pound burger basket, a fan favorite that certainly lives up to its laudable reputation as “The Best Big Burger in Town.”

Another staple that should not escape your palate is the chicken-fried steak sandwich basket, possessing the perfect combination of crispiness and tenderness. And if you have an affinity for fried pickles, Koppe Bridge’s fried pickle spears are not to be overlooked.

Price Range: $

Food Styles: American


Location: 11777 Wellborn Road, College Station, TX 77845

Phone: 979-764-2933

Table Reservation: Not available

Order Online: Not available

Location: 3940 Harvey Road, College Station, TX 77845

Phone: 979-776-2833

Table Reservation: Not available

Order Online:

22. Aji Sushi

Aji Sushi is a hidden gem located in Brazos Valley, offering a unique fusion of Japanese and Vietnamese cuisine with an artistic presentation. It is tucked away between a nail salon and a pet store, waiting to be discovered.

Upon entering the establishment, a sensation of transcendent peace envelops the diner.

The dining area, though capacious, emanates a cozy aura, complemented by the subdued illumination that accentuates the serene milieu. A melange of cultural artifacts and greenery tastefully graces the space, augmenting the overall ambiance.

The noiseless environment makes it a prime choice for a romantic encounter or a convivial repast with companions.

Aji Sushi meets the dietary needs of vegans and vegetarians with a variety of plant-based dishes. They also provide the opportunity to customize sushi rolls to your preference.

Despite the top-notch quality and artisanship of the dishes, the prices remain reasonable, while the portion sizes are quite generous.

The restaurant’s atmosphere is made even better by the lovely background music playing softly in the background. It creates a relaxing and enjoyable ambiance for everyone to enjoy.

The restaurant has a wide selection of both drinks and food, with standout dishes including the Nigiri sushi and Hamachi rolls. These dishes are prepared with expert skill to give you delectable flavors that are sure to captivate your taste buds.

In the event that you crave a warming and comforting meal, the sake bowl and phở will undoubtedly satisfy your palate.

Price Range: $$

Food Styles: Japanese, Asian Fusion

Location: 1901 Texas Ave S B, College Station, TX 77840


Phone: 979-696-1250

Table Reservation

Order Online:

23. Ohana Korean Grill

Ohana Korean Grill, owned by a family and located in Park Place Plaza, proffers a broad assortment of traditional Korean cuisines, including Bibimbap and Korean BBQ.

One rationale that persuades customers to choose Ohana Korean Grill is the complementary banchan side dishes given with their main course.

These dishes consist of kimchi, sweet potatoes, other sides, and the cinnamon ginger tea they serve and refill upon request. Furthermore, the restaurant caters to the preferences of vegetarian customers by providing meatless options.

When it comes to the selections of food and drink, various dishes are quite noteworthy. The soft tofu stew, for instance, is a very satisfying and flavorful option that is ideal for colder seasons. For those fond of spicy food, the kimchi stew is indispensable.

On the other hand, meat enthusiasts will find beef BBQ to be a delicious and fulfilling choice. Bubble tea, a refreshing and highly popular drink, is something customers should not overlook.

Price Range: $$

Food Styles: Korean

Location: 2501 Texas Ave, College Station, TX 77840


Phone: 979-680-9911

Table Reservation: Not available

Order Online

24. Urban Table

Urban Table is a noteworthy destination for those seeking a novel dining experience that transcends traditional American cuisine. This fledgling establishment debuted in 2019 and has quickly garnered acclaim within the culinary realm.

Its proprietor and renowned restaurateur and chef, Tai Lee, plays a pivotal role in its success with his vision of delivering a one-of-a-kind “New American Kitchen” that showcases the essence of contemporary American cuisine.

Urban Table is a two-tiered dining establishment that cultivates a distinct ambiance for its guests. The upper tier boasts a convivial bar and lounge area, complete with a veranda on the second floor that affords breathtaking vistas of the surrounding area.

Meanwhile, the lower tier is tailored to family-style dining, featuring a quaint back patio and an open-view kitchen. An added bonus, Urban Table is a pet-friendly eatery, making it an ideal venue for animal lovers.

One of the restaurant’s most alluring attributes is its ever-evolving menu, which showcases the freshest seasonal ingredients available. Furthermore, the wine selection is frequently updated to impeccably pair with the menu offerings.

The weekend brunch is a crowd-pleaser and it’s worth mentioning that Urban Table can accommodate large groups, which is perfect for events and festivities.

Urban Table offers a diverse range of dishes and beverages to select from. Their chicken fried steak is a popular option among patrons, as is their in-house crafted apple and radish salad. For those with a proclivity for spice, the Cajun pasta is a must-try.

Be sure to accompany your meal with one of their exceptional wine choices or signature cocktails. With its relaxed and inviting atmosphere, Urban Table is the perfect place to unwind and delight in an exceptional dining experience.

Price Range: $$

Food Styles: American

Location: 3006 Barron Rd Suite 100, College Station, TX 77845


Phone: 979-307-5611

Table Reservation

Order Online:

25. Stella Southern Cafe

Stella Southern Cafe, a restaurant owned and operated with pride by Aggies, boasts multiple accolades, including being nominated and winning the Eagle Reader’s Choice Award in 2021-2022 and ranking as the #1 restaurant in 2021 Best of the Brazos Valley.

The eatery specializes in locavore Southern breakfast and lunch dishes, featuring locally-sourced and high-quality ingredients.

One of the incentives to visit Stella Southern Cafe is the industrial-chic decor, replete with local artwork that adds to the lively and friendly ambiance.

For those who enjoy dining al fresco, Stella Southern Cafe also provides outdoor seating, allowing patrons to savor their meal while reveling in the sounds and sights of the city.

Stella Southern Cafe takes pride in utilizing locally sourced and carefully selected ingredients, including cage-free eggs and made-from-scratch dishes. The restaurant fulfills various dietary preferences, offering gluten-free, vegan, and vegetarian dishes.

Additionally, their shareable plates are ideal for those seeking to experience various flavors.

Concerning what to indulge in, there are several notable dishes that you cannot afford to overlook. The Biscuit French toast is a hit among patrons, while the Southern benedict presents a unique and flavorful twist on a classic dish.

The Rise & Swine is a must-try for those seeking something more substantial, featuring a delicious blend of pulled pork, poached eggs, and hollandaise sauce.

Price Range: $$

Food Styles: Breakfast & Brunch, Southern

Location: 4040 Hwy 6 Suite 100, College Station, TX 77845


Phone: 979-704-3207

Table Reservation: Not available

Order Online:

You Can’t Skip These Amazing College Station Dining Spots!

College Station, TX, is an epicurean paradise with a diverse and exquisite dining scene. From Southern classics to international delights, these establishments offer various mouth-watering dishes that will surely satisfy even the pickiest person.

So, whether you’re a local or just passing through, add these best restaurants in College Station, TX, to your list of must-visit destinations. And enjoy the gastronomic delights that await you.

Also, I’d love to hear your thoughts on this article. Did I miss any hidden gems in College Station? Do you have a favorite restaurant that you’d like to recommend? Please leave a comment below and share your experience with me.

Thank you for reading and Bon appétit!

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