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Top 4 Best French Restaurants In Fort Worth, Tx, For Foodies 2023

When you want to visit one of the best French restaurants in Fort Worth, Texas, remember that you always have this article by your side. Some of these locations can give other Fort Worth’s finest eateries in Texas a run for their money regarding quality.

Fort Worth is always a bustling and lively city with its diverse cuisines. Therefore, you can always bring a touch of elegance to your night by visiting some of these destinations. One of these restaurants can be why you return to Fort Worth.

Eateries To Cherish French Cuisine In Fort Worth

Though the list may seem short, it can be a blessing in disguise when you can explore all of these destinations on your next trip. Simply come to the place and let the restaurant handle the rest of your meal.

  1. Rise nº3
  2. Saint-Emilion Restaurant
  3. La Madeleine
  4. Paris 7th

French Dining Spots In Fort Worth You Should Never Miss

Your journey to the best French dining sites in Fort Worth starts with this article. Quickly read the post to find out which restaurant can accommodate your palate and elevate your meal to the next level.

1. rise nº3

Begin your elegant night in Fort Worth with rise nº3, a well-known restaurant in Dallas, Texas, for its exquisite French delicacies. This upscale eatery is everything you need for a cozy, memorable meal with impeccable flavor.

Why you should come to this restaurant:

The business is a one-of-a-kind eatery focusing mainly on nourishing customers’ experiences and souls through its dishes. Renowned for many seasonal fares, rise nº3 also brings a full-service French cafe inside the restaurant.

The restaurant is surrounded by large glass panels and provides great street views, especially at night when vibrant lights illuminate it. In addition, the unique chandelier made of used bottles will captivate everyone’s attention upon arrival.

What to eat:

The soufflé is the must-have item at rise nº3 with a distinct sponginess and softness. The harmony between the sweet and savory of these soufflés can leave a long-lasting impression on anyone. Otherwise, I suggest trying the seared ahi tuna or steak & Pomme de Terre.

Location: 5135 Monahans Ave, Fort Worth, TX 76107


Phone: (817) 737-7473

2. Saint-Emilion Restaurant

Nestled in a cozy setting, Saint-Emilion is where you can find a bistro that embodies a French spirit in every corner, from its food to its atmosphere. The spot is perfect for people who enjoy a homey feel through Saint-Emilion food.

Why you should come to this restaurant:

Since its opening in 1985, Saint-Emilion has become a familiar face in the community. With a menu prepared by chef Pascal Paviani, a true French son, you can ensure every dish is an authentic French creation to the last detail.

Thanks to its dim light and wooden interior, the venue reminds people of the cozy atmosphere of a wood cabin. At night, the place is photogenic with its rustic looks and mysterious feel.

What to eat:

For the main course, it’s best to bet on the Filet au Poivre, featuring juicy Angus beef tenderloin coated by a peppercorn-cognac sauce. Another authentic option is the pâte du chef, showcasing the chef’s skills in cooking.

Location: 3617 West 7th St, Fort Worth, TX 76107


Phone: (817) 737-2781

3. La Madeleine

There’s no better dining experience in Fort Worth than sitting at a French cafe while savoring its items. La Madeleine is here to meet your demand with its rustic touch, providing a relaxing ambiance.

Why you should come to this restaurant:

Thanks to over 30 years of operation, La Madeleine has more than enough experience to handle French recipes using the finest ingredients. These recipes have existed for generations, proof of their impeccable profile.

The restaurant now appears in over 80 locations nationwide to spread its incredible dishes. La Madeleine has a cafe and bakery in the Foster Park area, providing outstanding coffee and baked options.

What to eat:

My favorites at the restaurant have to be the cheesecake crepe and muffin, perfect for pairing with a cup of coffee. Alternatively, the Country French Breakfast is the choice for a heavy meal with scrambled eggs, potato galette, bacon, and sausages served with a croissant.


Location 1: 8825 North Fwy Suite 109, Fort Worth, TX 76131

Phone: (682) 593-5605

Location 2: 6410 Camp Bowie Blvd, Fort Worth, TX 76116

Phone: (817) 654-0471

Location 3: 4626 Southwest Loop 820, Fort Worth, TX 76109

Phone: (817) 717-5200

4. Paris 7th

Fine dining is always a luxurious experience when French cuisine is the center of attention. With that in mind, Paris 7th is where you can enjoy a classic French fine dining night with some of the best dishes made using highly-graded ingredients.

Why you should come to this restaurant:

The spacious room is Paris 7th’s lovely touch for having a quality night in a calm and relaxing ambiance. Interestingly, the site provides customers with butter and fresh bread at the table so people can enjoy a little munchy before the main dish.

What to eat:

Start your night with a delicious charcuterie board featuring an assortment of cured meat with olives, nuts, and toasted baguettes. Then, get a plate of meaty Filet d’ Angus Noir featuring an 8-ounce cut of tenderloin with amazingly flavorful sauces.

Location: 3324 West 7th St, Fort Worth, TX 76107


Phone: (817) 489-5300

French Dining Are Always A Top-Notch Experience in Fort Worth

This compilation may be too short to cover the French dining scene in Fort Worth, but the diverse dishes from these places tell a different story. Therefore, you should visit these 4 locations to experience these French eateries first-hand.

Leaving so soon? You can drop opinions in the comment section so others can learn about your experience or thoughts. Make sure you share this article with others so they can visit these French dining sites in Fort Worth.

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